Money Mastery: Rikka Zimmerman’s 9 Week Course


Money Mastery is a 9-week intensive program from rising star, expert facilitator Rikka Zimmerman. It will feature weekly live processing calls (with recordings of each), additional audio tracks, meditations, exercises, an online community, and more – focused heavily on the inner work around wealth and finances.

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We are no stranger to Rikka’s work

I’ve actually experienced a lot of Rikka’s material on the subject of money, some of which is from many years ago. I found it to be particularly valuable, and something I revisited frequently. Those recordings were very in depth and intensive, not the surface level “visualize yourself with lots of money!” stuff you’ve heard before, but really geared towards addressing deep programming around the subject.

She gets a lot of love on this site, and if you’ve read any of the other reviews, it is because she really digs deep. Despite an incredibly bubbly personality, she does not mess around when it comes to processing and working with emotional material.

Now that she has broken away from other modalities and created her own system, she has stepped things up considerably. She is also walking the walk, in that her own career and business have skyrocketed. You see her as a guest on all sorts of programs now, and according to the sales material for the page (which I do believe is genuine), she is now operating at the 7 figure level despite humble beginnings.

Money Mastery is just launching now

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 Rikka Zimmerman


Deep Inner Work + Teaching + Practical Tools

My exploration of the material so far, which is the free pre-launch content, shows what we’ve come to expect from Rikka.

First of all there is an overarching, well-conceived structure to the whole course. It is designed to address specific aspects of our inner landscape that directly affect our ability to express, and generate money. There is a logical progression, often addressing deeper material that is more accessible thanks to earlier work in the course.

Rikka presents some teaching to give context about each subject, whether that be deep seated beliefs in scarcity and how that may be playing out, feelings of unworthiness or an inability to receive- whatever the subject at hand is. There are a lot of practical examples given, or “symptoms” representative of various stages, that just about anyone can relate to.

Then, specific processes and/or exercise is then given to address the issue at hand, to give an immediate experience of uncovering, feeling into, and often quickly dissolving many issues.

There is a lot of variety, as well as practicality in these exercises.

Rikka does not have her one ‘thing’ that she does over and over, nor do her processes rely on some overly complex theories or bizarre practices. For example, the analogy used for investigating your relationship with the receiving of money in class is #2, while extremely relate-able to anyone, gave me a lot of strong insights and has proven a particularly useful metaphor. Class #5’s exercise related to the meanings given to money and our aversions to it was especially effective.

One of the things I’m particularly glad to see is how much emphasis there is on connecting with old wounds and patterns around the subject of money, based on self-inquiry rather than imposed ideas. We are asked to work with our system, invite up the particular material that needs to be addressed, and then it is dealt with gently and energetically. This can actually heal, as opposed to trying to hammer in positive affirmations and similar approaches that try to just cover up and suppress what is deeper.

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