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The Energy Process Called the ‘Bars’

Access Consciousness BarsGary Douglas is the founder of the Access Consciousness bars transformational tool. It is a hands-on process where 32 points on the head are gently touched to activate an energetic ‘bar’ that dissipates thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are magnetically stored in the brain. This tool came to Gary through ‘channelling’ approximately 20 years ago. Although it is a relatively new modality, the indents on the head where the fingers touch can be quite prominent, and some sessions can be very dynamic, so much so that it seems something we always had the capability and access to. Perhaps a forgotten and now, re-discovered body process that has no religious or spiritual significance. A modality that allows the body to heal itself, transform, and possibly even to rejuvenate.

Running bars have shown to change parts of people’s lives that were not working or where they felt stuck. There are a number of many different testimonials that are uncountable, such as: migraines become minimal or disappear, no withdrawal symptoms or ease with quitting addictions, changes in learning disabilities and disorders, relieving insomnia, depression, and the list goes on. What is important here is that the person receiving bars is not vested in an outcome. Each session is different and creates changes that are unpredictable. Having conclusion to the outcome of any work regarding energy, the universe, and consciousness is a fool’s errand. Sometimes people just feel a sense of peace and like they had a great massage. Some claim to be more ‘themselves, more present’ then they ever experienced. Bars can take 20 minutes to 2 hours to run per average session, which is a short time to get what you can receive from meditation. This can also be great for those who find it a challenge to sit still and focus on breathing to become present or more self aware for longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Bars is the primary tool that is required when being facilitated in Access Consciousness classes to create ease in the body when releasing thoughts, feelings and emotions. Access invites us to see that we are all capable of this energy work and anyone can learn it. There are now over 1,546 bars facilitators over 43 countries. What is so attractive about the bars that is creating this snow ball of popularity? Bars is taught as a skill and a certification can be acquired, the process is non-evasive and people can really identify with changes in the body, mind or living, it is fresh and new and has no connection to any spirituality or religion, there is no obligation to take further classes when being a practitioner and any one can learn it. The best thing is, apparently, you can’t do it wrong.

Gary explains that for the first year he had this tool, he ran them a minimum of once a week and he could not perceive the energy until after a year. He could not tell the difference between the heat of his hand and what energy from the bars was, but he knew it was working. The bars work even if we cannot perceive what the energy is doing and we don’t have to ‘do’ anything about it. It’s a touch-button process which can also be activated by ‘calling’ them to turn on. A bars facilitator describes how a paraplegic wrapped his hands around the head of a client and called them off, they still ran dynamically. Children take the class for free. It has been recorded that they are able to get the bars running while randomly touching the clients head on the correct spots without following the chart or even paying full attention to the class.

One of Gary’s experiences with regards to change that he received from the bars, is he ran his ‘money bar’ every night for a month and one night he woke up suddenly and had a totally new point of view about money that changed his relationship with it ever since. What happens is when we run our bars all the decisions, judgments, conclusions, and computations that we have stored in our brain about all the stuff we have chosen and experienced in this life time (and other life times) get erased or transformed at the point right before we chose them, leaving a lightness, a feeling of space and more possibility in our realities. What can also happen is a sense that we have the freedom to choose something different, that we don’t have to live by obligation and structure which can allow for a happier and healthier life and living. And if we can play around with the possibility that getting your bars run will contribute to an unravelling of a heavy reality to a world that is consciousness, is definitely a fun and easy way to consciousness.

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For all of us (who have dragged our wet, sandbag feet through this reality) knowing there must be something better, something more joyful, something different then what is currently going on, we look at the Dali Lama and the monks and all those who practice their whole lives to become aware and conscious, we place ourselves in an ‘impossible’ to achieve consciousness unless I shave my head and live in a mountain. What if it was easier than that? What if all that they were choosing just interesting different ways of getting there? You may be asking, “If it was that easy wouldn’t somebody have done this already?” Good question. Is it relevant? Has human kind been wrapped up in a reality that demanded survival to the point we cleverly disguised this ‘magic’? And with all the history of people being aware and being crucified, burned and tortured, who would want to outwardly admit any of this? What if magic became the norm?

Background and Experience with Access Consciousness Bars

My world growing up was full of magic, a day dreamer, a creator, a night dreamer; I lived in a place of fantasy. Experiencing the things I did I had an uncanny way of being stubborn enough to keep believing in it. ‘Make believe’ didn’t make sense to me. It was all real to me. Becoming a teenager was a beautiful, miserable journey. I remember trying to get my parents to understand my world, then realizing that would never be. I knew that what was happening to me couldn’t stay the same. I had to find a way to change it. I realized change was the most important thing to me. I was angry on the outside and beautiful on the inside. It was destroying me and I knew that there must be some way for me to be who I was on the inside on the outside too. Went through the years trying out different modalities and looked at diet and how the science of the body was the reason for my ‘condition’. Finally I tried meditating a little at a time and finally something shifted. I felt something like my ‘past’ leave my body. I was so excited that I continued. Having this new found way of energy and change I studied Buddhism, Taoism, and was initiated into Reiki in Thailand. Change was happening but not fast enough. I was in South Korea, teaching English at the time, and I received bars from a friend who wanted to practice. I had a strong urged to go back to Canada after living in Korea for four years, and did not realize until only recently that this major change in moving can be what can occur from having the bars run. I went home with no clue it was the bars that had me feeling so happy and looking into everyone’s eyes.
When I was introduced to one tool of Access Consciousness and it began to eliminate the noise in my head, I was thirsty for more. After the 3rd verbal tool my friend gave me he suggested I take a bars class with a lady he knew who was having a class in Toronto. It was amazing how one will do what it takes to have something change when they are pushed to the edges of sanity. It was a ‘do or die’ demand to be free from the ‘suffering’ that I had. To put it bluntly, the voices that I had so carefully shut out and avoided, the bizarre behaviours that I once controlled with meditation on diet, had overcome me. Or I was more aware of it like a loud circus. It was with taking the Access classes that brought me to realise that we truly are more psychic than we acknowledge and when I get my bars run it is a quick way to clear out all the noise. And the Access classes helped me to see that there were easier ways to ‘deal’ with the ‘voices’.
I can remember how ‘heavy’ my body and my world was in that first bars class, but maybe unaware of it at the time. The facilitator had brought up a lot of strange questions to work with what was going on with the body and the issues that were coming up during the sessions (we receive and gift the bars twice within the class). Some of these left me angry and in question which opened up something before me. I didn’t recognise it at the time because I had so many answers in my head for everything that went on, on this planet. It was ‘different possibilities’. Little did I know that those questions were the beginning of change a powerful tool that (only two years later) I’m starting to ‘get’. Also that it isn’t ‘answers’ that do this for us, it is ‘questions’.

I went home after the daylong class and it was like I stepped into a house that was not mine. My family shifted as well. They behaved differently, they seemed more at ease and slightly more happy. They did things I wouldn’t have expected them to do. It was like watching a movie and I was so fascinated that I knew these ‘bars’ were working, not only for me, but for the people who surrounded me. In Access it is stated that whenever we run bars or clear a point of view that we clear 360, 000 people around the world of that same point of view. I was beginning to see how that was possible. The clarity and change that happened with me and my life was so apparent, I was inspired to share this tool with whoever was willing to have the same. I became a bars facilitator in Toronto. 2 years later we have a good handful of facilitators and practitioners in Toronto and growing.

Each bars session was different. I could perceive different ‘energies’ or sensations as I practiced or even received bars. The biggest difference I noticed, overall, is when I came up against something that usually has me react angrily at work or with my family. The anger is gone. It just wasn’t there. I could respond to those situations with a sense of space and clarity, calmness and perceptiveness. I really noticed it when it was occurring and I felt very present with it.

For example: When my father and I fought there would be a ‘drawing’ of rage from somewhere that would have us yell out of control, continue the fight from a place of nonsense just to be in the right. There was one time that same situation came up and I stood there calmly. The ‘drawing’ or ‘riling-up’ was beginning, but it shrank or just went away and that was the last of it. Then amazing enough I saw it ‘rile-up’ in my father and it couldn’t stay. It was impossible for him to stay angry and he just, stopped fighting suddenly. I stood and observed this with amazement and in inspired wonder to what I just witnessed.

After a few classes of Access I could distinguish the difference between ‘rage, hate, and anger’ and ‘potency’. Potency is the energy that can change and move things. I learned this is the one I required to keep. The truth is we still need potency. It’s not about being a door mat and being walked all over. It’s knowing what works for you and when to say ‘No, this is changing.’ Even if it is from a person you think you cannot stand up to. Bars allowed space for me to choose in the areas that I thought I had no choice.

It seems easy to read and say ‘Of course choice is easy, everyone has choice.’ But, how many of us truly choose for ourselves. How many of us choose out of obligation, tradition, and structure? How difficult is it really to ‘get up and go’ from our family or those we are connected with to do what our ‘heart’ asks of us?
People are drawn to the new ways of changing what is not working in their life and the possibility to choose for themselves easily. For now Access Consciousness™ provides those simple, easy tools and Gary Douglas states it, “These tools work fast and easy and I will be using them until something better shows up.”

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By-Tanya Liczner
Reference: Access Consciousness™

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