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Bodhisattvas: Striving to be a Savior

Asia Buddha Meditation Buddhism

By Michael Ericson In this essay, I will be focusing on one major difference between early and middle era Buddhism: the shift from a focus on attaining Nirvana for oneself to a focus on saving sentient beings and bringing Nirvana to others. The Bodhisattva school, especially as expressed in Shantideva’s “The Way of the Bodhisattva”, […]

Beginners Mind by iAwake

Beginner’s Mind Reviewby Michael Ericson I listened to this tape on a cold and cloudy Saturday in January. I was very interested in these tracks because they’re supposed to be designed to affect your brainwaves in specific ways. For those unfamiliar, brainwaves are the frequencies formed by the firing of neurons, and certain ranges of […]

Schumann Resonance Holophonic Track from iAwake

Recording Rundown: Time: 30 minutes, 30 minutes Brainwave: “Schumann Resonance” Sound: Digital Effect: equanimity, liquidity Style: varies Frequency: 3 – 60Hz   Review submitted by a reader. I just learned a tiny bit of what the Schumann resonance is today. Interestingly, the resonance was predicted in 1952 by Winfried Otto Schumann, a mathematician, decades before […]

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