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Anyone who has been interested in spiritual practice or personal development for some time, knows that most of it has a certain character or vibe in the way it is presented. “Attract your ideal open heart relationship,” “live a life of effortless joy,” “celebrate the opening of your chakras!” and so on.

There is a reason that any time you go to a retreat, seminar, or just about anything related to this type of work, there are a lot more women than men.

Of the men that do really love deep, probing inquiry, confronting the darkest parts of themselves and integrating fully, there is rarely a format where they can talk about what is going on for them in a mans terms. To have the work presented in a way that speaks to them, and to have an environment that is conducive to saying what they really want to say about sex, work, and everything else without having to sanitize it.

The Balls Project is a site and forum for men that addresses this need for men, with a focus on deep and probing inner work.
The material and discussions range from digging into aversions and beliefs about women, sex, money, to traditional goal setting and support (via “challenges” that members can undertake,) to deep spiritual inquiry like Advaita Vedanta.

GP Walsh, a master coach and teacher who has created some excellent material that has been reviewed on this site is what you might call the “tribe elder.” He is co-founder of the site and contributes an enormous amount of video and other content to it, and there are many processes and exercises within.

However, it is not a forum that is dogmatic about following GP’s teaching, or any teaching. All different styles and approaches are welcome, the point being that men can share them and discuss using them in this environment.
The ages of the members range from the teens to the fifties, and include everything from professional coaches of different inner work modalities, to people who are quite new to it.

There is a unique variety and balance in this community, in that the discussion does not always turn into some “just let it go” or “do this process” answer. Sometimes it goes very deep in that direction, whereas other times the focus goes into men holding each other accountable to go take that action that needs to be taken. While there is a context of inner work in the forum, there is a lot of attention paid to the “inner work trap” of using such techniques to avoid confronting life. Yes, there is a lot of material that needs to be worked with, blocks to be cleared and so on – but sometimes you just need to go out and talk to women or ask for the promotion.

The Courage of Inner Work

One of the reasons a lot of inner or spiritual work out there does not resonate with men, is because it does not acknowledge the work part of it as well as the courageousness of it. Men like to do meaningful work, and the growth of taking on challenges and conquering obstacles. We don’t WANT everything to be ‘easy, fun, and effortless’ all the time (the notion of which by the way is one of the most destructive myths of the self-help world.)

The truth is that facing yourself directly, bringing up your deeper fears, aversions, wounds, places where you feel like a failure or blocked from achieving something deep down you know is possible… all of this takes great courage to step into willingly. You *must* face it directly in order for it to heal. You must learn to change your relationship to much of your inner world, or as the front page of the website says: “uncovering your deepest inner demons and making them your allies.”

There are also ways to do this that speak deeply to men, in addition to some of the more well known techniques. Working with archetypes and the way we respond to such stories and characters, using them as a means to notice disowned parts of ourselves and how to reclaim them. Narrowing down clear goals and not just affirming or visualizing them, but using them to discover all the conflicting parts of us that have different reactions to them and learning how to work with them.

What You Get / What You Do

Signing up for The Balls Project gives you a login to the site where you can access your content. The primary feature is the forum, which itself contains hours and hours of video and audio content, and the discussion of the members. You can join the forum discussion for $1 per month, but it’s $10 to access the regularly updated video and audio. Ten dollar members are also given audio downloads of body awareness exercises from the Just Allow It course, and those who join for a discounted full year receive 7+ hours of the full audio training. This serves as a foundation for inner work, and is the fundamental training course (as well as a favorite course reviewed separately on this site) for the ‘Inner Reconciliation’ work that GP Walsh does.

One of the main features is the weekly videos, which take place whenever there are questions from members regarding their life, inner work and so on that they want deeper discussion about or exercises related to. Here is an example of a popular, but rather ‘deep’ weekly video:

The “BP” also has a lot of video content on their YouTube channel, and will make videos in response to questions sent to them as you will see in the Q&A videos on the channel.

For men interested in inner work, this is very high level, with a community of like minded men, well presented material at an unusually low price as far as such programs go. Definitely worth checking out the free material, and there is more detailed introduction as well as several videos given to those who sign up for the email list.

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