The Sedona Method Questions


The Sedona Method Questions are probably the most well known part of this simple but powerful tool, designed to help us let go of our internal resistance and negative thoughts.

It is worth noting that the method itself goes into quite a bit more depth, and comes from the teachings of a true master named Lester Levenson. The questions are often presented online as “this is what the Sedona Method is,” but they are actually more of an introductory tool to open one up to the internal experience of letting go. I recommend you explore these questions and see if they move you forward in a positive direction. If so, you will probably enjoy digging deeper into the method, where a lot of interesting material is explored using this internal letting-go gesture.

The questions in their most basic form are:

Could you [let this go]?
Would you?

“Could you, would you, when” is how people tend to remember them. Let us explore this in a bit more depth now.


1) Think of an issue in your life you would like more clarity on, then allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment fully

This first part is very significant. Do not rush into the “let this go” part as a means to get rid of something. This is the most common mistake people make, as they often interpret the method as a means to just get rid of anything they don’t like immediately. Really, you are allowing yourself to feel it and letting go of your resistance to it so that it may be fully processed.

It is a habitual response of the nervous system to resist what we are feeling if it is unpleasant. Because feeling your feelings fully is such a key component to all inner work, it is worth training this part separately. If you really want to go in depth with this, check out “Just Allow It” by GP Walsh as really the pinnacle for establishing this foundation.

Be present with the feeling, even just for a moment, without any agenda.

It is not particularly important to label the feeling precisely. In fact it may just be a physical sensation. Some of you will be more attuned to your kinesthetic sense than anything else, and this process works beautifully with your attention there as well (at least in my experience).

2) Could you let this go?

Not WILL you, but COULD you. This means, quite literally, are you capable of letting this go. Are you capable of letting go of your resistance to it?

Note that it does not matter how you answer, the point is to be fully honest. Answer from your gut or your heart, and not your mind. This is the approach to take with this work in general.

Be aware however, that anyone is capable of doing this. The reason is that it is actually more of a non-doing. It is resistance that requires effort. Your natural state is to allow things to pass and process without clinging, analyzing, and judging everything that is present within you.

The analogy Hale Dwoskin, current president of Sedona Training Associates and primary facilitator of the method often uses is that of dropping a pen. Visualize yourself holding something. The holding is actually the effort. It takes a temporary use of energy to open your hand, but once you do, what you are holding is free from your grip. You are relaxed, and you are no longer expending mental or physical energy with it.

By your very nature, you CAN do this.

3) Would you?

Again, allow yourself to answer honestly. Simply by being present and probing into the question will do more than you might realize.

Sometimes we immediately see the suffering caused by our attachment around the issue and are able to release our grip on it instantly. Other times, we see the depth of our attachment, the beliefs and convictions around holding on to the issue. This simply means we need to continue to be present with it, or perhaps continue to look at it more deeply or from other angles. Any or all of this is progress.

As Lester Levenson would say, keep it simple. Simply ask the question, feel into it and answer honestly. This can open you up and expand you greatly if you continue with it.

4) When?

How long do you plan to keep this tight grip?

This is really an invitation to let it go right now. Often that is the spontaneous reaction here, as the futility of it has presented itself. Why hold on a few more days, months, years? If there are actual external components that need to be handled and deal with, that is understandable as many things in life do. However, does holding the emotional content behind it in mind, with such tension and emotion, give you more options and freedom to deal with it or actually restrict you?

As with all the questions again, just be honest. The inquiry itself is working subtly within you.

Rinse and Repeat

You can ask these questions anytime, anywhere, on any issue. Try it honestly and consistently for at least a few moments. There is nothing to lose in trying it and perhaps an enormous amount to gain.

Going Beyond the Sedona Method Questions

Remember, these questions are only a small part of the method and barely scratches the surface of the beautiful, powerful teachings of Lester Levenson. The in depth book is an extremely cheap option (sometimes a few dollars), and you can find that as well as more information in our Sedona Method review article.

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