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Ironic as it seems, most of us don’t think very much about our brains.  In contrast to the way we feel about taking care of the rest of our bodies, we tend to assume that all is well with our brains unless some obvious problem pops up.  While we may go to the gym twice a week, or jog 3 miles every morning before work, all in the name of physical fitness, we never think about doing the same thing for our brains.  Most people simply never think about “brain fitness.” 

As the demands of our jobs grow, we strive to multi-task more and more, trying to deal with an ever-increasing stream of information.  We may find, especially as we grow older, that our brains are not as fit as they used to be.  Some people learn the hard way that their brains are out of shape when their memories lapse, and they forget something important, like paying a bill on time, or they misplace their keys.  Some find themselves unable to focus on any one thing effectively because they are trying to focus on too many things at once, and end up giving nothing the attention it may require.  Some find themselves overwhelmed by the speed of thought that the modern world seems to require—everything needs to be done “yesterday,” and “ASAP” is now a way of life.   

In the last few years, however, there has been a revolution in the concept of brain fitness.  Recognizing the increasing demands on our brains, a number of institutions have developed systems to train the brain, to give it a workout that hopefully increase memory, speed, and focus.  One that has attracted quite a bit of attention recently is Fitbrains, a personalized system that was designed by Vivity Labs to provide an online brain fitness platform that uses fun, engaging games to help improve your brain power.

How Can Fit Brains Games Improve Your Mind?

As our bodies age, so do our brains.  Without maintenance, the neural pathways in the brain (literally, the routes by which information travels, in the form of electrical impulses) can begin to degrade, in the same way that roads degrade over time, unless they are frequently repaved.  Once gone, these cannot be repaired.  But they can be rebuilt.  Vivity Labs’ Chief Scientific Officer, renowned clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Paul Nussbaum, formulated Fitbrains brain games to expand memory and improve the speed and depth of concentration by training the brain to build new neural pathways.  Vivity Labs claims that this improves brain performance and helps to provide more years of the highest possible levels of brain function.

Why Games?

The human brain always loves to play, but doesn’t always like to do what it considers “work.”  Which sounds more interesting to you: running laps or playing soccer?  Games provide achievable goals, give an easy way to measure progress,  and perhaps most importantly, games are fun.  Fitbrains offers the user a diverse and complex range of stimulating mental activities, including language games, memory games, concentration games, problem solving games, and visual games.  The games increase in difficulty and complexity as mastery at each level is achieved, to provide a continuous challenge.  You can track your progress in each area, and receive training tips as you move up.   

How Does Fitbrains Work?

The user can sign up for a free trial, and after deciding that Fitbrains works, choose among paid subscription options.  Once you’ve created your account, you can start playing immediately, building up what Dr. Nussbaum calls “brain reserve.”  “Brain reserve” refers to the brain’s abilty to physically reorganize itself. The more neural pathways you create, the better you are able to resist the effects of aging and the mental deterioration it can bring with it. Research has shown that keeping the brain active keeps it in shape, just as keeping the body active keeps the muscles toned.  The idea is that by engaging the brain in mental exercises that stimulate memory, focus, and concentration, you will improve and retain a higher level of brain performance. 


What Are the Results?

While there is an ongoing debate in the medical community about the best way to help prevent mental deterioration, reviews of the Fitbrains system are overwhelmingly positive:

“I am absolutely hooked on the Fit Brains games. I am now able concentrate better and to think faster.”

Matt H. (Testimonial on Company Website)

“This brain games site uses intuitive technology that measures your performance on various games and adjusts your brain training according to your skill level… Fit Brains makes it clear why you should focus on increasing your brain fitness levels by providing an equal balance of brain health information and actual brain training. But we were disappointed that this great brain games site does not offer brain games for kids. Rating: 8.5/10.”


“ has a lot of quality content, and is very entertaining, as well as stimulating. There will always be critics who downplay the significance of websites such as this, but I can only speak from my own experience: it works.

 Pros: Improves cognitive awareness and more; A large selection of games; Excellent graphics; Quality of the games will bring you back for more; Membership fee is reasonable considering what is offered; Membership can be billed annually or monthly.

Cons / Disadvantages: None observed.”

( Review)

As should be clear, many users find Fitbrains’ program of brain games to be an effective and fun way to stay mentally sharp.  The intuitive interface allows the user to choose from a large selection of engaging games that help to increase concentration, memory, and overall brain power.  Fitbrains is, however, for adults rather than children, and while they do not offer games aimed specifically at elementary-age youngsters, there are suitable offerings for older kids and teens.

Choosing a Brain-Training Regimen

There are several web-based services available that offer brain exercises, and choosing the right one for you can be difficult.  It is often impossible to know what will work for you before you begin a program.  Since Fitbrains offers a free initial account, there is no risk involved: you can try before you buy, and choose the length and type of your subscription.  Other brain game providers may not offer the same flexibility or a free trial, but with Fitbrains there is nothing to lose.  

The verdict

 Based on the reviews and all the information available, Fitbrains does just what they claim they can do: they provide an online brain fitness platform that helps to improve memory, focus, and speed through engaging and fun games that offer a consistent challenge while allowing the user to track his or her progress.  With the option of a free trial and several choices for how to subscribe if you decide that Fitbrains is right for you, there is no reason not to give it a try. Highly Recommended.  

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