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Optimal Learning

Meditation has the incredible ability to improve a lot of different mental functions. Learning enhancement is a major improvement that people associate with a regular practice. For people who want to enhance their learning ability further,
though, there is a special track from Lifeflow called Optimal Learning. This track uses Alpha waves to put your brain into a state of thinking that is ideal for absorbing information and understanding new kinds of concepts that would otherwise be too much. Meditation with a special track that is designed just for the reason that you are meditating for in the first place can be a powerful stress reliever and beneficial undertaking.
About Alpha Waves

First, it is important to understand what Alpha Waves do inside your brain and what this means for your ability to learn. Alpha Waves occur in the range of 7.5-12Hz and originate inside of the occipital lobe whenever a person is relaxed and has their eyes closed. Normally that is. This track helps users achieve results that are normally associated with Alpha Waves, such as:

  • Enhanced focus ability and a lack of distraction.
  • A more rapid ability to change focus and remain concentrated.
  • A reduction in chronic pain symptoms due to the relaxed state.
  • A sense of awakening from the normal lethargic state experienced during boring tasks.


How Do You Use It?

Optimal Learning can be used in the same way that other Lifeflow audio tracks are used. For a meditative state that requires intense focus Alpha Waves can be helpful, but many people only use it while studying or reading. A you progress through a meditation practice, Alpha waves can be too exciting and remove you from the experience. Experienced meditators can use frequencies as low as Delta, which are much more relaxing than Alpha. That is the prime reason that many people avoid meditating using Optimal Learning.

Using stereo headphones, this track can be listened to whenever focus is required. The track is designed to not be distracting, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without having to listen to only Alpha Wave sounds being emitted. Project Meditation points out that this track can be used without headphones as well due to the relaxing qualities, but most people report the maximum benefit when they use headphones.


What Is Special About This Track?

What stands out about this track in particular is that it uses the same frequency that is commonly measured in meditators that practice mindfulness meditation on a regular basis. A study followed Buddhist Monks in particular and found that in
their waking life they exhibited high levels of Alpha frequencies. This includes times that they aren’t meditating, making them have the peaceful demeanor that most people associate with a monk. This of course spikes when they are focusing on something intently, but the ability to have more alpha waves while you are awake has a number of benefits that enhance various aspects of your life.

This is also the frequency that is used in new psychology tests to help alleviate problems associated with ADD/ADHD. Enhancing the Alpha Waves allows psychologists to efficiently solve the focus and concentration problems that cause these people to not be able to complete projects, achieve academic success, or feel connected to their everyday life.
How Can You Purchase Optimal Learning?

Optimal learning is included as a part of the Lifeflow Meditation package. It isn’t currently available as a standalone product, but it might perhaps be available in the future. For someone that is interested in it, however, it can be well worth the time to use the entire package. The course is designed in a way that slowly guides users down through different meditation levels until they are using Delta waves, which are some of the lowest frequencies and are what people experience during sleep.

Once working through the course as a whole a meditation student can already experience heightened Alpha frequencies in their everyday life. This further enhances the ability of the track to do its job since you naturally produce an increased level of the necessary components. That can create a very intense focus while using Optimal Learning, which is especially important for people who have been plagued by ADD and ADHD.

Improving Your Learning Ability

This isn’t a magic pill for solving problems with learning, but for many people it can be a push in the right direction. Boosting your brainwaves in the way that this track does is very helpful and nudges your brain into the normal level of function that it might not currently be capable of doing. Over time, the brain becomes used to working in this way and can do it on its own, without input from an audio track. In the meantime, however, help is always welcome.

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