About Us

We are Consciousness Junkies – if you’ve taken the time to read this, there’s a good chance you are too.

We are dedicated to discovering more of ourselves, our potential, and the great tools, teachers and resources out there that can help us all along that path.

The mission of this website is to be a valuable resource in helping you find the best information and resources for your particular goals, and also, to help you sort out the noise from that which is (in our opinion) created with true depth, substance and good intentions.

The Internet has made it amazingly easy for all of us to have access to just about every type of material and teaching out there. This has both pros and cons. While it is an amazing resource, it can easily lead to:

Information overload

Jumping from video to video, product to product without really absorbing it

“Gurus” based on nothing but the fact that they are good at internet marketing

Teaching that is diluted and mish-mashed together

Teaching taken out of context in order to sell a particular agenda

And so on

Almost everything out there right now follows a familiar marketing format and makes really bold implications or outright promises.

This in itself is just a necessary part of the game these days, it seems. It is not inherently bad.

It just can make it more difficult to sort out that which is truly a well developed and high quality resource from that which is thrown together in order to “make a product in the spirituality / self-help niche.”

Many reviews online are also created by those who have zero experience with a product, and are extremely generic to the point of being nothing but hyperbole.

We try to provide valuable information for you about these various resources that exist, and part of why we do not have 1000s of reviews (yet!) is that we like to keep it to things we can talk about with some level of personal experience and insight.

We also have many articles that are dedicated to sharing valuable videos and teachings, and provide useful tips and insights from everything to meditation to emotional work and dealing with addiction.

It is our hope that you find this to be a valuable resource. If you have anything to share about something that is posted, please leave it as a comment, we do engage and respond as you will see!

Thanks for visiting.