Access Consciousness Clearing Statement – “Poc and Pod”

Access Consciousness Clearing Statement

Looking at POC & POD

The Access clearing statement is a verbal tool that is designed to bring up energies and clear them.  The good thing about it is we don’t have to understand it to have it work.  It bypasses our logic mind and accesses our ‘insane mind’ where all the answers we have created are.

We have been taught at a young age to find the ‘answer’.  What if that was a limitation?  If we find only one answer to a question what about all the other possibilities?  Access asks us to think outside the box.  What is beyond the box and further?  What if we were infinite beings?  Would you only find one answer?  And would any of those answers be wrong or right?  When we bring our mind to the space of infinite, are there even good or bad existing there or are these created points of view?

How do we create a POV (point of view)?  We look at what is in front of us and we make a decision or judgement about how that energy is affecting us.  Do we like it or don’t like it?  Seems to be appropriate for knowing what our bodies need, but then we go into comparison:  “It’s not as pretty as that one.”  “I’m fatter than that person.”  Look at these last two statements; do they make you feel ‘light’ or ‘heavy’?  There is something we recognise in Access, ‘Things that make you feel heavy are a lie and things that make you feel light are a truth.’

‘How many lies have you created in your reality keeping you from having the lightness that is true for you?’  Everything that is POD and POC it!

So, let’s look at when we first created a ‘point of view’.  (Bodies are easy as it is the issue most of us have energy on.)  Say you are at a party and there is a huge fudge cake there and you feel really excited to have a piece, what happens after you see the cake?  Do you walk over and take a piece with no thoughts or do you measure out the pros and cons of the consequences?  “It will make me fat, it will clog my arteries, it will make me crazy with the sugar high, I will get acne, I will get diabetes, I will get Candida…” and I’m sure a list of more ideas we have picked up from commercials, school, and other people.  These ‘ideas’ are ‘points of view’ that we have bought into from other people as real.

What if there was a different possibility here?  What if those things happened only because we bought into the point of view?  What if we could be so aware with our bodies that we knew exactly if it wanted fudge cake, how much it wants and when?  If we functioned that way would the body have all those reactions?

So, you are looking at the cake and you remember your best friend at work (who is really fit) saying that if you eat cake you will be fat.  You and your body, not wanting this to occur, decides at that moment that this is true, to hold on to this point of view forever and to do and say anything to hold it into place.  The thoughts, feelings and emotions that were created just before the decision to have this point of view is POC, ‘Point Of Creation’.

POD stands for ‘Points of destruction’, all the places where you have been destroying yourself to keep it in existence.  You are drooling over the cake; the host of the party comes over and offers you some.  Your body gets tingly and screams… “YES!”  You tell the host all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t have it.  What does your body do here?  And check in with the energy, does your body or your words become heavy or light?  What if having that pleasure allowed your body to be a different vibration?  This is where we do destruction of ourselves, when we do not honour our bodies and our awareness.

Be aware!  This is not to say go eat tons of cake and you won’t get fat!  It takes practice to read your ‘inner compass’.  Access invites us to use the tools for total awareness of everything.  If we practiced them how good could we get at consciousness with our bodies and the bodies around us?  There is a tool we can start with call the body pendulum.  Stand with your feet together or slightly apart and clear your mind.  Usually, front is ‘yes’, back is ‘no’, and side to side is indifferent or ask a different question.  If things are ‘off’ first ask the body to show you what is ‘yes’ and what is ‘no’.  If the body is not responding, perhaps you need to actually say ‘hi’, to it and acknowledge that you are now ready to listen.  First of all, are you willing to see your body as not you?  Are you your body?  When you get your pendulum and your introduction sorted out go ahead and ask if your body wants food.  Ask one question at a time to avoid confusion.

The body pendulum is a good starting tool to bring awareness to what is actually true for you and your body.  To help out with clearing out what is lie and truth, all you need to say is POD and POC.  You are looking at the cake and you are thinking that it will make you fat.  Say ‘POD and POC” (in your head for public situations).  As many times as it takes until the ‘heaviness’ of that point of view is lighter or gone completely, then ask your body if it truly wants the cake.  You may have to explain that to some of the party goers, at least, you will have great conversation and be the weirdest and most interesting person to talk to!

By-Tanya Liczner

Reference: Access Consciouness™

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Lois - February 20, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the explanation. I’m just beginning to explore the ideas of Access…
Do the clearing statements work if you have never had anyone run your bars?

    Consciousness Junkie - February 22, 2013 Reply

    Hi Lois.

    I never had bars run until much later, and that is because a friend of mine became a certified practitioner. The first thing I heard were clearing statements performed on a group call I was on and felt a ton of energy moving. My belief is that the statement is a trigger to ‘let go’ and trust the flow of energy, and the amount of energy behind it is because of the amount of attention put into it by those who use it.. much like mantras etc in various traditions.

    Rikka Zimmerman used to have some free recordings where you could just listen to them and see how you reacted to the clearing statement — there must be someone else who has something like this now. In my opinion you certainly should listen to something that is free and has the clearing statements and you can see if you react to them. When I first heard them, I had never heard of access, could not understand the words, and had no idea what was going on but I certainly felt serious energy.

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