Winning The Game of Money Review – John Assaraf and NeuroGym

I’d like to make it clear out front that I have gone through all 12 weeks of the daily audio programs and video as this program recommends.

I have gone through maybe half, at best, of the enormous amount of video bonus content.

This was a program I really dived into during the lockdowns, and it was definitely worth it.

Winning the Game of Money is a program created by John Assaraf. If you’re not already familiar with the name, you may recognize him as the man who popularized vision boards after attracting his exact house in “The Secret.”

Recent interviews of him have been very interesting to me. He discusses how he had his entire staff use brain training programs and inner work, after which he broke all time sales records in his real estate business.

His newest company, NeuroGym, focuses on this type of brain training and making it available to everyone who is willing to invest.

This is a very comprehensive and professionally presented program, with many layers of content. If you have seen any of the Brain-a-thon promotions, you likely have gotten the sense of that.

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Right to The Price

Many of you may be looking for reviews due to the price tag, which is higher than many other money courses from the personal / spiritual development space that “The Secret” crowd occupies.

My personal opinion is that the amount of content here, the structure of it, and the comprehensive nature of it do put this program in a much higher bracket than most out there.

I believe the pricing reflects the quantity, quality, and structure well.

Structure is key, and one of the things I like most about this course. There are SO many places you can get information, meditations, resources to work on money blocks. Putting them all together in a way you can systematically follow, feel like you are seeing improvements, and stay committed to through 12-weeks is significant.

Whether the amount of investment is right for you is a personal choice that this review will hopefully make easier, but I would definitely not consider this over-priced relative to what you get, or relative to other programs in the same space.

There are certainly brainwave audios, financial training courses, and support communities you could join separately that would total a much greater cost than Winning The Game of Money, and would not have the same cohesive structure.

What DO You Get – In a Nutshell

While the 12 weeks of brain-training audios and “innercises” – inner workout exercises for your brain and nervous system may be the most obvious selling point to many, there is a significant practical training component to it.

By significant, we mean literally dozens of hours of video and audio content that goes down into the actual nuts and bolts of money in the real world.

From investing and protection, getting out of debt strategies, specific trainings for entrepreneurs and employees, deeper brain research information, and more.

Many of these segments feature top experts in the respective areas, such as David Bach for money management and Dr. Evian Gordon for training the brain.

This very large body of material is presented in a specific order for some, with different speeds to follow so you can digest it at your own pace while still keeping up with your regular brain-training and innercising.

Other parts of the enormous bonus video library can be mixed and matched at your own pace. From my experience, you don’t ‘need’ to them 🙂


As the name suggests, NeuroGym focuses heavily on the area of neuroscience. While many of the tools in this program also appear in those with more spiritual or mystical themes, the tone here is far more scientific and research oriented.

For example, rather than focusing on “The Universe” delivering things to you because you visualize them, you are going to get scientifically backed explanations and demonstrations about the effects of various practices, how they can re-wire the brain and why they deliver tangible results.

You are also going to get into a lot more substance and detail than “picture what you want in your life,” but are going to get specific with versions of doing that in specific ways, utilizing speaking and writing in similarly specific ways, and more. You are given clear explanations with an evidence based framework of why the specific innercises you are doing are valuable.

You will not be going into the weeds of deep brain science that is beyond what is useful to you as far as actually getting benefit from the program and exercises.

I feel that Mr. Assaraf and the featured guests do a good job with giving enough detail to give us a framework and understanding of what we are doing and why, but keeping it digestible and relatable enough to be useful.

I’m sure the version of the information we are getting is highly simplified, and I definitely cannot comment to the validity or accuracy, but since in many cases you are getting the information in this course direct from actual neuroscientists and brain-experts, I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt!

Now, I am not someone who needs to be given a scientific based description about something in order to consider it valid, when it is something we are actually going to test for ourselves.

It would be difficult for me to be a good spokesperson for how well this course gives you the neuro-science you may want to know, because I am only interested in the results.

For me, the amount of information you get hits a good note to make you feel confident and grounded in what you are actually going to do.

The Brain Training Audios

What some of you may consider to be the most intriguing part of this course are the brain training audio innercise tracks.

In more than one interview, John Assaraf talks about incorporating the techniques in this program with his employees. The result was a massive breakthrough in their performance taking things to a billion dollar company. As someone who was clearly able to generate this type of massive result (it is not hard to

If you are familiar with this site at all, you know we recommend iAwake technologies entrainment audios, having observed a clear, noticeable impact in our meditation practice using them.

The idea behind brain entrainment, in a super simplified version, is that the audio files themselves are designed to bring your brain into certain specific frequencies

NeuroGym and Winning the Game of Money combine many different technology, as well as language elements simultaneously.

While binaural beats and other audio effects are part of the experience, these tracks are NOT just for listening and absorbing the effect, or for traditional meditation. There are many layers happening to help create real change. The actual technology in the audio files are only one component.

Because of this however, I don’t feel I can comment specifically on how effective the binaural beats or other embedded technology on these tracks compares to others.

In the audio for each week, John Assaraf serves as the verbal guide. Any of the sessions may contain:

  • Stories or parables that take you through a scenario in vivid detail
  • Breathing techniques
  • Physical anchoring techniques
  • Phrases and affirmations to repeat
  • Audio effects such as multiple voices at once, seemingly making you absorb the information differently
  • Emotional exercises, for example bringing up certain fears or doubts in order to process.

The innercise audios for each week build upon each other, and have a central theme to them.

One thing I found really interesting in these is the integration of stories and imagery, which are quite powerful given that the mind thinks in pictures and can absorb information more deeply this way.

I can easily recall the “cactus” story from early in the program and enjoy the lesson in it. A physical “doubling” anchor, the habit-generator image my mind has created, and much more.

I actually found one of the weeks later in the program which dealt with fear to be so effective for me that I continued it for two weeks before moving on. I also had fallen asleep, which you are instructed not to do, due to particularly busy life circumstances, so I really wanted to absorb that week further.

As things progress, you’ll get into all sorts of empowering and interesting territory such as the “belief and habit generator” guided visualization and exploration.

How much time do they take?

There is a range in length for the innercise audios. I believe the longest ones were in the 45 minute range, and a few shorter ones that are around 20.

There is one that is even shorter, but is late in the course and is a practical tool to help you sort out your activities through the day.

I generally would sit in some form of meditation type approach while listening to these, but it is mentioned that they can be done while doing other things like walking.

Knowledge and Skill

The “Knowledge and Skill” training, which may include learning about the brain, achievement, or specific practical attributes about money, will be related to the same theme of each week.

The knowledge and skill video for week 11 could be a mindfulness and emotional processing course in and of itself.

The session is over 45 minutes long. It gives you specific exercises to increase presence, connect to different emotions with strategies to process them, and a thorough approach to bring out and release your inner criticisms and negative emotions.

In fitting with the “neuro” part of the course, many of the techniques presented are cited with peer reviewed studies on their positive benefits, sometimes even mentioning specific effects on the brain.

Exploring a Very Small Fraction of the Bonus Materials

There are literally dozens of video trainings, some of which are recorded from other products of John Assaraf’s covering everything from investing, to productivity and diet. Here’s a look at small amount of them.

Know and Train Your Brian

Evian Gordon, CEO of and author of “The Brain Revolution.” It explores thinking traps, such as negativity bias, seeing all problems as catastrophes, black and white thinking and much more.

Practical daily steps and the power of focusing on a few key factors to change. A neuroscience angle is taken which reinforced one or two things I had some idea of, while teaching me much more.

Dopamine is chemically relelased during any small wins in the direction of a goal you want to achieve.

Oxytocin is released when you share this experience with others. In addition to having positive effects by itself, this can also re activate the dopamine and in many ways re-live, re-enforce that experience of winning.

This has a literal chemical effect on the brain, and was very interesting to me to provide a different angle on the value of some of these often taught techniques.

Goal setting Bonus

John gives us an approach to goals I have not encountered before, but has been researched called the GOOP process.

One useful exercise in this bonus involves examining what necessary tasks in your life you love – all the way to those you can’t stand. Then there are strategies on how to make sure they all get accomplished.

The goal bonus explores the journey from hearing information to mastery, which includes progressing from intellectual to visceral knowledge, from skill to refinement, and more that gives a very useful framework for goals.

The 5 Pillars of Financial Success

This is a five part video series that I have to imagine was a course in and of itself.

First is repair and recovery. This is a strategic approach to getting out of debt or financial hardship with a big emphasis on implementable strategy in addition to mindset.

Jim Bunch, an expert on debt elimination is featured.

Part 2 is all about earning more money. Exploring the definition and meaning of money itself, how it is a means of exchange and energy. John goes deeper into the subject of your “money story,” the various relationships you can have to it: money can be worshipped, feared, be seen as a symbol of self-worth, and much more. An emphasis is placed on self-worth and ability to execute at a high level, which combined, are key to earning more.

“Piles and streams” concept for the combination of interest and dividend earning assets, while others provide a stream of income.

Different strategies are presented on earning for business owners as well as employees. The business section has a very insightful and enlightening breakdown of the different roles that are needed to make a functional business and the types of personalities and characteristics needed to make it function well.


While this is a pretty long post, it scratches the surface of the amount of content in this program.

However, I think what is most important is that the core of it, the material to use on a daily basis is practical and can be implemented in a real world schedule. I am not a fan of getting 500 hours of bonuses and audios just to bump up the perceived value of a program that you are unlikely to ever use. I do not feel this is the case here.

I found the innercise audios to be very beneficial, really integrating some practical tools and techniques, as well as honing in focus and productivity. There are a lot of things built into them that I’ve known I ‘should’ be doing, and this made them very accessible.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

If you want to get way more information about the program and hear from others who have taken it:

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Vikash Gharbaran - March 14, 2021 Reply


Can i also use this program to overcome sociale anxiety and other fears that are holding me back to do the things i need to do? is the program capable to rewire my brain at that level?

i would like to hear from you.

kind regards,
Vikash Gharbaran

    Consciousness Junkie - March 20, 2021 Reply

    Hi Vikash – there are some elements of the meditations and trainings that have to do with making connections and different fears that would be connected to making money around socializing, networking, offering services. It is not specifically designed around social anxiety and is pretty focused on money. Have you tried EFT or any other techniques around social anxiety?

Ben - July 9, 2021 Reply

What % increase in both net worth and income have you experienced since implementing what you learnt in this course?

    Consciousness Junkie - October 6, 2021 Reply

    The net worth increase may sound unbelievable but it is more than 700%. A lot of that was investment related, and this was a strange year with markets. I would not be surprised if the meditations and inner work from this course gave me the confidence to invest more seriously, and it gave strategies for management. Let’s see what happens in another year or so 🙂

Kaya - December 18, 2021 Reply

Do you feel it is worth investing in?

    Consciousness Junkie - February 3, 2022 Reply

    I do. It’s an investment price wise, but it really covers the inner game of all of this – AND external actions and practical steps that really made a difference after working through the course.

Marva - February 15, 2022 Reply

This was great! Thank you for the thorough discourse on this program!

    Consciousness Junkie - February 16, 2022 Reply

    My pleasure- thank you!

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