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Superhuman Operating System (OS) is a program designed to help individuals realize and unlock their own potential. The focus of this progressive system is to bring people into the level of self-actualization that is featured at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and considered by many to be the pinnacle of human potential.

The fact is that it has now been revealed to many that there are stages of human potential even higher than self-actualization. A very small percentage of people in the world have gone beyond the self-actualization level, displaying capabilities that the average person might not even dare to imagine.

The human brain holds the key to unlock these higher levels of potential, but these elevated stages never get experienced by most people, not because they don’t have it in them, but because their mindset, their mental software, otherwise known as their operating system, gets in the way.

The purpose of this program is to unblock the path. This online training program created by renowned philosopher Ken Wilber is the catalyst that’s helping many people discover brand new meaning and purpose in their lives.

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Who is Ken Wilber?

Ken Wilber is man who has received a lot of praise from notable public figures and celebrities, such as Bill Clinton, Anthony Robbins, and the Smashing Pumpkins. He is highly regarded by thousands of people all over the world thanks to the greatly positive impacts he’s made on their lives.

Wilber developed his Superhuman OS system after spending more than 40 years researching and seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition. Having once been a Master level student of biochemistry, he has studied the meaning of being human from every angle academia can offer, whether it be anatomy, psychology, religion, economics and more. Superhuman OS is the compilation and integration of the discoveries Wilber made through his life’s work.

Breakdown of the Superhuman Operating System Program

Superhuman OS is a 10 week online training program that’s broken down in to various modules of learning. There’s a different module for each week, and each module builds upon the one before.

Week 1: Learn the true definition of greatness when it comes to how you live your life. This foundational module provides the mental framework students need for understanding the training to come. The information provided can cause changes to take place in person’s life immediately.

Week 2: Be introduced to the 7 stages of human evolution, as backed by scientific research. This module helps learners to look at their lives and their relationships from a brand new perspective. It calls for a detailed self-assessment, identifying the learner’s current stage of evolution. They learn how to infuse more love into their relationships.

Week 3: Gain access to your own “multiple intelligences” in the third module, propelling you forward to your own unlimited potential. The concepts taught during this week has the power to bring more peace to the entire planet, stopping wars and illuminating minds. Students begin learning how to cultivate their own greatness.

Week 4: Take a journey into the five primary operating stages of your consciousness. This module helps you activate the dormant wisdom that is hiding within. The tools provided during week 4 enable learners to become masters of compassion and patience as they traverse through the various operative states.

Week 5: Learn about the nine primary personality types and discover which one is your personality type. Become aware of the evolutionary differences dividing masculine energy from feminine energy and learn how to leverage this knowledge to your own advantage.

Week 6: Find out about the four essential dimensions of reality and the impact these dimensions have on your everyday life. Discover which one is your default dimension, breaking away the bonds of limitation as you learn how to communicate with others more effectively.

Week 7: Unlock the power of your physical body as you realize that it’s thrice as powerful as you think it is. Extend your lifespan and learn how to prevent disease, roll back the biological clock, and use your youth engine. Find out the commonalities between the ancient practices of tai chi, qigong, and yoga.

Week 8: Discover shadow’s two primary forms, and how to see them in yourself. Learn the difference between transference and projection, liberating you to truly connect with others as you come to see your shadow in theirs.

Week 9: Uncover the differences and similarities between your inner wiring and that of others. The ninth week brings all the teachings together into one daily practice that you can download and follow. See how your internal world differs from the world outside of you.

Week 10: This is the final week of the training program. The module for this week is called the Reboot Module. In this special 2-hour session, your new operating system gets brought into more permanence.

During this 10-week online training program, Wilber teaches vital information about life that most people will never be able to find out on their own. Those who are ready to get out of living life on autopilot and tap into their true potential can find the program to be truly helpful.


Superhuman OS Reviews from past participants:

“I think that I do not understand how big this course will have an impact on me/us. It is probably the most important course ever. I am sometimes speechless. It is brilliant”.
-Anne-Li M

“Just an incredible course. It can not be estimated at this point what a course like this means since it has never been done in this way with the amount and particular type of structure and focus, i.e in an integral manner. The experience of the psychoactive element is for me the key and how that induces neuroplasticity”.
-Eeshan A

“Taking this course is one of the best experiences of my life aside from becoming a mom and getting married. SHOS is the most incredible work I have ever seen or known and I will dedicate the rest of my life to learning and teaching it”!
-Julie L

“It was absolutely freaking mind-blowing, amazing, wonderful and exquisite! This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself in 40+ years, no joke! I am so proud of this evolution of our true selves”!
-G Max

“Honestly I feel like a new man. Literally a SUPER Human being”!
-Michael N

“Simply amazing. Really, there are no words. Ken covered everything and took us everywhere. I think I really get it now. The course was perfectly laid out just like it was. I a so happy to be a part of this ongoing community”.
-John C

“WOW indeed!!! At the end of tonight’s module I experienced this upward rush that overflowed into tears. Profound openness and freedom like I have never experienced in this life before … a luminosity and clarity twinkling on all things and in the very air when I opened my eyes … Ken’s ‘aloha’ resonating right there where my head should be! lol! I want to ‘be’ in that state again and again and again ….My gratitude for all of you is bottomless”
-Stefanja D

“Mindblowing, surreal, and still reeling! I’m still not sure if I quite comprehend it all or understand the magnitude of what happened, but I know I’ve shifted”.
-Ginger N

“This course is literally transforming my life as we speak. I know that things will not be the same again after this….. In a really great way . This material is so rich and vibrant that I will be returning to it again and again for some time to come. I am really extremely grateful for this opportunity and so THANK YOU Ken!! You have no idea the impact you are having on the world with your teaching”.
-Mark M

“This is unquestionably by far the most trans-formative experience I have had to date”.

“Yummy, yummy, yummy – true, good and therefore beautiful. After decades of work and day to day handling of this theme Ken himself seems to be the best instance of this psychoactive effect which he demonstrates through his presence.and presentation and thus evokes in his listeners. Hope that this program will be available as soon as possible to all people. To retrace and comprehend the difficulties for mutual understanding on these different levels of development seems to be in this current difficult situation of utmost importance. Imagine only a small part of the entire population take advantage and would pay what they think this S-OS is worth. Once injected it will spread like wildfire around the (internet)world and more and more will feel encouraged to look deeper and will get curious and inquisitive about this deep map and new approach for mutual understanding. Once they grasp the essence with an “aha feeling”, this would bring the ball rolling and perhaps very soon, earlier than expected, we could reach the tipping point”.

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