You Are Not Broken – GP Walsh

In this video, GP Walsh discusses the idea that you are not broken. He begins by saying that we all spend so much time trying to repair ourselves. We have unconscious patterns and programs that stem all the way back to our childhoods. We feel like we are flawed and defective and get the picture that perhaps we need to be repaired.

This feeling of being broken is among all people all over the globe. It is taught by many cultures and faiths, but no one can deny that we have some unconventional behaviors, but at the core of each one of us is a spirit that has been untouched. There is an essence to us that has not been tainted. A part of us that has never been corrupted.

Instead of looking at the matter as thinking we are broken, what if we started from the premise that we are already whole at the core and we are working that out as an expression rather than trying to fix ourselves all the time?

What if we just said, “I am fine. I’m perfect just the way I am”?

This is the truth of the matter. The reality is that deep down we are fine. We are perfect. We are not broken. If you can catch a glimpse of this truth, you will begin to feel differently. You will begin to feel free to be who you are. It’s simply who you are. The more you learn who you are, the more your natural inclination for self-expression gets liberated. You gravitate toward what is most like you.

Your purpose

Regarding purpose, you’re drawn to certain things. When you are not in tune with who you really are, you are drawn to the wrong things. When you’re drawn to the wrong things, you won’t feel very good inside. You will be overcomplicating things and striving.

When you begin to understand the truth of who you really are, you begin to make choices in your life that unfold it into the life you want. It’s not as complicated as you think. Yes, there are things to learn, skills to be acquired, but it’s all growing from something inside of you. It’s almost effortless.

It ought to be easy. It naturally unfolds and there will be no more inner conflict. You begin to align with who you really are, as this is your purpose- to be you!

How do we know when we are tuned into who we really are?

How easy or how hard is your life? Your life is telling you whether you’re on the path or not. Whether you’re aligned or not. If you have a lot of drama, you’re not tuned in. Some people love drama. Some people love the negative energy. Haven’t you ever known someone who is always conjuring up drama? Believe that he or she somehow loved that negative energy and thrived on it. When you are attracted to things like that, you’re not on purpose.

The law of reflection

Your life is always mirroring back to you your inner world, including who you think you are. If you don’t like your life, it is a mirror back of your inner reality, so it makes most sense to focus on changing the source rather than adjusting the mirror. Think about the law of allowing. Deep inside, at the core of your spiritual state, there is a place where you stop being at war with yourself. You stop judging and trying to fix yourself. You stop entertaining negative feelings. You simply give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling.

Have you ever suppressed happy emotions? Sometimes life just causes us to block our emotions- good and bad. If you hold back any emotion, even the good ones, you will have inner tension. Do you know that the thing that is being suppressed could be the best thing about you? We have layers of defense mechanisms and the self-help books tell us to focus on fixing them rather than allowing.

Be who you are as you are

The nervous system will defend you, as it likes to feel safe. Sometimes it will hold on tight to emotions because that is what makes it feel safe. The only thing that it cannot defend is unconditional love for self, as this wears away at the defense mechanism because it’s no longer dangerous. Defenses just drop. This is what allowing is- to be who you are as you are, with all your programs and problems. It is you with no agenda or schemes.

Be here with no agenda. Get curious as to your real being. Embrace it fully and as you do, the real you begins to emerge. Then you will begin to heed your calling. Listen to your inner voice. Go inside and show up in yourself as you. It might not take that big of an adjustment. You may be right on the verge.

Many people don’t get a sense of their purpose until later in life. If you are dissatisfied, listen to that voice. That’s your soul speaking to you. You know what you want and need. Don’t trust the voices that aren’t yours.

You can begin to dance with life more and more.

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