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Perception, Reality – Alan Watts

This is a great video where Alan Watts, in his inimitable way, breaks down how our limited perceptions create and affect our experience of life. The metaphors of the web and embroidery to describe what is often called the unconscious, and the ways we can get trapped in perspectives, are interesting ways of clarifying these […]

Osho – You Can’t Hide

In this video from the masterful, often controversial spiritual teacher Osho, he explores the fact that death cannot be escaped. In the attempts to escape death, to avoid confronting the reality of it, we are removed from the present moment. A large amount of activity and stress in life could be traced back to resistance […]

Gamma 4 by iAwake Review

Tracks: 01 Blissful Cognition02 Blissful Cognition part 203 Cognitive Bliss I sat up to meditate with the iAwake Gamma 4 tracks this morning without investigating where “Gamma” fit in the frequency world of brainwave meditation. For some reason I assumed it was deeper and more intense than the others, perhaps because I was less familiar with […]