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By Cathy Hamilton

If you are reading this article, you probably love this type of work.  The Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training Program from Margaret Lynch is a great investment if you are already a coach and doing amazing transformational work with your clients or if you are considering becoming a coach and are not quite sure what to do or how to do it. My hope is that the information in this article will help you get clear on what you can expect from this program and whether or not it is right for you.

I’ve Been Through Margaret’s Wealth Training, and Coach Professionally Now

Building a coaching business can be overwhelming and confusing.  Margaret gives you clarity and tells you what works so that you can have the greatest impact with your clients.

I have personally gone through several of her programs including her year-long Rockstars On A Mission program and run my own coaching business.   I also have been one of her top coaches for several years.  All of Margaret’s programs are conducted with integrity and care.  Her mission is to show the world that coaching transforms lives.

Her Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training Program has been said to be a coaching business in a box.    It is also been recently accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

What You Get in the Tapping Into Wealth Training

The program includes:

  • Pre-recorded class modules
  • Live calls to deepen what you learned during the modules
  • Case Studies from past classes
  • Scripts to use with clients
  • Tons of Support

The program starts with teaching you about the mind, body and money connection through The Money Map.  You are taught about the 5 types of money:  Savings, Debt, Income, Income Goals and Toxic Money.

The Money Map is an extremely powerful process that uncovers all of the blocks that your client has around the 5 types of money.  It shows them how their money is literally mapped in their nervous system and the various aspects of how these blocks are showing up in their money today because of this internal programming.

The process can be extremely emotional and insightful and has a huge wow factor with your clients.   Most people are not looking at what is going on with their money in this way, they just know that something is not working and they want to make a change.   The Money Map paints a very clear picture of what is going on behind the scenes.


Deeper Processing and EFT For Money and Wealth

Margaret then takes you to the next step which teaches you specific processes to help your client uncover where the blocks and programming that were discovered during The Money Map process originated from.  You learn how to take your clients through a First Chakra visualization process where they do Inner Child work.

If you are not experienced with Chakra or Inner Child work do not be concerned.   Margaret walks you through the process and if you have done her 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation program it is the same type of visualization she uses there.   Margaret is an expert with this so she makes the process very easy to use with your clients.  During this process your client can see what was going with their families and caretakers around money.  They can also see the vows and behavioral patterns they took around money because of it.

Margaret also introduces you to EFT or tapping.   A lot of you are probably familiar with this process but if you are not it is energy healing technique that is really easy to use that quiets the fight or flight response in your nervous system.  It is a great tool to be able to use with your clients as the processes that you take them through can be very emotional.  Tapping scripts are also provided so that you will know exactly how to use the tapping and what to say.

Next you learn about Financial Trauma.  This is one that really hit home for me as I had never really been consciously aware that I had one until I did the process myself.  It will be the same for your clients.

Step by Step Guidance for Clients

You will know how to take them step by step to see if they have experienced any financial trauma themselves.  This is something that your client could say “if only that didn’t happen – I would be so much better off”.   It is something that happened with their money where they experienced some type of loss or betrayal.

There are more scripts provided so you will be confident leading them through the process.  These types of traumas can be very isolating and usually have a lot of anger, shame and embarrassment around them.  So having these scripts is really helpful as you walk your client through the process as they explain the trauma to you and you navigate them through all of the emotions that they are experiencing.

The next several classes are all about goals.  You will be shown how to help your client set goals and also work through any goal traumas they may have experienced in the past.  This seems to be where a lot of hidden blocks get revealed.  The processes that you walk them through are scripted and tapping scripts are also provided as they are with the other classes.  Margaret shows you how to walk your clients through setting a goal to raise their income to the next level and keep raising it to new set points.   During these processes you help them actually be excited about their goals and how it impacts all aspects of their life.

An important game changing piece to the classes is helping your clients retrain their brains to be able to celebrate progress.  Your clients know the pain of making great strides and it never being good enough.  They feel like there is something more to do or that they have to get everything accomplished before they can celebrate.   You will learn how to teach them to celebrate each step along the way and turn their inner critic into their biggest cheerleader.

In another class backlash and hidden agenda is focused on.  This is a really important piece.. So many times when it comes to setting goals we are taught that we just need to get over ourselves and get out of our comfort zone.  The problem with that can be is that there are parts of us who don’t feel safe to do it.  Those times and moments of your client have taken vows to disown their power in order to stay safe.  By taking your clients through the processes you learn in the class it will speak to those parts and they will feel safer on a much broader scope.   You will learn to help them feel safer around money and in all other areas of their life.


Learning How to Build a Coaching Business

The next several classes are all about the business aspects of a coaching business.  She spends an entire class showing you how to get your rockstar clients.  These are the clients that will invest with you at a higher level because you are solving their painful, urgent and expensive problems.   You will spend a lot of time defining your niche so that it becomes very clear of who your rockstar client is.

I also really like how Margaret teaches how to have a good mix of clients.  When you are a coach it never feels right if you feel like you have to leave someone behind because they can’t pay what you are charging for your services.  Margaret gives a lot of suggestions of how you can serve everyone while making a good income.

The remaining classes focus on how to package your process, give talks, how to write different types of biographies and also provides scripts to use for videos.   These are all must haves if you running a coaching business.   If you are a coach or considering becoming one these are the parts of the business that can be the most difficult and challenging.   You may know what you want to do with your clients but it can be hard to put it into a step by step process because each of our clients and how we work with them is so different.

Margaret will walk you through how to do this and even provides bonus material from her other programs to assist you while doing it.

Not Just Study and Theory

Throughout the entire program you are encouraged to work with people on the material you are learning in the classes at the time you learn it.  The program provides accountability around this because we can have a tendency to try to perfect what we are learning which holds us back from just getting in there and doing it.   You also have a lot of group support from other people in the program along with Margaret’s coaches.  A bonus is that you also are working through your own “stuff” as you learn the material and are working with people.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is committed to making a positive impact in their own life and helping others do the same. It is an investment that pays off in so many ways, both in your personal growth and as a business move if you are truly passionate about this work.

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