Access Consciousness Clearing Statement – “Beyonds”

Looking at ‘Beyonds’ in the Access Clearing Statement

If at any time you feel overwhelmed by any of the information or trying to make sense of it, read this fun tool created by Access:

‘Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is what it appears to be.’

Access Consciousness Clearing Statement - Beyonds imageHave you ever gotten a feeling or sensation that stopped you dead in your tracks?  You receive a bill that is much higher than expected or the news of a loved one in trouble?  Suddenly we freeze up like death it’s self passed by.  This is what Access Consciousness™ calls a ‘Beyond’ and goes on to describe that it includes everything that is beyond belief, beyond reality, beyond imagination, conception, perception, rationalization, forgiveness, and all the other Beyonds.   It keeps us captive and stops us from being present.  Everything solidifies in time, space, and dimensions. “Beyonds” in the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement addresses this.

What does that mean?  Lately there has been more discussion and experiments on talking to molecules and the way they are affected by their environment.  Is it possible that molecules can react to energies such as feelings?  Can or is a ‘feeling’ even energy?   If we respond to a situation with an emotion such as, hate, anger, sadness or fear, if we take the time to look at what we are feeling or perceiving at those times, is it possible molecules and energy around us are changing?  And if this were so, if we were to respond to situations with happiness, joy, excitement, and love, that there would be a different reaction?

Gary Douglas may have a different point of view.  From listening to his talks and workshops, I have looked at what he may be trying to get us to see.  He invites us to see the energy behind the words.

Where do our responses come from?  If we were to react to a bill with shock or dread, fear or sadness, doesn’t this mean we have judged it as bad?  And, if we were to respond to a tax bonus with happiness, joy and excitement, wouldn’t that mean we would have to judge it as ‘good’?  Gary has discovered that there are certain ones here that are ‘judgements’ and with practice you can perceive a heavy or light energy with them.   It is surprising what turns out as we right away may conclude that the negative emotions are heavy and the positive emotions are light.  This is not always the case as we have found that if you are coming from judgment when responding to a situation, we may perceive a ‘heavy’ feeling or ‘energy’.  Judgement solidifies making things seem real or heavy.

Let’s test it out.  Think of the word ‘gratitude’.  Sit with it for a while and tune into your body, the energy around you (in your mind).  How does it make you feel?  Is it heavy or light?  Now think of the word ‘love’.  As before, look at what comes up with the word ‘love’.  Heavy or light?  Lots of things come up with love.  Have you ever had someone they told you they loved you?  Did you feel heavy or light?  Did you suddenly feel obligated to say, ‘I love you back?’  Now think of the things and people you have gratitude for.  Love has many points of view from all around the world.  Many definitions, many ideas.  Would we say that those would all be judgements?  Gratitude seems to have a clear energy of ‘just that’, no strings attached!  Which one would you prefer in your universe?

Going back to the words we used in paragraph two, read them again and see which ones are heavy or light.  You may even perceive some confusion with some of the words too.  Is it possible some of these words mean something different than what we thought they were?

I would like to bring your attention to ‘excitement’.  This word did not have the lightness like ‘happiness or joy’, but it is something most of us look forward to.  Have you ever been on a rollercoaster?  There is a build up of anticipated energy in the body, we are about to hit the peek, it gently pours over the edge and suddenly dips quickly making our stomachs ‘pinch’ with an intensity, bracing ourselves (our bodies) against the challenge of possible death or injury.  We describe this as fear, excitement?  fear?   Look at those words.  Is the energy different from one another?  Are they the same?  Have we misidentified fear as excitement?  What happens to our bodies or the space around us when we think or experience these?

This is one of the sensations we have when we have a  ‘Beyonds’ which also include any word with ‘ex’ in front of it like ‘excitement’, exhaustion etc.    What happens is when we have a ‘Beyonds’ with these energies we solidify them making them real, so real that we may keep bringing them back from the past.  And what happens to the molecules of our bodies?  They react and change, locking the trauma into our cells, creating dysfunction and disease. If we take a closer look at the word disease we can see (dis-ease) which seems to be a truth that we all may be aware of but feel helpless to change when we feel forced to deal with situations.  Or we may even try to re-create those situations to match the intensity we remember but, is that even possible?  Think of a Christmas that you felt excited and happy about, did you ever try to re-create those moments to reach that ‘high’ again?  Where you successful in matching up the past to the present?  What if we could take away the past ‘locked-in’ memory and create each moment as new?  It may take comparison right out of our realities!

In the clearing statement ‘Beyonds’ goes to these places where we solidified these things into our bodies, and reality and erases them.  Getting your ‘bars’ run can create ease in the body by changing these creations dynamically.  An experiment was tested on the blood cells before a person had their bars run.  The cells were elliptical.  After they had them run the test showed the cells went back to their spherical shape.

So what if it was truly possible for all of us to change molecules just by choosing how we respond and interact with things differently?  What would the world look like then?

For one of our favorite facilitators of the Access Consciousness clearing statement, check out Rikka Zimmerman


By-Tanya Liczner

Reference: Access Consciousness

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