Inner Reconciliation Primary Course


In our lengthy and rave review of “Just Allow It,” we mention that it is now integrated into the “Inner Reconciliation Primary Course.” This incorporates the practice of allowing with a vision of your life, inquiring into resistance, EFT, a model of The Chakra system for working with different aspects of yourself, and more.

A more thorough review of that course will come, but here is a full presentation that breaks down and walks through the entire context of Inner Reconciliation with several exercises and a description of the course.

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Mark Whittaker - February 13, 2017 Reply

Hi GP,
I checked you out for the first time today and I can honestly say I notice things that you say stike a cord / resinate, before now unheard truths and it is clear to me that your intention flows from the correct place.

We here so many voices beckoning to us that this is the way.

The years I have, well never mind you know all to well the All to familier tales..The saving grace Ive just been reminded of refers to My metal to which I feel has been beaten time and again seemingly to no avail as if I wasnt ttaking any form or useful shape as it has fealt for all to long as if its just a beating to no avail…

Just gotta keep going holding the thought of Ie come to far not to pravail…in the hope that I will discover the connectivivty with thyne own self that I seek. As you did your fine self becoming admirable isn’t a given with an ease passage. As the late (2017) great John Hurt said about wisdom: When I turned fifty I thouht I was getting there, when I turned sixty I realised that at fifty I new virtually nothing … Now that I am turning seventy I think I may just be getting there. God ret his soul.

GP I am one, I feel, whose quest touches upon the depths of the master reset, as my infantcy trauma whose affects are mild as can be I must be so greatful as they are so tender and so hardly noticed yet simultaniously the subtle disposition causes me measurable torment in that of I recognise the displacement of the discombobulated memory…Still keep the faith the light that is given will help me (us) home.

For the first time I heard a talker resinate the echo’s of been so many times beleagured by trying to no avail the mind, body just retards against the actions / thoughts it needs to take because of the pain of compounded failures, to which you are nodout also familiar, maybe peronally and hearing on numerous occasions.

The strange torment this brings is that one can look totally fine n so its very much unseen / mis understood but I can tell you Having heard the resinance of the shared echo by yourself who has come through is heart rendering. The last time I came across this was by a lady who had son who suffered a very simular disposition to mine I was around 27 at the time and because she recognised the silent torment I broke down a bit but it came as a relief to know that it didnt freak her out & on the contury she was able to level with me where as my own mother / father as it was just isnt able to connect or kinesthetically compute. This has / is somewhat isolating, making the journey a very self centered quest.

I am nearly fifty now and although I love the comments previously re-itterated by John, my feelings are stired by the fact the youth are moving so swiftly today, i.e. GCHQ are grooming the greatest minds to asist from virtual inantcy etc well its only to be expected naturally well whilst I feel somewhat arrested in some form of stasis = challenging

Anyway I didnt anticapate whittling on quite so long. I am sure we’ll see changes for the better when enough good minds with good intentions resinate and work together.

more power to your elbow


MArk Whittaker

United Kingdom



    Consciousness Junkie - February 14, 2017 Reply

    Hi Mark thanks for writing these comments. We will make sure to pass these along to GP Walsh, this is not his website but we will send them thru his contact link. All the best!

IJ - March 15, 2017 Reply


Is the course downloadable or shipped by mail? Thank you.

    Consciousness Junkie - March 15, 2017 Reply

    Hi, it’s all digital, it’s inside a new online classroom system so it is much improved now from the original release of it some months ago.

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