The Meditation Event

By Bakin

The Meditation Event

This is a completely free series of calls and interviews on the subject of meditation, where 24 different experts on the subject will present their ideas. It runs all the way to near the end of 2013

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Modern Day Meditation

Meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice that has been used for over a thousand years; it is a group of techniques used to quiet the mind, relax the body, and create a state of inner peace. The traditional purpose of meditation was for spiritual growth, it was about finding your true self, love, wisdom, and unfolding your inner light. These beliefs are still true, but meditation is also used for other purposes today.

Because of the demanding, fast-pace nature of the world, meditation has become an important tool that people use for relaxation, and stress relief. Other uses of meditation include: unlocking creativity, self-healing, emotional cleansing, and manifesting change.

Meditation has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, partly because of the movement to live healthier lives that have gone on for the past few years. People have started to realize the benefits of meditating in their lives, and are creating more awareness about it. For most people who have started practicing meditation techniques, there are still many techniques and approaches to try; after all it is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. The best way to learn and experiment is through the guidance, and knowledge of professionals who have practiced and taught meditation for many years.

The Meditation Summit is “24 Sessions With The Masters Of Meditation.” It teaches the hidden secrets of meditation for increased health, wealth, and love through spiritual practices from 24 of the leading voices in meditation without having to leave the comfort of your home. The best part is having access to these 24 inspiring sessions at your own convenience.The 24 sessions cover a variety of topics including how to manage, and reduce stress in your lives.

Different triggers cause stress; they differ in people, so what stresses one person might not stress another. It could be caused by an overload at work, a financial situation, relationship problems, or uncertainty about the future. The failure to deal with the stress can lead to health problems like hypertension; it can also cause physical pain, lack of sleep, nervousness, or heart disease. These sessions will teach how to deal with the stress by using meditational techniques that have worked for others.

Dada and Other Speakers at the Meditation Event

This Meditation Event is produced by Dada Nabhaniilananda, and Tellman Knudson. Dada Nabhaniilananda is known in the meditation circles as The Monk Dude; he is a Yoga monk, meditation teacher, motivational speaker, musician, and the author of “Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind: An Introduction To Spiritual Meditation.” He was born in Napier, New Zealand in 1955, and became an ordained Yoga monk in 1979 in India. Dada has won eight song writing awards, and has lectured in over 40 countries, he was onstage with the Dalai Lama in Brazil at the Earth Summit, where he performed for over 10,000 people. He now operates a yoga center in Northern California, he is also an instructor that teaches Meditation and the Way of Tantra at the University of California at Berkeley.

Dada will be interviewing 24 of the top minds in meditation about how to achieve success through meditation, some of the experts he will be interviewing include:Janet Bray Atwood, she is a bestselling author, she is also an expert in living a passionate life, she has presented her work on the same stage as some of the most respected names in her field, including Stephen Covey, Richard Bronson, and the Dalai Lama, among others. Her work in “The Passion Test” is the foremost process used to align people with their passions worldwide. She has been a practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation Program for over 40 years, and in 2005, she traveled throughout India and Nepal, living her passion, interviewing over 100 enlightened masters. She also serves as a mentor for aspiring transformational speakers, and authors.

Dr. Joe Vitale, another one of Dada’s interview subjects has written a too many bestsellers to count, some of his works include “The Attraction Factor,” “The Key,” “Zero Limits,” “The Missing Secret,” The Secret To Attracting Money,” etc. His latest being ” The Ultimate Law of Attraction Library.” He is the creator of the Miracles Coaching program which helps people achieve their dreams by understanding the deeper aspects of the law of attraction, and the law of right action. His story is very inspirational because he was once homeless, and now he is writing bestsellers.

Dr. Steve G. Jones Ed.D. is a clinical hypnotherapist, he is the founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, American University of NLP, and the Global Sciences Foundation. He has created thousands of self help recordings, programs, and certification courses to empower people. he too will be interviewed by Dada, and will share the secrets from his experiences.

Carol Allen is a Vedic astrologer, and a life coach who has been happily married for 15 years, she has made it her life’s mission to show women how the stars combined with right actions on their own parts, can help them make the most of their love lives. her methods are a combination of East and west practices. She has been featured on major networks like E! She is also the Author of “Love Is In The Stars: The Wise Woman’s Astrological Guide To Men.”

GP Walsh, creator of the course “Just Allow It” that is the favorite of this website will also be featured.

These are just a few of the 24 masters of meditation that will be sharing their knowledge and secrets of the art of meditation, if you want to expand your knowledge about meditation, this is a great opportunity. Visit the website at the link below. You will have to opt-in to the email list to receive the complete details including the dates, time, and the listening details. You can also be eligible to receive bonus gifts by registering. If you do not wish to receive any messages, you can choose to unsubscribe.

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