Mooji on the Concept of ‘You Must Have a Purpose’

Something inside of us often questions our purpose. In fact, questioning our purpose is one of the most common questions asked by people. Is it our purpose to just sit and be? But, nobody is able to just sit and be for very long. We try, but it’s more difficult than we anticipate. If the question “Now what?” appears. there is something going on in you. If your relationships, job, career all cease to be for some reason, a need and craving finally is left to you except one thing – what to do now? When you get there, to this final place, what do you do?

Sine our minds are always searching for needs and entertainment, you will inevitably wonder what should you do. But it is not like that. The whole anxiety about what to do is a state of supreme and very divine boredom. But this question will not be there once you reach the final state of consciousness. The whole climate and the state of your being will change. The activities do arise in accordance with the laws of the universe. Boredom cannot come there. Because you must make a question to yourself, a question that asks who is there to do?

Needs and cravings for activities arise in ourselves, but we are not the vessels that transport them. Some force is carrying on and acting through your bodies, and all the bodies – clouds, ants, mosquitos and everything living. There is no cloud inside a cloud, no tree inside of tree, and no man inside of the man. There is only consciousness and the life force expressing. If this question of what to do comes, it comes from the mind. How could the mind have a voice in the state of consciousness? The mind cannot intimidate the pure self; only the idea of it. The work of the mind is to trouble you so that the true self can eventually emerge. It’s work is to come and bite you every time you come to it. This is why those on the path of enlightenment as so many questions. Consciousness prompts such questions in order for you to experience some contrast and begin that spiritual journey.

That which is aware of moving in is unconquerable but still something is still feeding an idea that maybe it’s not enough to simply know you and be aware of yourself. If you are really yourself how can you denote yourself? The mind can only speak and bring a doubt when there is a possibility of a doubt. The mind can question all it wants and request for you to find a purpose but if there is no doubt it cannot do such things.

There is some room in people for duality. That is serving a good purpose with showing you that something is not firm there. The thought that you are separate does serve some people well, for a while anyway. That is the work of a mind, to question us and move us toward a place where there is no doubt. The mind exposes that which is inconsistent in us. Pure being does not need to approve of itself; only the mind. The true self does not question itself. It knows who and what it is, but the mind is full of questions. Once you work toward realizing your true self, questions and doubts will go away because they have no purpose anymore. If they do pop up, you will know how to get back to your true self, usually by going into meditation or getting quiet with yourself or in nature. Those thoughts? They will wither away and die since the doubtful energy is not there anymore. We consider activity as a duty, but we are not the doer, only a vessel of divine energy. As a vessel of divine energy, it’s not so much about the “doing” here on this planet. It’s more about the “being”. How are you going to “be” consistently in the world? Through the good and the challenging? Our purpose is to just be. The spiritual journey will lead us to awakening to that reality. Just be.

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