Merge and Unite With What Is – Adyashanti

In this video, Adyashanti speaks about silence and meditation to unite with what is.  To sit silently and meditate is both overemphasized and underemphasized in spiritual circles. It is overemphasized if it becomes its own object of worship in a way, as if meditation alone will solve all your problems. If it is underemphasized, then a lot of people lack a fundamental sense of stability and a capacity to overcome the mundane patterns of everyday life. So many beings are not very stable- not necessarily medically, but in a way that enables various whims life brings along to greatly influence their existence.

When you have no stability inside without thinking about it, you know that whatever happens can be snatched away from you in an instant the current situations is changed. Meditation grants you the ability to observe a certain kind of objectivity. It allows you to set yourself apart from what may be occurring and see it from a new perspective. A broader perspective.

Many ways that people learn to meditate have the effect of putting them in a trance state. We learn to concentrate on one object of attention so much so that we don’t get bothered by most of existence anymore.  The problem with this is the fact that you can’t take that feeling with you. Even if you could you would be blocking out the majority of your existence.

We often feel the need to take the peaceful state of meditation and merge it with everyday life. Simplicity of just sitting in silence brings the capacity to become the situation itself. Any moment when you become the situation brings no problems at all. When you become the situation, then you don’t have anything in you that could ever bother you. Anxiety, fear and depressions all become a non-problem; unless we decide on allowing the sensations they cause to exist in a situation. The basic way to spend moments in silence is just to allow everything to be as it is. It is in these moments when we experience the most peace and bliss.

One of the benefits of spending a little bit of time in silence is uniting with nothingness, with the pure essence of existence and reality. It’s not always easy to stay in silence, but if you can commit to the practice of this, you will benefit greatly in various ways. Everyone who meditates is famous for a need to change experiences through it. Most people wouldn’t even know why they meditate if there were no drastic changes of experiences. But there is a larger picture there; one that comes without the need of manipulating our experiences in any way. It is that moment of true unification with silence, with that which is. In that moment we are given the opportunity to see that everything is fine. Even if you are in a life threating situation, the moment you unite with the situation everything will be fine from the larger perspective. There is stability in that, and you can’t be knocked off balance unless you are in some way separate yourself from what is happening.

Things are the way they are and you are fighting them, and in that you are creating a gap between you and life. That gap, or contrast, may be the exact thing that leads you down the spirituality road. Looking and seeking for something greater. For the real you. It can lead you down a journey where you discover much about your true and false self, or ego. The sooner you  are able to stop creating constant commentary on life and experiences that come and go and simply accept them, the sooner you will experience life in its truest form and unite with what is. By uniting with what is, or our true essence, your perspective on life will become different. You’ll feel more at peace and experience more joy. Your presence will be a blessing to others too, as they will get a sense of the peace that resides in you and that you are portraying.  Take some time and begin meditating regularly. Merge and unite with what is and watch how your life changes.


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