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Brad Yates is one of my favorite EFT facilitators, and I’m far from alone on that sentiment. If you are someone who deals with issues pertaining to anything from health, weight, money, depression, confidence, or just interested in getting to know yourself more deeply, Brad has valuable material for you (and a lot of it is 100% free).

If there is one Emotional Freedom Technique specialist who can make you laugh while helping you dig deep into the nitty gritty of yourself, it is Brad Yates. He is known the world over for his unique creativity and humorous style of using EFT. He is also known as a perceptive, compassionate and insightful motivational life coach who can probe into perceived problems and guide you through them. In other words, he is a refreshing combination of someone who has a sense of humor and enjoyable personality, who is still able to go very deep and take care of business.

While EFT is by its very nature a rather powerful technique, it becomes even more potent as a tool to improve your live if you can have fun with it *and* go deep with it. Brad Yates has plenty of fun with EFT, can go about as deep as you want to go, and he generously shares this way of using EFT in his videos and programs.

About Brad Yates

Here’s a little history of the career that brought Yates to his position as an EFT master today. Yates was trained in Tarzana, California at the Institute of Hypnosis Motivation. He was certified there, and later he began to serve as staff. He was also trained in energy psychology as well as other schools of thought that deal with motivation, achievement and personal growth.

Yates has had the privilege of working with a variety of clients, individuals and businesses, from professional athletes and CEOs to federal attorneys, attorneys and even homeless people in Santa Monica. He has also taught a class at the Sacramento Drug Court for several years using EFT. His genuine interest in helping people is obvious.

Besides being a presenter at several international events such as internet radio talk show and the International Energy Psychology Conference, Yates has also been one of the experts on the EFT documentary The Tapping Solution and co-authored the best-selling book for children, The Wizard’s Wish, and on tele-seminars with The Secret stars Dr. Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle.

His Motivation

If you check out his website, you’ll find an explanation for what motivates Brad Yates to do what he does. He explains it with an interesting metaphor. Remember Michelangelo’s depiction of The Creation on the Sistine Chapel ceiling – the one with Man’s hand reaching out towards the hand of God but not quite touching it? Yates believes that all of us are in this state of always reaching out but falling short of making that connection with God, with our higher selves, with whatever we believe in. He wants to help us break through the obstacles that are causing this gap in connectivity. That is his greatest motivation for coaching people in EFT techniques.


Brad Yates Programs

If you want to learn some excellent tapping techniques immediately, you can start off by looking at the videos that Yates religiously shares on Youtube. If you are only a beginner, you will find videos on the basics of EFT, which you will find in the series named ‘Tap out your fears’. Fear is the basic emotion that creates resistance in us, that blocks out happiness and success. The ‘Tap out your fears’ vlogs take up several fears, such as the fear that things will be out of control, or the fear of success. Yates also shares with us tapping techniques that 5-year-olds can use to get rid of the many childhood fears that plague them!

Or if you are dealing with the winter blues (or SAD) with the weather getting colder and the post-holiday season flatness that many of us feel, you can check out the corresponding video on Youtube to tap your way out of these blues. Whether you want to tap your way into feeling motivated for a great New Year, or whether you want to clear end-of-the-world fear, election fears or the fear of money, you can find self-help videos online.

Video Examples

The Seeds of Greatness

An area of special interest for Yates is tapping for kids. He has a pet project that he calls The Seeds of Greatness. Within the scope of this program, Yates hopes to be able to help children tap into their potential from an early age, with Emotional Freedom Techniques and guided imagery techniques. Yates hopes to use these techniques for building confidence and boosting self-esteem, which are some major issues that kids face these days. Using EFT, Yates hopes that kids will be able to become better achievers in academics and athletics.

This is a great plan, and most of us tapping enthusiasts wish Yates all the success in finding a sponsor for this project. If we can solve the issues of negativity that plague us later in life right at their inception, we should be far more successful as adults.

You can check out the videos that Yates shares on Youtube. If you like what you see, you can go ahead and explore the tele-classes Yates offers or his ebooks and eTappings, which are recorded tapping rounds for various issues we face every day. There are plenty of useful products (and freebies) on his website that you can check out to improve your life today.

What sets Brad apart is that he is a great facilitator. He is perceptive and also goes into deeper territory than most other EFT experts. He has a highly developed intuition, and uses it instead of working from a script on his programs. He is warm, articulate, friendly and one of the easiest people to watch for hours on video while he taps away his resistance and his blues.

The feedback for Yates’ programs have been phenomenal. You can tell from the comments that people leave behind on posts by and about Yates, or the testimonials on his website, that he can reach out and make a difference in a special way. One particular client of his writes that tapping with Yates even managed to clear up his chest congestion.

So, if you want to perform better at work or in school or athletics, improve your health or relationships, make more money or more spiritual connections, or simply find more peace and happiness, you can consider learning tapping with Brad Yates.

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