The Sonic Secret: Stop Buying This Stuff #1

The Sonic SecretI will start a few posts this way, I’m sure: Please, stop buying crap like this, and maybe they’ll make less of it. The Sonic Secret is a slightly new twist on the old “here is something you just listen to and money will fall out of the sky,” but this time instead of being brainwave hypnosis scripts, it’s what sounds like rather lame country songs with positive lyrics.

I’m sure there are claims that there is some secret technology going on in the Sonic Secret – something that makes them special and will bypass the oh so unpleasant work of actually learning to allow / process your emotions and retrain yourself. I’m not even saying that there couldn’t be something like that in it, or that it couldn’t possibly have *any* value – you MIGHT be able to find a “the sonic secret review” that isn’t just an affiliate link, I am saying your time is better spent actually doing a valuable practice and saving your money. Seriously, just go look at some free youtube videos on EFT or Byron Katie or GP Walsh and get down to business.

Basically, it comes down to honesty for me, and I’m so tired of this stuff. If you’re going to say you’ve written some nice music that you think will put people in a good mood, go for it. When you call it the sonic secret and say it’s the magic key to unlocking the universe and making the “law of attraction finally work” (going to have a separate article on this entirely,) and all this other nonsense so that you can charge much more than you would for the CD, that’s where it becomes a different animal.

The Sonic Secret Absurd Claims

The marketing for the product and sonic secret reviews uses every possible red flag that people in the “law of attraction niche” love to jump on:

  1. A certain number of hidden laws / categories that The Secret never told you, and these hidden laws are the real special, magic hidden secret that will actually make it work. In the case of The Sonic Secret, there are 13.
  2. Claims that all you have to do is listen to or watch something, and all these secret hidden laws are activated making you a house, car and love manifesting machine!
  3. Incredibly pretentious terms like “revolutionary new law of attraction system” – then it’s something like.. well, some songs.
  4. No real explanation of said system. In the case of the Sonic Secret, specifically: “The exact definition of “HVE” is classified information for those who have the courage to take advantage of this no risk offer”
  5. Emphasis on how incredibly easy and fun it is – no work required!
  6. How “you’ve heard this before” but this time it’s really different.
  7. Price slashed from $120 to an astonishing $17 for a “limited time” (this will never sell for $120).

The Sonic Secret Review & The Wright Brothers

Ironically the Wright Brothers are mentioned in the copy, when if anything I see them as the example of why this stuff DOES NOT work this way. Those guys worked for years and years just to get something off the ground, and it barely did. The laws of aerodynamics are real but they did not learn to work with them by listening to a subliminal message about the effortlessness of flying.

Look, if you think this sounds fun and the music is nice, that’s all well. And more power to the folks who try to do things like this if they are genuine and his story on the website is genuine about losing his voice and then magically finding the secret to the universe.

As you can probably tell, I take issues with these types of claims and products like the Sonic Secret because they do not deal with the level of depth that this type of work involves (there’s a reason yogi’s and monks have been practicing hours a day for centuries, folks, and there’s much deeper and more satisfying territory than just having money, which is why they continue.)

I am tired of these types of absurd claims and products being way over the top about what they are. It is pure internet marketing for the “law of attraction” niche, and it loves keeping you in this loop of what the next big secret is going to be. If it was just released for what it is and described as what it is, and possibly a useful tool on your path, that’d be another story.

So, as you can probably guess, I’m going to suggest you spend your time and money on something that really deals with guiding you in doing the internal work to see the beauty of what is within you. Something that does not hide or apologize for the fact that it takes commitment and work, like anything valuable, but the rewards are worth it. After all Byron Katie even calls her stuff “The Work.”

Check out something useful like Byron Katie’s work, EFT or my personal favorite course here, if you are so inclined


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Balls Project - February 10, 2012 Reply

Well at least they didn’t claim that it was channeled from a continuum of ascended masters including Elvis, Jackie O and Col. Sanders…. Or did they?

    Consciousness Junkie - February 11, 2012 Reply

    The Colonel may have been referenced.. cause he did it the “wrong” way starting a business and doing all that work, when he could have just attracted the same amount of money instantly and effortlessly.

Whitney Peterkin - June 12, 2012 Reply

However, a free hypnosis mp3 cannot solve all of your problems. Many people try to market hypnotherapy as an easy, effortless solution to all of your problems. This is not true. In order to succeed, you must be willing to put in the work to make yourself succeed. What hypnotherapy does is help add the subconscious drive required to follow through with your desire to change your lifestyle.

Sandra - October 26, 2012 Reply

Thanks for this honest review, well somewhat I guess, you didn’t actually try it sounds like. I kind of felt the same way you did when reading about it, but at the same time wishing something would work as I’ve tried so many things over the years. They really don’t explain much on their site. Most other websites that have real technology to help you at least explain what is supposed to be going on when you listen to it and why.
It’s $47 now and they made it sound like it was just released, well the email I received did anyway.
Another thing is, they have no real testimonials from average people, only people in the metaphysical world, who sell stuff themselves. Made me suspicious.
Think I’ll pass. Thx

    Consciousness Junkie - November 7, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for the comment Sandra.

    I am strongly against anything that claims to “do everything for you” completely passively, especially when it puts an overwhelming emphasis on external results — ie, listen to this track in your sleep or relaxing music and cars will fall from the sky.

    I do not think brainwave tracks etc. are worthless, quite the contrary as you can see on the article on brainwave entrainment here, but programs like ‘lifeflow’ and others emphasize using this while *consciously meditating* and provide training and resources on how to do that.

    The one common theme with the products and materials “endorsed” are that they are just tools or structure for you *do the work* on yourself which is what this is about. There may be a ‘technique’ but they require you to sit with yourself, explore and examine directly what is coming up, and work through it.

    Having worked with brainwave entrainment (and higher quality ones at that,) they are simply a tool to help you go deeper. To suggest that listening to them passively embedded in music is going to fix everything in your life and provide money/relationships etc, which the emphasis on is another discussion entirely, is in my opinion not only inaccurate but dangerous and specifically meant to appeal to people’s sense of “maybe this will just fix everything for me without doing any work” and feeds this negative cycle.

    Even if some results can happen from it, which is not impossible- though it would be hard to trace directly, the entire paradigm that this operates from and enforces is something I hope people will stop supporting. It is the inner-work equivalent of a diet pill that says you can ignore diet, exercise, lifestyle.. the real stuff, and just take the pill– which at best can be a supplement to those things. Feel free to discuss more here or send a msg.

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