Deeply Theta Review – iAwake Meditation

Recording Rundown:
Length: 20 minutes
Brainwave: Theta introduction 5 minutes in.
Sound: Digital
Effect: Deep Meditation, Intuition
Style: Smooth

Deeply Theta is my first introduction to brainwave entrainment. I was pleasantly surprised and
came back to this track multiple times over the course of several days. As a first introduction, I
was highly interested in improving my intuition. Intuition is a natural gift and ability that everyone
is born with.

Intuition typically comes from our third chakra and can be felt in the gut and heart. Sometimes,
depending on the intensity, we feel it all over our body. For a long time, I felt cut off from my
intuition until I started meditating. It’s been roughly four years of meditation for me now, and I
can definitely say that even as a relatively experienced practitioner the “Deeply Theta” track
added to my overall meditative state.

Deeply Theta Explored

Theta waves are designed to help a meditative practitioner reach the same state as zero
content. In zero content, the only signals that are produced are those types of signals that come
from within the body, heart, and true mind. “Deeply Theta” helps with this practice.
Around 10 minutes into the track, I reached muted content. I’m not claiming that the track
helped to get to absolute zero content. That requires something much more in-depth. What I
can say is that my mind quieted to the point that there was extreme stillness.
My focus of attention was extremely thorough and narrow. It was not focused outside of my
body. Typically, it takes me around 20 minutes to achieve that type of stillness with meditation,
and I’m speaking from a position of meaning deep stillness. I can confidently say there was a
100% improvement with the time to where I wanted to be at in my meditative state.

Music Review

The style of the music in Deeply Theta was extremely relaxing. It is naturally calming even when
not listening and trying to meditate. This is highly beneficial for when you’re just trying to get an
extra nap in or just focus on relaxing. iAwake Technologies did a superb job making this track a
spectacular success.

Overall, I would rate the track a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I have a small grievance that the track doesn’t
start with the Theta waves. iAwake Technologies probably designed their track to be this way
for a smoother transition or something. I don’t personally have the answer.
What I do know is that the rest of Deeply Theta is phenomenal. I personally like the aura that
the music gives off. It feels like wisdom if wisdom was a type of music.

Theta Wave in Review

External Theta waves seem to be extremely helpful. I had a 100% improvement in reaching the
state that I wanted to be at. That’s no small feat at all. So, it seems like the best way to help a
beginning meditator would be to use external Theta waves. I personally can’t say as I’m four
years removed from just starting.

What’s clear is that it will shut down rapidly moving thought patterns even with minimal focus on
the body. It’s perfect for the type of personal meditative retreat that everyone wants to do but
never has time. Slap the track on the repeat and you can get the same effects as a 2 hour
meditation in half of the time, but that’s by my own measuring stick.


I rate the track at about 4.5 and stars out of 5 stars. It’s nearly perfect. I just wish that the Theta
waves started sooner in the track. I did notice the effect almost immediately when it kicked in.
You may experience different results depending on your experience and aptitude with

I can’t say that I felt my level of intuition increase though. I can speak to reaching a deeper state
much faster with the Theta assistance. Beginners and experienced practitioners will benefit from
this type of meditation music.

However, for the beginner, it would probably be best for them to only use the track after they
can effectively focus on their body for at least five to seven minutes. This is the time it takes for
iAwake Technologies music to start producing the waves.

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