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Those of you who are interested in brainwave meditation, are who are already familiar with the excellent entrainment products from iAwake will want to check this out.

During the launch discount which is currently active, you will be able to:
download this entire set, going to the deepest brainwave frequencies, for under $50

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What is the Harmonic Resonance Meditation

This is a 60 minute package that progresses through the following brainwave levels:

Alpha – Theta – Delta – Epsilon

Split up into 4 separate 15 minute tracks, which will play straight through if you just let the album run.

The audio is a drone, a major sixth interval for you musicians where the harmonics that pop out create a minor chord. The sound is well equalized, it creates an ambiance very conducive to meditation where you can zero in on it if you choose to, but does not grab your attention in an unwanted way.  

My Experience with HRM Tracks

I just went through the full hour, and it was a very deep and unique meditation experience.

I was surprised at how deep the very first track took me, as someone who has used “Gamma” level tracks from other sources. The audio definitely held me in a zone, and the effects of the entrainment in the track was tangible. For me, this often can have pulsations and flow of energy that I can physically feel. From the mind perspective, there is a certain flow that the track seems to guide you along. If you “resist” or try to go into your normal mode of mind-wandering thoughts, tangents, and stories, it’s as though this immediately pulls you from that into a different trajectory.

Obviously, everyone will have very unique experiences with HRM and these tracks in general, so keep that in mind.

Each consecutive track went noticeably deeper, bringing me into some new territory.

Content would emerge that was often more like that of a dream than normal thoughts, meaning more vivid, more tangible, more emotionally engaging. As though one was entering a dream, but conscious. Unlike lucid dreaming however, I was not compelled to try to change things and play around, I was too deep in for such mental effort which seemed counter productive. I was however, awake and aware of this experience as it would happen. As I would allow myself to pop out of this, it was like returning with a new level of clarity.

The depth of the tracks seemed to coax me deeper into direct experience, with less engagement in thought and story. Such “regular” thinking becomes almost impossible at these levels, yet consciousness remains, and thus deeper probing into the unfiltered energy of what is actually here, now. This is generally my intention with meditation, and these tracks not only were conducive to it but seemed to greatly enhance the experience. It was like an ally supporting me onward and into the right direction.

Harmonic Resonance Meditation Reviews

Here are some comments from the beta testers of the program:

I have been meditating since childhood, but every now and then my commitment seems to be lacking and I don’t practise as much. Then came along Harmonic Resonance Meditation and I noticed immediately when first using it that it helped to bring back something missing from the equation – the bliss factor – and when this was regained with the help of HRM my motivation increased with it. Each time I’ve used it, I’ve found myself lulled by the hypnotic sounds into an ever deepening sense of expansion, stillness, and joy. HRM really seems to open the heart for me and is a great accompaniment to meditation practise. If you’re looking to deepen your own practise, find some peace, or simply chill out – this could really help you…

James Basil Vasilyan


I have been using the HRM for sitting meditations, primarily open focus and self hypnosis. They are fantastic, definitely some of the deepest and most engrossing I awake tracks I have tried yet. The entrainment is very effective and I am rapidly and completely pulled into very deep, peaceful and highly involved meditative states. I also like as Michael did the fact that the tracks are all targeting specific and clearly labelled cortical frequencies. This allows for play and experimentation with different levels of experience which I quite like. I can specifically target alpha waves for open focus, theta for hypnosis, and use the delta and epsilon for even deeper personal explorations.

Cavan Edwards

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Harmonic Resonance Meditation

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