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Neurogym: Brain Training and Building Belief

Neurogym brain training

NeuroGym is a leading personal development and brain training company founded by John Assaraf, a renowned entrepreneur, and expert in the field of neuroscience and behavior change. The company provides programs, workshops, and products aimed at empowering individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals by harnessing the power of the brain. John Assaraf is […]

Schumann Resonance Holophonic Track from iAwake

Recording Rundown: Time: 30 minutes, 30 minutes Brainwave: “Schumann Resonance” Sound: Digital Effect: equanimity, liquidity Style: varies Frequency: 3 – 60Hz   Review submitted by a reader. I just learned a tiny bit of what the Schumann resonance is today. Interestingly, the resonance was predicted in 1952 by Winfried Otto Schumann, a mathematician, decades before […]

Deeply Theta Review – iAwake Meditation

Recording Rundown: Length: 20 minutes Brainwave: Theta introduction 5 minutes in. Sound: Digital Effect: Deep Meditation, Intuition Style: Smooth Deeply Theta is my first introduction to brainwave entrainment. I was pleasantly surprised and came back to this track multiple times over the course of several days. As a first introduction, I was highly interested in […]

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