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The Awakened Millionaire Academy is a creation by Joe Vitale, driven by a strong vision see more people financially free and motivated by a deeper calling. He uses the term spiritually motivated, referring to that sense of being connected to something of deep meaning for you, with the monetary security to pursue it full on.

I really liked the message and sincerity as he presented the concept in the introductory video. Also the concept “spiritual wealth” which focuses on spiritual and financial growth, and merging the two. Calls it “Spiritual Wealth”

He is starting this off with a completely free 7 day event. Here you will receive free videos, exercises and audio designed to shift your mindset to one of financial and spiritual wealth.

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Joe Vitale is probably best known from The Secret, but has been prolific in creating material around wealth, spiritual growth and even marketing. He has written many books including Zero Limits, which was a very enjoyable and powerful read about H’oponopono.

Besides being charismatic and a very clear and direct teacher, part of his appeal is his story. A true “rags to riches” from literally being homeless to very successful, which he attributes to awakening and breakthroughs in his mindset and perspective.

It is this type of awakening he wishes to create for those who participate in this program.

There will be more to present as the course begins and unfolds, but for now, the 7 day free program is of high quality and worth visiting.

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