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In this companion to the 7 week ‘Chakra Effect’ class, GP Walsh offers a comprehensive guide on the use of the chakras to achieve healing, growth and inner peace. The 50-page -ebook takes a novice through the GP’s re-invented system of the chakras, in which they are used as a model for self-development and inner reconciliation.

The e-book begins with an explanation or perhaps more fittingly, a pointing out, of the dilemma most of us find ourselves in on a daily basis. The internal war which occurs with every decision that has to be made – eat healthy or enjoy that gazillion calorie meal? To finish the task at hand or continue to aimlessly surf the internet? To truthfully tell the person how you feel or to let it pass and continue with your day?

Then it offers a vision – what if this was in-fact not the end state of the human condition? Imagine that you could make a decision and feel no guilt or suppression. Or even more stunningly, imagine being able to make a decision with absolute clarity and no hesitation. When was the last time you felt so certain about anything? The Chakras are the foundation of that vision. They are given to you as a map for understanding your internal landscape and resolving the internal conflict.

Chakra Effect Book Sections

The book unfolds in a clear logical progression and is compromised of the following sections:

  1. An introduction explaining the common human conflict.
  2. An explanation of the chakras.
  3. The 7 Chakra model – with a great analogy which relates the chakras to the senses.
  4. A description of each Chakra and its function.
  5. Dysfunctional Chakras – What causes them?
  6. An in-depth look at the first and second chakra; offering real life, practical examples.
  7. Beliefs, energetic assumptions and vows.
  8. An introduction to healing the chakras.
  9. How to heal the chakras – EFT and GP’s own Just Allow It program.
  10. Loving My Selves – The holistic approach that is used to heal the chakras.
  11. Practical Exercises – a run-through of the process that you can try out yourself.
  12. Emotional Freedom Technique and the most beneficial way to use it in aiding the healing process.
  13. In conclusion GP takes us back to how this all started with an explanation of how the charkas are initially programmed.

From my learnings from the book it seems that the chakras can be seen as the aspects of your individuality. Each one is a single aperture through which you experience life and the combination of them creates your individuality. Each chakra only serves its function and sees, and therefore cares, about nothing else. Safety does not care if you have fun! This is where most of the conflict between what you want to do and what you should do occurs.

Through his excellent use of analogies GP Walsh breaks down complex concepts into usable knowledge. I am quite a fan of GP’s analogies; they make the book understandable to anyone who can relate to the analogy, which I believe would be most people out there. They also add an air of fun and lightness to a topic that could otherwise be dreadfully dull and heavy. There are a few analogies in this book that will make such a ‘click’ and ‘aha!’ moment in your mind that I am willing to bet they will always be in memory. At-least that’s the case in my experience so far!

The final sections of the book are dedicated to teaching us how to achieve this vision. GP offers a selection of tools and techniques which can be used in combination with the understanding of the chakras to resolve and heal this inner conflict or as he calls it ‘reconcile.’

The book offers enough resources and practical, applicable examples to enable anyone to get started with the system and experience its benefits. The foundations of reconciliation have been freely given by GP and they alone provide all that is needed to immediately begin to reconcile.

The eBook has since been updated, refined and expanded. It is now called “Healing at the Roots,” but is still the Chakra Effect material with more depth and practical advice in terms of how to use this model for deep inner healing.

If you have been drawn to GP’s work but are perhaps hesitant to make the investment then I would highly recommend that you grab a copy of the book. It will allow you to test his method for yourself and to begin to get a real sense of this practice.

Click Here to download the free Chakra Effect – Now Called “Healing at the Roots” eBook

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Griet - September 21, 2019 Reply

The download link doesn’t work… ?

    Consciousness Junkie - October 2, 2019 Reply

    Thanks for letting me know, let’s see if they took it down or if we can find it working elsewhere.

Consciousness Junkie - January 26, 2020 Reply

Hi, GP moved to a new site and it should be working now to get the Free eBook.

Gerben Rommers - April 10, 2020 Reply

can I translate some of your ebook in Dutch?
with your name as copyright.

I think many can profit from it!

With warm regards,

Gerben Benjamin

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