The following are reviews of either products, methods, practitioners or all of the above. We do our best to keep these as honest and straightforward as possible, and as you will see, they are not always positive. Our hope is you will find these practical and useful for finding exactly what you are looking for.

Remember, no technique or product can do it all for you. The best material gives structure, guidance, coaching and/or methods to help you move forward and explore more deeply, but ultimately it is YOU who is doing it.

Top Recommended:

Just Allow It

The most complete, from foundational to advanced course I have come across. Meditation, body awareness, “releasing”, detailed teaching on everything from presence to Law of Attraction clarified. Getting the “posture” of allowing down will dramatically affect any other practice you do. Also, many users, myself included, have had the experience of practices like releasing emotions and change work really click on another level, by learning to allow it to do what it needs to do, instead of trying to get rid of it.


Lifeflow Brainwave Meditation
Competitively priced, high quality tracks, personally experienced concrete results.

“Releasing” and clearing (Letting go / clearing of emotions / thoughts / feelings):

The Sedona Method
The Release Technique
Access Consciousness 

EFT / Tapping

The Tapping World Summit
The Tapping Solution
Money Beyond Belief


Visualization / Goals / Manifestation

Manifest Absolutely Anything
Mind Movies

Direct Path / Awakening

The Direct Path: A User Guide by Greg Goode
How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz
The Awakening of Intelligence 

FREE Stuff

Healing With the Masters – Calls are free if you can be there live and some free replays
Project Meditation – Has a nice forum on meditation








seno - January 22, 2014

do you somehow have any infos in regards to the hoffman procces?



Sebastian Seno


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