Eckhart Tolle – Whatever You Feel The World Is Not Giving You…

In this insightful video, Eckhart discusses how appreciation is vital to receiving the things we want in life.

You might go around thinking that nobody loves you or that you haven’t found anyone special to share life with. Or you think that life isn’t giving you any appreciation. So many people feel that there is something being withheld from their lives all the time.

He assures you that what you believe is being withheld, you are in reality withholding it from yourself. What you think the world should be giving you to make you happy (recognition, abundance, love) is really something that is inseparable from the essence of who you are. So you have to discover that it’s already inside you. What you think the world is not giving you, it’s already in you.

You have to allow it to flow out into the world and then that same quality comes back to you.

You want Love? Can you love that which is? The “isness” of life?

Can you come to appreciate the being of any life form? Can you love on a daily basis? Do you love what is? Do you go around moment by moment just smiling and appreciating all the wonderful things you see? When you look at the sky do you appreciate the beauty that you see? The flower? Whatever it is that is around you? The fact that you’re breathing?

Are you giving out that appreciation of things?

There’s an outflow of attention onto things. You can sense energy moving out. You might think that nobody cares about you or nobody calls you, but do you call them? Do you care about them? Are you truly interested in them? Are you giving them attention?

If you care for people around you or strangers, then you always get back what flows out. Life always reflects that back to you.

Do you want abundance? All abundance arises out of the unmanifested one’s life…the fullness of life.

Can you appreciate the abundance of life at any moment? Before life gives you in conventional things that we consider abundant? Can you jump in excitement before you get that thing it is you really want? Can you feel happy before the true love comes? Before the new job?

See the beauty. See the sun’s abundance and it giving the warmth. Feel the rain. Appreciate the Water. You can always find abundance no matter where you are. You don’t need to own anything to recognize abundance.

Do you appreciate the abundance of life forms? People. Cars. Animals. The forest. Life is producing billions of different life forms, so there is never any need to feel like there is nothing to appreciate. When you appreciate abundance outside of you, you get in touch with the abundance within you. Appreciate the manifestation of abundance and get in touch with the feeling of abundance.

The more you appreciate it, the more you can feel it. Go to a store and look at the fruits and veggies and see how alive everything is. Feel the aliveness that’s there. In that moment you feel it in yourself.

Acknowledge that abundance is already in your life. It’s all around you. This initiates the process of outflow of recognition of abundance and then you’ll see that life brings things to you to confirm your innermost feeling of abundance. Things come to you. They like to be acknowledged.

They seek you. It’s no longer that you then need external abundance to feel abundant. You feel abundant first.

Let’s talk about loving-kindness. You have lovingkindess toward others? This can only arise if there is some inner spaciousness in you. You appreciate them and you can look through the ego and the other because the moment you judge another you get stuck in your own ego.

Do you give out love as you move through life?

Let’s speak about true love. Don’t pursue true love. If you pursue it in the world’s terms like romantic love, you are setting yourself up for eventual disappointment, because romantic love can be an initial thing (you fulfill me sexually and emotionally) but after a while that subsides and it is then that you need to encounter the transcendent dimension of the relationship or it will end or continue in lifeless fashion.

The transcendent dimension is an important factor and it can certainly include the sexual and emotional. Transcendent means not to just be there as a form identity, but as non-formal alive conscious presence and recognize that essence in the other as well. Your partner is more than what he or she appears to be. There is something in every human being- we just see the tips of the iceberg. What we are in the depths of our being we cannot fathom.

We may occasionally see glimpses of something very beautiful shine through, but you don’t need to wait for those rare moments if they’re not going through awakening process. See their beautiful spirit as you can and let them go through their awakening process. See beneath the surface, as they are much more than what you see with your physical eyes.

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