Lifeflow Levels and Tracks

Lifeflow Levels and Tracks

Lifeflow meditation is a very versatile program that uses an array of different frequencies to keep your brain in shape and take care of different aspects of your life through the same concept, brainwave entrainment. There are ten levels that make up the program, although other supplementary tracks can be used as well. In order to better understand these different levels and tracks, however, it is important to take a look at all of them independently.

The Ten Lifeflow Levels


Ten different levels start you out at the highest waves that are used, Alpha, and slowly guide you, over the course of months, down into meditation using Delta waves.

-Levels 10, 9, and 8: Alpha Waves
These three track use Alpha waves, which are the brain waves that are used most frequently whenever you close your eyes and take the time to calm your brain. Alpha brainwaves characterize higher states of learning as well as a calming effect that is  helpful to people who have lots of anxiety problems. For many on and off meditators, this is as low as they ever get and it is useful, but doesn’t provide the kinds of benefits that deep meditation can.

-Level 7: Alpha Waves and Theta Waves
This transitional track blends together the Alpha and Theta waves to make the move easier and it is much more calming, slow, although not as dreamy as the next set of tracks.

-Levels 7, 6, 5, and 4: Theta Waves
These three tracks are where real work begins to happen. Theta waves are much slower than Alpha and can be dreamlike at times, making them a place where a lot of creativity and insight come from. It is also the point where your body produces special chemicals like HGH, GABA, Serotonin, and Acetylcholine, all of which can dramatically improve your life. In many cases, only experienced meditators can experience this state of mind after years of practice, but with Lifeflow you can still go even deeper.

-Levels 3, 2, and 1: Delta Waves
This is the land of the masters. The last three life flow tracks take you to the lower end of Delta brainwaves and offer your brain a chance to relax in a way that is normally reserved for sleeping. More Human Growth Hormone is produced at this level, but your body also begins to produce Melatonin, which is the brother of Serotonin and is normally only produced while you are sleeping and your mind has been switched off.


Other Lifeflow Tracks


Project Meditation also produces a number of other tracks that can accompany the Lifeflow course and these tracks have very specific uses that are to be saved for an as-needed basis. Using these you can take control of your mind and have results exactly when you need them.

-Optimal Learning:
The Optimal Learning track uses Alpha waves to put your brain into a relaxed, but aware state that is perfect for focusing on your studies and turning your brain into a sponge that is ready to absorb any information you put in front of it. While the track floods your brain with Serotonin and Endorphins you will be performing at your mental best, which might be a pleasant change of pace from the normal.

-Creative Flow:
Everyone could use more creativity from time to time and Creative Flow allows it to be in your control. Using Theta waves, this track will cause your body to release all of the chemicals that enhance brain function in a way that allows you to think more abstractly and come up with more ideas than ever. This almost dreamy state is perfect for any task that requires you to function at a higher level in terms of creativity.

-Awaken and Nirvana:
Awaken and Nirvana are designed to turn you into a monk. Using the deepest Delta waves of any of the tracks, these two are meant for after you have already completed the regular course of tracks. When you listen to these two, your body will be put into a state that is as deep as experienced meditators with years and maybe decades of experience under their belt. This is a way of hacking your way into the big leagues in the world of deep meditation.



The important thing about all of these tracks is that they work together. As a system, Lifeflow can help you meditate in a deeper way and improve your life in ways that you never thought possible. By taking advantage of varying levels of brainwave training,

your mind will be guided down into a perfect place that can make serious changes in a way that normally takes much longer. The addition of tracks that make it possible to fix your mind at will makes it indispensable.

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A 100% Free demo track from Lifeflow is available here

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rick - August 13, 2014 Reply

What is your favourite track? Because I do personally prefer one over the other levels.

    Consciousness Junkie - August 13, 2014 Reply

    I really like #7, which is the Schumann Resonance. For going deep into inner material, level 1 was quite powerful (it is supposed to be the deepest of the tracks) – the audio on that one is rather “dark” sounding to me, which seems to add to the whole process.

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