Adyashanti – Transcending Our Fear-Based Patterns

Adyashanti discusses how we can transcend our fear-based patterns in this insightful video, giving us hope and encouragement along the way. Our patterns reveal to us how we choose to suffer and we certainly suffer more than we need to while on this earth. When we are unconscious, we don’t even know that we are doing it. In fact, when someone points it out to us we might think they are crazy. We think life is happening to us, but really it isn’t. Experiences are not happening to us and it is important to become more conscious to this fact.

Find the patterns that cause you to suffer

When we can start to see a pattern that causes us to suffer, then we can do something about it. See, fear is a choice we make moment by moment and most people don’t even know they are choosing it. In fact, we were all taught fear from an early age. We learned to fear many things.

For example, if we say, “I want to be loved”, the saying of those words puts out a fear vibration that you’re afraid of NOT being loved. Well, the world reflects back whatever you put into it, so instead of feeling loved, you get the experience of “I want” or “I lack” love. The same thing goes for money. If you say, “I want more money”, you get to experience wanting more money. That’s what karma is. It’s cause and effect. Our patterns are based on fear and we are getting back what we are putting out. Everything that we are afraid of we instantly get.

Become an unconditional being

In order to transcend our fear-based patterns, all you have to do is become an unconditional being and experience your true nature. This simplifies everything. You simply be. You understand that you are either living in a state of fear (and patterns) or unconditional love, which is our true nature.

You cannot get rid of fear. More fear tries to get rid of fear. All you have to do is remember who you are at your core.

What would it be like to have a total unconditional acceptance of whatever is happening?

At that moment, you’re not choosing fear anymore. You can feel immediate ease. To be fully realized is to reverse the momentum of fear to moving toward unconditional love and acceptance. Then we will be and experience the truth. We will act and move in accordance with our own unconditional nature.

It’s time to wake up

Take note of what you are doing every day. Our doingness. Is it coming from fear of love? If you wake up and know your true nature and that’s all you do, then you neglect the doing and being.

If we’re just doing without being awake, it’s egoic. It’s pride. When you create your own reality, it’s your ego doing it. There’s no realization in it. In fact, those that don’t know who they are really aren’t happy. They might be able to manifest some things into their lives, but deep down they are not happy. It is important to learn how to be what we are and not what we want. We are not our desires. We just are.

Deep inside there is an inner calm. When you get past the fear-based patterns, you get to the point where you remember your true nature. You realize what you are doing- choosing unconditional love over fear. It is then that we can fully experience such an amazing love, which is what we are.

You can tell those that have transcended their fear-based patterns. They live differently than others. Instead of walking around in judgment, they offer grace and love to all, no matter what. They have an inner calm that they get to experience no matter what pops up in their lives. They’ve tapped into their real nature, which is love. They do not fear what others will think of them or what will happen to them. They are the first to open arms to those who are in pain or have done some things they are ashamed of.

It’s time to just be. Stop fighting fear with fear and step into love. Realize your beingness and just be.

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