Self-Love Mastery Course with Rikka Zimmerman 2016 – Details and Review


The Self-Love Mastery Course is on sale thru Dec. 31 2016!

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Rikka Zimmerman is someone whose work has been reviewed on this site by multiple users, and has consistently delivered powerful results.

She is launching a powerful class on the topic of self-love, which is really the heart and target of what most inner work is about.

She first did the Self-Love course a few years ago as a weekly program and it yielded enormous results based on the testimonials from participants. Given the intensity and effectiveness of her multi-week programs (her intensive on money that I went through was very powerful,) I am not surprised by this at all.

As a pre-launch to the course, you can:

Check out her custom tailored 7-part video series for you, based on your answers to a *very* short and fun quiz. 

In her words:

“It’s a 12-week course designed to help people let go of all the emotional content that keeps them from loving themselves fully, so they can finally become their own heroes, and ultimately, transform their life into absolutely everything they want it to be!”

If you are not familiar with Rikka’s work, I have said this before: don’t let the flowery nature of the graphics and bubbly personality fool you into thinking this is going to be light self-help fluff.

There is a lot of intensive processing and healing of those areas where there are wounds and traumas preventing you from experiencing love directly. It is something of a cliché that your relationship with yourself is the most important one, but to truly explore what that means and how to work with it can be elusive.

What the Class Includes (A LOT)

12 two-hour+ Recorded Sessions with Rikka

This is usually the main feature, if not the only feature, when purchasing an online class with a teacher or facilitator. Here you will get twelve two-hour sessions where Rikka works with the group. She has been doing this quite a long time (back to the Rikka’s Playground days,) and is quite skilled at it.

There will be different topics as jumping off points, always with self-love at the core. For example, self-love in relationship to your family, or your relationship to money, as opposed to just “family issues.” She usually mixes up group processing with working one-one with individuals, but in a way that keeps the group energy in mind and allows everyone to process around what comes up.

Rikka Self Love Mastery

It is divided up as follows:

3 “JumpStart Sessions”: 

The first explores what is called your core self-love block. Inquiry will be used to uncover what it is and facilitating done to show you how to release the limitations around this.

The second explores what Ms. Zimmerman calls the “Life Transformed” process. I do not know about this yet myself but am quite curious. This lays the foundation for a lot of the specific inner work that will be used in the class and in every day life.

Third and finally is a discussion on shifting energy in the world and people around you. “How to facilitate energetic shift in another,” not only for healers and teachers but to be used positively with anyone in your life.

8 sessions on various topics:

Here we get to the core of the class. There are several modules including self-love in the relationship to money, your experience of others, in your partner, past personal and romantic relationships, relationship to yourself and to your body.

The series concludes with an even longer integration day session. Here all of the work from the class will be brought home and helped to be digested at a deeper level.

More Stuff

There is frankly, too much to go into detail here. It is all laid out in the rather epic sales page for the course which I will link to below. Here you can get all the info and background you can imagine.


FREE 7-Part Video on Self-Love

You can also receive a free 7 video series from Rikka right now, which contains processing, tools and teaching on the subject.

You will be taken to a very short, but very insightful quiz to show what your main block is, after which you will begin receiving the content.

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Now, as for the sales page with all of the info -this link will be live as soon as it becomes available.

CLICK HERE for the Special Offer, full details and signup page for the Self-Love Mastery Course


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