“Just Allow It” – Amazing Course from GP Walsh

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Just Allow It” is the best course I have ever come across, hands down.

Update: Oct 2016, 

Just Allow It is now integrated into “Inner Reconciliation – Primary Course” 
This is actually LESS expensive and incorporates exact audio sections from JAI into a more comprehensive course. 

Everything in this review still applies, but it is significantly expanded upon. The entire “Just Allow It” audio course reviewed here is included.

I am going to be completely upfront and shameless about this: anyone who is at all interested in meditation, the “art of allowing,” self help techniques like the Sedona Method / EFT – this subject is the foundation through which all of these techniques will finally start working and start to make sense.

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The first exercise alone will give you a powerful taste of what is possible from this program.

The End of Courses?

In fact, you may not really feel the need for any courses after this.. a bold claim I know, but everything has it’s place and value. This one is a must – I am not alone in this sentiment (more on that later,) and if you haven’t been to this site before, I really don’t take this “you must get this” tone with anything else so far. I just genuinely believe it will skyrocket your progress by years, and may permanently take you out of the trying-and-buying-thing-after-thing loop.

The rest of this post is going to be my background with both “Just Allow It” and the product creator, my overview and experiences.

What’s Different About Just Allow It?

Just Allow It 2In a way, everything – even though “allowing” is talked about in just about every course out there from Law of Attraction stuff to meditation practices. Here’s the primary difference:

Most courses just tell you to allow your feelings without training you on how to feel in to that, or what that actually means. Then they immediately do some type of process to clear, release, fix, change it. Therefore they never dive into the allowing itself, to where you are *actually* giving it permission to be as it is.

Allowing things to be as they are is the secret. You’ve heard this before. However you can not use “allowing” as a technique to get rid of something. By definition, if you are trying to change or fix things that you have deemed broken, this is NOT allowing. You can’t con the universe, and you can’t trick your nervous system.

OK, so what’s the point of allowing things when I want them to be different?

The most natural question. Surprisingly, there is a satisfying and even sensible answer to this but you must work with it a bit to actually *experience* the truth in it.

What you resist persists as the old saying goes, and struggling to get rid of something ironically holds it in place. It is however, completely natural to try to do this. It is completely UNnatural for the mind to welcome and accept things as they are because of this very argument: “how will it ever change?” This is oh so logical, which makes it such a deadly trap.

Here’s the thing: Your body, nervous system and consciousness itself are more amazing than your mind can ever grasp. If you can learn to relinquish control and LET it do what it needs to do, it will astound you.

Most self-help is about chasing the rainbow of finally getting all the money, all the love, sex, and a picture perfect life. You will chase this forever as long as you think it will make you happy, and you will buy product after product promising it to you.

The big irony is that many of the businesses themselves promoting “you can have it all” products are hurting themselves. Many of the great masters of this have suffered and died from illnesses.. because the secret is NOT in becoming invincible and impossibly rich, which is the ego goal. It is routed in wanting to control the world rather than allowing it, and that is what the marketing plays off of.

When you learn the art of truly allowing, you will understand that the happiness comes from within you. That you have a life purpose far deeper and more rewarding than just accumulating – and you can live from this. This is the end of suffering.

It is not as sexy from a marketing standpoint than another goals course or manifestation course, but besides being where true happiness lies, it is ironically also what creates the space for manifestation and such to actually work!

Why do I need “Just Allow It” for this – I’ve heard allowing is just a decision?

Just Allow ItIt may sound like that, but it is amazing how much we have been trained, indoctrinated and absolutely convinced that it is our job to take control and constantly be *doing* something. Running the show, taking charge. Frankly much of the self-help work just plays into this, it is the mind and ego thinking it can go in and fix and tweak every belief and thought like it’s just another project.

To truly allow things to be as they are, you will almost certainly meet great resistance. The mind is going to kick in with all sorts of activity and arguments, the body may want to get up, turn the recording off and do anything else. In what can be an extremely short time however, even seconds with this guidance, you may glimpse beyond this and see the power that is really there in welcoming.

Sample Just Allow It Right Here

Course Intro


Body Awareness Exercise 1


Body Awareness Teaching


Just Allow It is a Training Course

This is one of my favorite things about this course, and it is very much part of GP Walsh’s M.O, probably to his own marketing disadvantage.

Just Allow It 3Learning to allow, let go, and attract requires retraining your nervous system and there is no instant pill.

There is no subliminal recording that will do this in your sleep. There is no visualization or hypnosis script that lets you bypass this fact. Those things can help, but this is training. If it were really that simple, everyone who ever watched “The Secret” would be a millionaire right now.

The Just Allow It course is 7 and a half hours of pure content. The exercises move step by step starting with simple body awareness and allowing what you are experiencing, to moving you into experiences in your life that may be increasingly difficult to “allow to be as they are.” You will experience rapid progress as you actually work with what is there, rather than looking for the magic bullet to make it all change or disappear.

Visualization clarified in “Just Allow It”

Visualization is introduced but within this context and training, you will start to see the true value in it. Once you train yourself into the state of allowing and body awareness, any picture you hold in mind will trigger your internal responses, and you must be sensitive to them and work with them. They will show you everything you need as you learn to speak the language being spoken here – otherwise you can picture that new car til you are blue in the face but if you are not sensitive to and working with the energies that the picture of the car brings up inside of you, little good is taking place.

Recording / Music Quality / Presentation

GP Walsh composed the music for Just Allow It and everything is extremely professional. If any of you are musicians like me, you know that this type of thing can be very distracting or even ruin a product if the music is distracting or everything is poorly recorded.

Final Thoughts

“Just Allow It” takes the most fundamental, but also misunderstood topic of all modalities and moves from the basics to mastery – truly training you along the way.

As mentioned earlier, JAI is now included as part of the broader “Inner Reconciliation” training course. The foundation of allowing is emphasized there, moving on to intentional triggering and working with emotional processing.

Inner Reconciliation takes this foundation and expands upon it further.

Stop chasing rainbows. Get real teaching and training on what “the art of allowing” actually is from a master teacher, and go through it. It may very well be the best decision you have ever made.

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Nicole - March 26, 2012 Reply

I was browsing the internet about the Sedona method. I bought the book years ago and wanted to see what else I could find about it. That’s how I came to visit your website. I linked from the Sedona article to this Just allow it post. Your enthousiasm is very contagious! I checked out G’s sited and it clicked for me! Was was trying to allow. As it was something do-able. And it is not! I just ordered the package and look forward to receiving it. Have to wait a little while since I live in the Netherlands. I can work with the download materials in de meantime. So I want to thank you for sharing your insights, experiences and the information! Thank you a lot! I am writing a (Dutch) childeren’s book on how kids can use theirs thoughts. I tell them for instance about the findings of Esther Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Marshall Rosenberg & Byron Katie. And include ‘how to do it’. I will put it on the internet for free when it is ready. I was struggeling with how to put something in about manifesting, because it seems to work for me only now and then. And I wanted to give them a practical story. Seem to have found the missing piece, now! I realized finding your article is a form of manifestation, as it answers a question i was struggeling with.

    Consciousness Junkie - March 26, 2012 Reply

    Thanks much for your comment Nicole. I’m really happy to hear that you are finding it helpful.. I am too, obviously!

    That sounds like an amazing thing you are doing with the work for children. Please let me know when you are getting ready to put it up so I can link to it.

    Consciousness Junkie - March 26, 2012 Reply

    Also the thought just occurred to me – maybe for kids more of the emphasis can be on the fun of imagining and games to play vs. manifestation itself.

    Kids seem to be a 1000% better at having fun imagining things vividly for the pure fun of doing it, whereas we are the ones more concerned with doing it “right” to get the result which is something physical. You might encourage their imagination and feelings more without introducing the “if you do this right, you’ll get a new bike!” which is where the pressure comes in for many of us 🙂

      Nicole - March 26, 2012 Reply

      What a nice surprise to read your reply!
      I do agree with you. It occured to me that kids are much better at allowing than we ‘adults’ are. And I started to outline: if you like to make thought-magnets yourself, do it for the fun of it! Your reply helps me to do an explicit fun-check so it won’t get too serious. The book is in Dutch right now and I think before linking to it, it is practical to translate it in English. Is it?

        Lorraine Gambacourt - September 16, 2012 Reply

        Hi Nicole, I would love to connect with you to see how you enjoyed GP’s Just Allow it pkg. I have been introduced to GP by way of an interview on a Law Of Attraction Radio show, hosted by Bertrand Dory. Would love to connect .

Tyler - May 28, 2012 Reply

How do I use Just Allow It for manifestation? Does he tell you? I was listening to track 40 and he said he does that in part 2? Where do I find this?

    Consciousness Junkie - June 3, 2012 Reply

    Hey Tyler.

    Part 2 does not exist yet — I know the purpose of this course is really to get solid with the state of allowing, which is where the gold is at.
    What I would suggest is that now when you do things like visualize or think about goals, etc. – you do so from this state so you can see everything that comes up. With the training in this course you learn to no longer resist it, so it can process / release etc much more powerfully.

    Basically, by getting the training down where you are allowing and not resisting everything that comes up, constantly checking to see if it is working etc, the various manifesting techniques that are out there will actually start to work for you (if they are solid). I do like the process in the ‘manifest absolutely anything’ guide which is a video series that’s really cheap and there’s a review on this site, but i’m sure you can find tons of stuff out there on the topic. Just tap into this state of allowing as you do whatever exercise rather than the typical resistance, “now i’m getting down to work and need to make this work” that the mind naturally does and slows down or blocks the process.

Ted - March 15, 2013 Reply

Greetings CJ,

just wanted to send thanks and gratitude your way for your honest reviews, as there are so many people teaching, preaching, riding the coat tails of”the secrete”, I have only heard about all this “secrete” stuff 6 months ago,( really, i know, lol), and have been doing much research ect, on the topic and the teachers, and wow, it can be overwhelming to say the least. Hence my attraction to this material, and i have come accross the “allowing” and “receiving” message a couple times now, and that is the missing ingredients of all the others courses being taught, so im happy to have found this. Ok, i wont ramble on, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good vibs..


    Consciousness Junkie - March 15, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the comment Ted.

    Yes, the idea of us having whatever we want “effortlessly” is so appealing that there are now countless marketing opportunities to jump on. People are really going nuts with this idea and there a billion ebooks and “courses” rehashing simple ideas and quick fix solutions based on the ideas of law of attraction.

    Just because we know about the laws of gravity doesn’t mean we can fly a plane without skill and deeper understanding. I find this course, even if someone just gets the free videos, particularly important because it shifts the paradigm from ‘getting things I want’ to ‘becoming the person to whom these things are a natural reflection of’ – and then undertaking a true training / re-training from that place. Hopefully you find this useful and let me know if you come across anything else good or interesting to put here. Thanks again.

      Ted - March 15, 2013 Reply

      Absolutley true, what he is saying is what all the great Prophets, teachers like Jesus, Budda, ect have always said ” everything you need is within you” look not to external forces, gadgets, ect. ” we are complete, we just forgot. So im glad thier are some good teachers around to remind us, and to teach us how to “re-connect” with our Authentic -selves. I just came into his work( thru you) last nite, and am very impressed with what i have heard to far,, I will most likely get the full course after i digest the free stuff first. Nice to see a guy in this day and age actually give a good portion of his work for free. very noble. without all the up-sells..
      Not sure if you know of “Panche Desai” but his insights on the subject are very interesting also.
      So its cool to see all this new energy coming to awareness , .one just has to be aware of the “snake-oil” salesmen out there.. so your contribution with this site is highly appreciated by me and im sure many others who are on a quest of enlightenment.

      ok, im stopping, lol, hope you have a great day( where ever you may be)


Cyrus - October 7, 2013 Reply

Hey CJ,
I picked up JAI at your recommendation and so far the audio courses have been helpful. I’m still new at the allowing practice so I’m still working on it. My question for you is have you had experience on the JAI where certain pages won’t load their videos? It seems like after I made my purchase the only thing I have access to is the JAI audios and the support calls. Everything else just shows text but blanks where the videos are supposed to be. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Consciousness Junkie - October 7, 2013 Reply

    Hey Cyrus- glad you are enjoying the course. It’s my favorite — I have the video course and I haven’t had that, but GP is responsive: http://gpwalsh.com/contact/ hope that helps.

Katelyn - May 23, 2014 Reply

Hello! Thank you so much for making the recommendation for “Just Allow It.” I have been a self-proclaimed “seeker” my whole life, until recently I discovered I was really an outstanding “suppressor,” “fixer,” “editor” of life. The Sedona Method really helped me see that and work through it, but this has just taken it to a whole other level. I can’t remember the last time I felt this free.

Thank you,


    Consciousness Junkie - May 24, 2014 Reply

    My pleasure Katelyn. It was a very similar experience for me. JAI really helped me get in touch with the fact that I was “welcoming up” stuff with a 100% intention to get rid of it in releasing, which is not what the posture of releasing is really about. Once I could truly accept and be with what was there, releasing my grip on it became increasingly natural and powerful.

Kim - October 4, 2014 Reply

I was on scienceofunlimitedpossibilities.com/WeekendReplays/ & GP Walsh was one of the speakers whom I’ve never heard of but resonated unbelievably for me so I did a google search for a review of the guy & here I am. While i can’t afford his training class this month (on disability), I can’t wait to watch his “free stuff” & practice – thank you so much for a fantastic review, I believe this is what is missing for me – I’m having trouble subscribing to your site, probably ’cause I’ve been bouncing around it for the past few hours – the Sedona Method looks interesting, will probably order the book & delve further after I do this training – I am very familiar w/the LOA, have taken classes & am a past Silva Control (Method) graduate so I am not unfamiliar with the type of training, need to be “reminded” with a new twist for someone who’s forgotten evidently…lol – I know I have a lot of clearing, just need a hand at it & this feels so right, I can’t thank you enough that I was led here. When I finish with it (sometime end of Nov) I’ll write back to let you know how much (I’m sure) it helped further my LOA studies – thanks again (you’re a gifted writer)! Namaste

    Consciousness Junkie - October 16, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Kim, look forward to hearing more about it.

Mike - November 1, 2015 Reply

I started listening to the exercise. If I didn’t want to change anything, I wouldn’t be listening to it in the first place. We want a positive change in our lives, whether it’s to be more aware, be happier, etc. So we do the training to change our brain. How is this still not tricking the universe? It’s the same thing as all the others, it just gives you more depth of how to let go. Which is good of course, but I don’t like that it’s trying to mask that’s it’s still tricking the universe. Just be honest.

    Consciousness Junkie - November 4, 2015 Reply

    Hey Mike thanks for writing. I see it as a difference in posture, in how you relate to what is coming up. Suppose you and someone else have a relationship where there is tension, and because you are going to be in the same space, of course you’d like it to be different. You can approach it from the position of “you are wrong, I want to either get rid of you or change your position so you see and do things my way” – then trying various techniques to make that happen. Or you can be open, give it space to allow it to be there, to assume maybe it has a position that makes sense to it, that you want to hear what it is and see/feel where it is coming from, what is actually going on. That creates a much more fertile ground for a resolution to take place than trying immediately to get rid of something. No trickery is involved, you are not even resisting or pretending that you don’t want things to be different – that is part of what you allow, but the posture is one of more openness.

    These exercises are also very good for bringing awareness to the fact that there are emotions and sensations that arise, and THEN thinking occurs. The brain interprets, describes, takes a position towards these feelings, but feeling into the emotions and sensations directly can process them directly, as opposed to trying to change your brain or thinking about these experiences.

Zoe - February 4, 2021 Reply

Thanks for your review. I was also looking into the Sedona process and came across your site. I just watched the webinar and went to the GP Walsh site. It makes a lot of sense! I have experienced what he is talking about spontaneously, happiness, freedom, spontaneity, and synchronicities but it has always faded after a few hours or weeks.

I have been searching and trying different techniques all my life to free myself from the blockages permanently, to find a tech that really works consistently. I also emailed you about writing for your site.

    Consciousness Junkie - February 26, 2021 Reply

    I hope you have a lot of success with it if you decide to explore the process.

    Thanks for letting us know, apologies for the delay in email response on the site.

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