LifeFlow Meditation – Review / Details

Lifeflow meditation is a series of audio tracks designed to enhance your meditation experience, using technology embedded into the files themselves to take you into deeper brainwave states. I have been a customer and used LifeFlow tracks regularly for years.

These types of audio tracks are often known as brainwave entrainment. Those of you already somewhat familiar with this area know that this whole “brain wave meditation” thing is becoming a genre in and of itself. There are a number of other programs on the market that do, or claim to do a similar thing.

However, there are a lot of things I really love about LifeFlow. Project Meditation, the parent company, has an obvious dedication to helping others with a free forum and meditation course. The audio quality is great, the tracks themselves are well designed…

Last but not least, it’s priced rather fairly, and not using the scientific sounding nature of it as an excuse to try to make it sound like a miracle of technology that would be a steal at $1,000+

However, there is a rival company whose price is more competitive and whose products are at least of the same quality of Lifeflow. They also have more variations including some at very low price points. For the current time, I would recommend checking out iAwake:

There is a 100% free demo version of the first track of iAwake Brainwave Meditation that you can check out for yourself here.

I would like to say out front that brainwave meditation claims that “You will meditate like a zen monk in minutes” ARE as ridiculous as they sound. However, if you think of Lifeflow or other entrainment tracks as a tool, like having a good piece of exercise equipment or the right shoes for running, I think it is a more appropriate analogy. It can make a big difference, but it doesn’t just “do” everything for you.


Brainwave Meditaiton – What IS it?

I do have a separate article about brainwave entrainment which you can read for some more detailed background. Essentially, there are embedded beats, tones and other stuff in the Lifeflow audio tracks that are designed to help your brain adjust to, and hold, a particular frequency.

Scientists have labeled a few major “categories” of brainwave activity that we experience.
Beta is the common state that you are most likely in right now. When you are awake and engaged in activity, most people stay in this range. It is the most active state of brain activity.

Alpha is the next “level,” – at each level the brainwave frequency slows down but the amplitude increases. When your eyes are closed and there is greater relaxation, alpha increases. There are lots of positive benefits of being in this state and being able to access it quickly. The first tracks of Lifeflow start gently here.

Theta is the next state and here you can experience your internal landscape, thoughts, etc. with much more vivid detail here. You all have had some examples of this.. perhaps an easy one to get in touch with is when you are getting tired and close your eyes, how much more sensitive you are and almost dream like your thoughts can be. There is much less of a filter and less analysis, and many people associate this time with having their best ideas or inspirations. Further lifeflow tracks begin to hold your brain at these frequencies and I’ve had some fascinating experiences with this as you might imagine.

Delta goes from the dream state, where you can literally create a new world inside your head, to deep, dreamless sleep where the body and mind recharges.

Now, part of the idea here is being able to relax and get yourself into these lower brain wave states without going unconscious, so you can experience their benefits and gain mastery over what they can bring into your life rather than just being at their whim based on how tired you are.

Lifeflow essentially helps hold your brain at the appropriate frequency (there are 10 different levels, each going a bit deeper) while you meditate, helping your brain learn to stay there instead of constantly jumping around.

Now, of course, the more still you are with this and the more focused you are, the better it works. Essentially your focus and these tracks help train each other in a symbiotic relationship enhancing both. Particularly the deeper you go, you can’t start thinking about your day or tasks, or start checking your iphone, and expect to stay at that state. You must access beta to do this and this part of what is so interesting- you begin to FEEL the effort required in that “normal” state vs that of relaxation.

Lifeflow Banner

What’s the benefit of Lifeflow and this brainwave stuff?

I had someone do some research to see what the “formal” listed benefits of brainwave entrainment are when done right, which LifeFlow does. I can definitely vouch for them in my personal experience.

1. Increased energy, as well as an increase in feelings of relaxation:

Brainwave meditation has both a relaxing as well as invigorating effect when done regularly. Some people, who prefer to use this form of meditation in the mornings, report having more energy to go through the day, while others, who meditate at night, say that they have improved sleep patterns.


2. De-stressing:

Meditation leads to an increase in alpha waves. Alpha waves are brainwaves that produce a pleasant and calming effect on the mind and the body, thereby reducing stress.

This benefit of meditation is so well known that many executives in high stressed jobs resort to it, in order to deal with their high paced lives.


3. Ability to focus and concentrate:

Meditating regularly leads to a decrease in mind chatter. This effect, in turn, allows you to focus on any task without intruding thoughts.

There is also a greater sense if awareness of not only your thoughts, but also of your surroundings. This mindfulness leads to deliberate action, and can significantly increase your chances of success in the projects you undertake.


4. Enhanced creativity:

Brain entrainment leads to an effect called mirroring or brain synchronization. The left and right hemispheres of our brains perform different functions for us, and most of us tend to favor one side over the other.

With brain synchronization, both sides of the brain can work in tandem giving you increased mental fitness, and also raise your ability to think laterally. You will find that with this increase in lateral thinking you will be more creative in various areas of your life- from generating new ideas at work to finding solutions to existing problems.

How are the benefits, listed above, different from what you can get from the practice of traditional meditation? This is a question many people ask. While the effects of both types of meditation are eventually the same, you can get faster results from brainwave meditation.

Click Here for a 100% Free Demo Track of LifeFlow

LifeFlow Reviews From Other Users

We looked for some genuine reports of people who have used the meditation tracks consistently who have shared their results online. Here are some of the reports that give practical, real life examples of positive benefits. These were taken from various reviews and websites online, sometimes with names altered:

As a high ranking executive in a multinational company Michelle Ferguson admits to having been under a lot of work related pressure which was adversely affecting both her work and personal life. She went through an eight week Lifeflow program and says she finds herself transformed, vouching for the benefits of brainwave meditation based entirely on her personal experience. She says, “I felt rejuvenated. I was perpetually stressed out and suffered from low energy levels. Lifeflow changed my life. I am now brimming with energy. Stress is a thing of the past and I am now completely in control of my life.”


Mathew Walker’s experience is similar to that of Ms Fergusson. He is a staunch believer of the Lifeflow meditation techniques and practices them regularly. According to him Brainwave Meditation is calming and revitalizing when practiced on a regular basis. When he uses this technique to meditate in the mornings he finds he doesn’t tire easily as he has high energy levels throughout the day. However, when he meditates at night or late in the evening he finds he sleeps better that night.

Peter Lee-King holds a high ranking position in the Research and Development department of a leading pharmaceutical company. The responsibility of the job, paired with family issues and long hours spent commuting to and from work began to take a toll on him. He was completely stressed out, not knowing how to deal with the pressures life through at him. He says he is glad his colleague at work introduced him to Lifeflow.

This is what he had to say, “I was skeptical about the whole thing. When my buddy at work spoke about meditation increasing alpha waves that calm the body and mind, I laughed it off. At his insistence I tried Lifeflow brainwave meditation and am happy I did. I can now handle any situation without going through nervous tension. I highly recommend everyone follows these meditation techniques to enhance their lives.”

Sonya Brown a mother of two energetic seven year old boys gave up her job as a Chef to begin her own catering business. Managing her boys, her home and her fledgling business left her exhausted both physically and mentally. She often wondered if giving up a well paying job to start out on her own was a wise decision. She says she made a whole lot of wrong choices in life and starting on her own venture seemed to be the biggest of them all. She was under so much stress that she easily lost focus and was unable to concentrate on what she was doing.

This resulted in her business not taking off the way she had expected it to. She says, “I was constantly worried. How was I going to cope! It was then that I came across a write up about Lifeflow…and believe me it changed my life. I went through Lifeflow for 3 months and it brought in me a positive change. I could now focus on what I was doing rather than getting worked up. My business has grown since…”

LifeFlow Brainwave Meditation

My experience with Lifeflow – in Brief

When I use Lifeflow, there is a clear, qualitative experience that goes far beyond a placebo effect. There is a definite “depth” that I feel myself sink into, the slowing of thought, an awareness of the effort and energy that is actually required for the chatter of the mind we have become accustomed to.

I have become more accustomed to this state and have felt many of the benefits incorporate into my daily life: the increased ability to focus, increased vividness in imagination and senses, and many of the other benefits discussed in that section of the article.

On a very practical level, I also find the recordings very well done and help to drown out outside noise and give me a focus point. Also, I can use the ending of the track itself as a gauge of time and not have to keep part of my awareness worried that I’m going to completely lose track of time and end up late for something, etc.

Perhaps the greatest benefit from my perspective though is as an aid with looking inward, bringing up material that normally does not want to be looked at, etc. Much like in a dream state where so called unconscious stuff becomes very clear, or we have access to parts of ourselves that are normally cut off because of our stories and patterns of thought, I find a similar experience with Lifeflow except in a conscious state. Which brings me to:

It’s not all fun and games

This unquestionably brings up a lot of your inner “stuff” – and there can be physical effects like tiredness or irritation at times, just like if you train your body. I think it’s important to bring this up. It’s called enTRAINment for a reason.

As you become conscious of patterns and other less than pretty stuff lying under the surface, which Lifeflow helps greatly with, there is a cleansing quality to it that is *very much* for the better — but it’s not always totally pleasant. Basically, it comes down to how much you are resisting what is happening.

This is why I HIGHLY recommend getting a little bit of a background in “allowing,” training your body and nervous system to let all this stuff process before diving into the higher levels of Lifeflow. If you do, your growth with this whole thing will be 10x as fast. Things like the Sedona Method / Release Technique are often recommended for this. Of course you probably have already seen on this site that I personally love “just allow it” as do many others, even those with a background in other releasing modalities. However even if you have no intention of buying more stuff, check out the free audio there and/or any of the free youtube vids on Sedona / Release technique.

So, that should be plenty of info for you!

For the time being, I feel that iAwake offers the same benefits but at a more competitive price as well as more options. if this sounds interesting:

Download a 100% free sample here

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Michael Bourne - May 19, 2012 Reply

Gidday, in the same vein as a lot of the info you post and discuss, Lifeflow is worth discussion. It can help alter brain activity, but is it a good thing to rely on needing something external to do what can be done yourself?

The most interesting thing about it is a by product, Enlighten Q, marketed as the breakthrough method which would save the world. Why it even came into existance when Lifeflow is promoted as ‘all you’ll ever need’ is the ultimate contradiction. And how the ultimate practioner and creator of the ‘all you’ll ever need’ Lifeflow came up with such an exagerated fizzler (simply a poor rehash of commonplace methods) as Enlighten Q definitely puts the benefits of Lifeflow into question.

    Consciousness Junkie - November 8, 2012 Reply

    Hey Michael – I definitely would not advocate reliance on it, however I’ve definitely found it a useful tool in the ways I mentioned for me personally– getting accustomed to being at a certain brainwave level and staying awake. I would always fall asleep, go deeper, get very agitated etc when doing a higher level of brainwave work, but I recognized this as a good sign rather than a problem.

    It definitely provides some assistance to getting familiar with those levels, in my experience, and then it is easier to access them without.

    Of course, the enlightened masters throughout history did this without brainwave entrainment, I think of all things like this as a tool in a way that is similar to a good exercise machine. It is still up to you to be disciplined and do the practice, it just helps.. that is to say, can help if it resonates with you. I do also like it as a means of having particular sounds on the track to meditate to / focus on if you like that method (sound is powerful for me) as well as being able to have it work like a timer, ie you know 40 minutes have passed when the track ends. Practical stuff like that.

    I actually did buy Enlighten Q when it came out. I don’t know if he even still sells it — I actually find that particular combination of methods quite powerful and got a lot out of it. i don’t doubt that ANYTHING someone does these days has not been done with the thousands of years of dedicated yogi’s and masters, more of just the practicality of presenting it in a modern way, providing recordings etc that make it easier for people to learn / organize / actually practice these things in the context of the modern world.

    Anything that ‘guarantees enlightenment’ is inherently playing off the more egoic view of enlightenment for sure but I do try to separate as best as possible to just say if the content is actually good and how it can help someone.

    We really need to get past this idea that something can ‘do it all for me’ but for better or worse it is often the only thing people will respond to, to at least get their foot in the door towards real growth.

Rclere - January 26, 2013 Reply

Thanks, this was a great review… I have been a long time meditator and also a user of Holosync… I have found Lifeflow to be a great tool for self reflection and personal growth. thanks for your review.

    Consciousness Junkie - January 28, 2013 Reply

    My pleasure. If you have also used holosync and have any interest in sharing your experience or the differences between that and Lifeflow please let me know – I can’t speak to it personally but have had the question come up and it would be a useful discussion, review etc to have on the site (I would not expect you to do this for free).

Manuel Valdivieso - March 24, 2013 Reply

Hi, I have a question: The children can use LIfeFow or Holosync?


owen - May 7, 2014 Reply

hmmm. this is very interesting. the part about you judging holosync without ever having actually tried it. i have used holosync for 3 years and lifeflow going on three months. when i started holosync i was a junkie living in the corner of a friend’s office. my life has changed dramatically and consistently since then, and i’m sure you’ve heard many stories like this, except the difference is i had never heard of binaural beats and had not the slightest clue how to meditate nor had i any idea that holosync had anything to do with meditation. i was given the tracks by my mother and asked to promise to do them once a day no matter what. i was a junkie but i kept my word long enough. after a short time my life started improving, and since my life has always had big ups and downs i thought nothing of it, i got involved in a large art show at the time (among the good things that started popping up) and soon felt listening to pretty noises on headphones was a serious bad use of my time because i had pieces to paint. things started to get hectic again and one day i was chatting with her on the phone and seriously upset about some random nothings. she straight called me on quitting use, i told her i needed to paint, she hung up on me. i started again that day and felt exactly what it was doing immediately – i tossed my drugs and went through the lightest withdrawals i ever went through. i also had seriously deep experiences that i later perceived to be my entrance into buddhism. i have not quit since. after a while i got more interested and read the holosync book and sat there incredulous that everything i was going through was being listed and explained. that doesn’t fall in placebo effect and it wasn’t until then that i got started on traditional meditation – and it was serious meditation at the push of a button as they claim.

i think life flow is nice, it really does provide meaningful additions to meditation, and i got it because my girlfriend was not getting much out of holosync. several close friends have also quit drugs and changed their life when i gave them holosync so i guess some people react and some people don’t. but i think there are serious differences in the two programs and trying to compare them as you did with lumping them together doesnt fly. using lifeflow, as you do with holosync, doesnt work – you have to use traditional meditation to get anywhere (so far in my experience) and with HS you do not – which makes holosync a whole lot better for some people, important people in my life, i have found.

another error… or maybe a sales point, since you spend so much time talking about lifeflow and how much better it is you possibly work for them (and this is all written in vain) but in case you are just misinformed: month for month lifeflow is much higher – and unless you just graduate lifeflow at the end that time and never need anything again then it counts. each holosync level is 4.5 months with a new disc each month – each month of life flow is 70$ so try the math that way. you can stop buying new holosync levels any time you like – it doesnt get automatically deducted as LF does for some reason.

    Consciousness Junkie - May 8, 2014 Reply

    This review of LifeFlow literally makes zero references to Holosync, nor does it anywhere say it is better.

    At first I thought this was comment was marketing for Holosync, given the nature of the claims, the fact that it is literally responding to something that isn’t here (comparisons to Holosync) and claiming that LifeFlow is actually more expensive and can’t be cancelled (inaccurate on both counts – I had no problems suspending lifeflow subscription), but the link posted is to some rather excellent art. If this is a legit post, congratulations on turning things around and discovering such talent.

    There is no article on this site comparing lifeflow and holosync– even the comment right above this asks if someone would like to contribute one, but those curious about it now have at least one perspective on it.

      Mel - July 14, 2015 Reply

      I was rather confused at his comment as well, since I did not see one claim or mention you made of Holosync in this article. You replied to him very intelligently and matter of fact, even though I think he needed to be checked.

      I was a Holosync user many years ago but stopped before I got to the next level.. I found it to be very beneficial to me at the time and helped produce some great changes and improvements in my life. I believe I stopped because I thought it was too expensive for me to afford and also other priorities gained precedence over spending a whole hour each day listening to the cd. I was considering going back to using Holosync when I came across LifeFlow. I’m interested in LifeFlow and would like to know…are there real tangible changes that occur for people, such as improvement in career, relationships, and health?

        Consciousness Junkie - July 14, 2015 Reply

        Hi Mel,

        I am generally cautious about attributing an external result like that directly to any specific product or process– simply because there are many factors involved and life works in mysterious ways. Only in the sense that if someone else does not get a similar result, ie start making more money quickly or beat addiction, they may think the product doesn’t work when it is in fact making positive changes for them that may take time to blossom or appear in different ways.

        I can say if you looked at it like a chart, my life has improved in all of the areas you mentioned, in a quantifiable way, since doing inner work and LifeFlow was the brainwave meditation I used for years.

        Being more centered and clear, certain things just became more obvious that I was missing, or steps to take, that improved my skills and business. Getting more in touch with my body I also discovered the type of exercise it likes that I have actually been able to be very consistent with for years, even though it is intense, it is what my body likes so it is not forcing it.

        Yes I have had my share of ‘crazy’ experiences in the world of inner work and sudden massive shifts, but they can be tricky for our natural inclination to want to compare ours to others or duplicate them and attribute them to some specific process that can be repeated.

        The free Lifeflow sample should give you the opportunity to use it for a month or so and see if you feel any tangible results. Even if it is a similar level to Holosync 1 (not positive about this) you should still be able to compare your experience. If you want to go deeper with it is WAY cheaper to purchase an individual level of LF to test once you like it. I’m pretty sure you can also refund it after trying it for a few days or more. Hope that helps.

Woody - May 4, 2016 Reply

Good evening my name is woody and i am 39ys of age and a working father of 4.

Id just like to add to this conversation as i personally have been using the lifeflow system. I started not by the usual method as in at first i listened to creative flow and optimal learning. each is 40mins long so listen the whole 40mins each time. i play creative flow religiously whenever doing my art. and when i study optimal learning goes on(Heard of laser focus? This will take u there in an instant)with no effort.Optimal learning to this day has effected my learning capabilities 100x fold and u will only truly know the benefits if u put yourself through it. Also before bed i am doing the meditation cds(onto lifeflow 8 in 2 more weeks) for these cds iv just mentioned these are the ones tht will bring out all your ‘baggage’ tension, bad habits and disintegrate them with soemthing undescribable in words.
DO it you will not regret it.Its that easy 🙂

    Consciousness Junkie - May 5, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Woody!

Thank You - February 8, 2017 Reply

Thank You for this post and comments from others.

lily - October 11, 2019 Reply

Indeed! Meditation is great a very helpful to all of us where it gives a lot of benefits and it trigger flow. Well, I read a lot about flow in the C Wilson Meloncelli website ( and I found how amazing flow is and meditation is one of the keys that trigger flow.

Peter - February 21, 2021 Reply

Doing life flow 3 and it is a bit annoying in the morning. OK till I have breakfast, then have cravings.

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