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21 Secrets of the Universe is no longer available
Rikka has moved on to other projects.
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21 secrets of the universe rikka zimmerman full program

Rikka Zimmerman is probably my favorite facilitator of Access Consciousness, and I’d love to work with her in person some day. However, even her free recordings which you can get through her website (note: looks like you might have to sign up for her email list and have them sent to you now) are pretty off the charts in terms of clearing energy, changing your point of view, and creating change around various topics.. including the usual hits: money, relationships, body. When it comes to things like this, I’m results-oriented.. and Rikka has always delivered for me.

I knew that when she was launching a 21-day course style program, it would be worth checking out.

Rikka has launched a new audio / book course, called 21 Secrets of the Universe. If you’re already familiar with Rikka and would rather go straight to her site about it, you can do that here:

21 Secrets of the Universe Rikka Zimmerman – Official site

Access Consciousness is incredibly powerful stuff, and a little weird, especially if you’ve never been introduced to it, so you are welcome to check out this page – then you’ll know where 21 Secrets of the Universe and Rikka Zimmerman are coming from

What is 21 Secrets of the Universe by Rikka Zimmerman?

I wish I looked at 21 Secrets of the Universe much earlier – she has had it mentioned on her site for a while now, almost as long as I’ve been interested in her work – but it is far, far more than I expected.

Rikka describes it as essentially 8 years worth of her development in Access Consciousness distilled into one program. That program would have to be fairly extensive and organized, and this is.21 Secrets of the Universe Rikka Zimmerman

This is designed like a 21 day course – a real step by step approach to actually using and integrating all of these tools and processes a systematic way to work for you. I often find this missing in many programs, even if loaded with great information or techniques.

21 Secrets of the Universe has two main components that Rikka Zimmerman created:

21 Secrets of the Universe Book

First is the 180 page book / journal that guides you through the program, explains concepts, and of course has exercises for you to do. As you might expect from Rikka, it’s presented in a very entertaining and easy to read way, while still serving it’s purpose quite powerfully. If you have a sec (OK, 7 minutes), check out Rikka reading some of 21 Secrets of the Universe for you, as it’s far more entertaining and powerful than me describing it. This captures the essence of what I love about her – this starts very playful and cute, and as you move on, you actually move into some rather deep territory. You may find this moving if you go through it:

The chapter is is from about 1:00 to around 8:00

The strange phrase she is saying is the Access Consciousness clearing statement, which the page on this site talks about. Did you feel anything move when she said it? Check it out – perhaps watch it again. The first time I ever had someone do this to me, they gave me virtually no introduction to it. I had no idea what was going on, or if I was supposed to understand what was being said (how can something WORK if you don’t understand it right? That little idea is responsible for a lot of misdirected energy.. ), but I felt serious shifts taking place. I would imagine everyone feels this differently, but I will say this:

If you felt SOME level of energy, or even just a pull / fascination to this – this is probably for you. If you actually landed at a site that is blatantly for “consciousness junkies” and didn’t immediately click away, odds are pretty good you are one of these people. The experience with this process only gets deeper. Because of the step by step nature of this and the presentation, 21 Secrets of the Universe by Rikka Zimmerman may be the best way to dive in to Access Consciousness if you resonate with the material.

Oh, so part 2 of the course: The minor audio component – 31 CDs.

Thirty One!?
It sounds like a lot, but if you’ve ever checked out any of Rikka’s recordings, this number won’t sound so crazy to you. I did an 8 week money class of hers, which was 8 MP3s about 2 hours each. This was focused around just the one topic, and the rabbit hole went quite deep. There was no overlap there.. no filler, no BS.

Again, the main thing about Rikka for me is she delivers results. She gets straight to the point, gets to the root of any issue / energy and CLEARS it. If you like explanations, she can also provide it, but this is not a theory class or “let’s discuss our issues” situation, she really takes care of business.

I recommend you check out some of her other stuff if you haven’t, some of which is free on her site, to give yourself a taste. Then the nature of the audio will all be pretty clear, and you’ll probably know immediately if she resonates with you.

Now that I think about it, I suppose it would be pretty lame if someone told me they had 21 Secrets of the Universe, and it all fit into 60 minutes.

As you can see in the photo on the right, there is also a 21 card deck which has reminders of certain principles from the course. These types of things are not a big deal to me, but they do have a very cool aesthetic sense to them. Personally, the book / recordings are the selling point and the extensive nature of it, plus 21 day structure totally justify the cost (sounded high to me until I realized how much audio content there was). Rikka just translates so well through this medium, and provides great clarity and results.

21 Secrets of the Universe Rikka Zimmerman

If this is too steep for you right now, I still recommend you jump on her email list to check out some of her free recordings. Once you get into work and see how deep it goes, you’ll have a better understanding of what you are actually getting here.

There are Rikka fans who have already gone through the program, here are some of their comments from other online sources:

“This course is truly invaluable!” Solei, Denver

“The ideas that she works with plus her own capacities are incredible and she’s a ton of fun! The most incredible thing is that I’ve been able to get out of judgment of myself!” Mary, Houston

“Biggest turn around for me, the clarity of information, the easy step exercises, really changed and shifted energies I’ve been stuck with most of my life!” Haly, UK

I strongly recommend checking out her link below, she’s always put out great material but this is clearly her “baby” – the culmination of her work thus far.


21 Secrets of the Universe is no longer available, but click here to see new and improved programs from Rikka Zimmerman