Brad Yates Tap Into Money – Review

I’ve been a fan of Brad Yates’ YouTube videos for years and have always found his approach to tapping to be incredibly effective. When I came across his “Tap into Money” course, I knew I had to give it a try… and I’m so glad I did. The course truly helped change my relationship with money, showed me some surprising, deeply-held beliefs and “wounds” that I have made great progress in releasing.

One of the things I appreciated most about the course that it provides a comprehensive framework for identifying and working through these limiting beliefs, and can be returned to over and over again.

What’s In The Course

  1. Welcome Section: Includes a warm welcome from Brad, an introduction to ‘financial fitness,’ and an overview of tapping for beginners. This section serves as a great starting point to get acclimated to the concepts in the course, and for those who are new to the practice of tapping.

  2. Course Resources: Includes a course guide, companion workbook, and a limiting beliefs worksheet. I’ll speak more about the workbook in a bit.

  3. Part 1 – Money Magnet Bootcamp: Includes 7 modules that focus on tapping through different aspects of money, such as overcoming financial fears, increasing abundance, and releasing financial stress.
  4. Part 2 – Money Management Plan: Includes a management plan, Money Magnet Quickie, and a Limiting Beliefs Quickie. These resources are designed to help individuals create a personalized plan for managing their finances and achieving their financial goals.
  5. Bonuses: Includes a poster, tapping scripts, guided imagery, and meditations that I think of as boosters or reminders to the meat of the course, the 7 modules.
  6. Facebook Group: Provides access to a community of individuals who are also practicing tapping. It is a space where individuals can connect, share their experiences, ask questions, and receive support.

The “Tap into Money” workbook

It’s not really necessary to print this out, but I found it very valuable. It’s designed to accompany the 7 video modules in the Money Magnet Bootcamp section of the course. It includes exercises and prompts that re-enforce concepts in the video with space to write your own responses, similar to journaling.

One of the most helpful aspects of the workbook is its ability to track progress. It gives space to write down limiting beliefs and give them a 1-10 score for intensity before and after working through the tapping rounds. This allowed me to see progress over time and recognize areas where there have been significant improvements, as well as where I might need to go deeper. This is beneficial because sometimes I might think something is ‘all clear’ when it really is not!

The 7 Video Tapping Modules

In Workout #1, Clearing Your Money Pain, I spent over two weeks working through the exercises! Tapping through specific emotions and beliefs I had about money.

I realized that I had been carrying a lot of pain and shame related to my past financial struggles, which included some of what I judged as some really dumb mistakes. By tapping through these feelings, I was able to release many of them and create space for a what feels like a more positive mindset. It no longer feels like I am trying to ‘force’ positive affirmations about money that are not true.

Workout #2, You Are Worthy of Money, was a particularly transformative exercise for me. I had always struggled with feelings of low self-worth when it came to money, but through the tapping exercises, I was able to get a glimpse… that I just might actually be worthy and deserving of abundance! This was more of a feeling, a sense that I could be worthy in a natural way, not based on how much I produce.

In Workout #3, Money is Bad, Right?, I tapped through a belief that had been holding me back for years: the belief that all rich people were greedy and selfish. Through the exercises, I realized that this was just a story in my mind and that there are plenty of wealthy individuals who use their money for good. Once again this was more of a shift in how I felt emotionally around the subject. It was more than just a cognitive change.

In Workout #4, More Money Doesn’t Equal More Problems, I was able to see that I did in fact carry the limiting belief that earning more money wasn’t worth it because of potential problems it may bring. I didn’t think this one would apply to me… of course having more money is going to solve my problems, right?! But there was stuff there, for sure. I gained a new perspective on the benefits of financial abundance and felt a greater sense of empowerment.

Workout #5, You Can Be Good AND Rich, helped me to further dismantle the belief that wealthy people are inherently bad or selfish, which came up earlier as mentioned. I was able to really see and feel myself doing something good with more money in my life, which feels like it has real potential as a consistent visualization.

In Workout #6, Money Programming, I spent over a week working through negative programming I had picked up from childhood… and current societal beliefs about why I shouldn’t have abundance. By tapping through these, I was able to see a shift my mindset and approach money from a more positive perspective.

Finally, in Workout #7, Money Magnet Mindset, I affirmed my desire for abundance, and felt more ‘OK’ with this being a perfectly healthy, even positive desire. It was clear at this point that I had gained insights about my beliefs and mindset around money, and felt a greater sense of empowerment and possibility.

Overall, the Money Magnet ‘Bootcamp’ ended up being journey that helped me to identify and tap through specific limiting beliefs around money. This went much further and deeper than Brad’s YouTube videos. They would be a good starting point, if you like those, chances are very good you’ll also get a lot of value out of the course.

Money Management Plan

This is a nice addition to the course, that is more of a way of keeping you on track and moving forward with the inner work related to money.

There is a ‘habit tracker,’ and suggested tune-ups to re-visit in the course.

It also has you set some specific money goals and write down the resistances that come up, which is one of the most practical ways to apply this work in my opinion.

It doesn’t get into actual financial advice or how to manage your money specifically, it’s more of the continued personal growth around the subject. Unless Brad is an actual financial advisor or market expert, it’s probably best that it stays focused the way it does.

Price and Discount

On Brad’s website, you’ll see an advertised price of $147 – but I purchased during a special offer period for $67. The link to that offer still appears to be working, so I’ll share that here, please let me know if that changes!

Click here for the link to the full course for over 50% off — $67 instead of $147

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