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Self-Love Mastery Course with Rikka Zimmerman 2016 – Details and Review

The Self-Love Mastery Course is on sale thru Dec. 31 2016! Click Here for the Special Offer Rikka Zimmerman is someone whose work has been reviewed on this site by multiple users, and has consistently delivered powerful results. She is launching a powerful class on the topic of self-love, which is really the heart and target of […]

“Just Allow It” – Amazing Course from GP Walsh

Just Allow It Cover

“Just Allow It” is the best course I have ever come across, hands down. Update: Oct 2016,  Just Allow It is now integrated into “Inner Reconciliation – Primary Course”  This is actually LESS expensive and incorporates exact audio sections from JAI into a more comprehensive course.  Everything in this review still applies, but it is […]

Rikka Zimmerman – A Review

Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman is the first facilitator I ever heard present something, introduced by a friend, called ‘Access Consciousness.’ She has since moved on to her own powerful modality that she refers to as “Adventure in Oneness”. Rikka has a positive energy and lightness about her that can distract you (in a good way) from the […]