Mind Movies Review – Beyond The Hype

Visualization has been talked about as a powerful tool in everything from athletics to spiritual practice. Ever since the movie The Secret talked about the power of using vision boards as a means of turning your ‘thoughts into things,’ it’s become a staple, even a cliche around the ideas of the Law of Attraction.

“Mind Movies” is a software tool to quickly and easily create a vivid digital vision board of what you want to experience in your life. Complete with music, text and effects, it creates a movie file that you can watch on your computer, phone, or anywhere you have an internet connection.

The main goal of this program by Natalie Ledwell is to make this type of powerful visualization simple, fun, easy to do and easy to repeat over and over again. The process from start to finish will help you clarify exactly what you want to experience in your life, visualize it in great detail, and add the emotional component of music to help engage you into the experience in a personal way.

Having used the software all the way back from the original launch of it, we can say:

It does this very successfully. 

I know many of you have different ideas about what vivid, emotional visualization can accomplish. Whether you believe it is the secret to manifesting things directly into your life, a tool for focus and creativity, or somewhere in between, there is a lot of value in being able to make this process so accessible. Especially if you are not a person who visualizes things easily.

MindMovies 3.0 Graphic

Most of you have probably heard of this company, having emerged as one of the biggest names in the “Law of Attraction” arena. Many, many luminaries in the self-help and spiritual world have promoted them, done interviews with them, and spoken of the benefits and sound principles behind the product.

Anyone familiar with this site knows that there is little love towards promises for a quick-fix, magic bullet, watch/do this thing passively and the life you want falls from the sky. It can easily detract from the actual teachings and inner-work from which the more modern LOA material interprets.

While some of the marketing around MindMovies can lean towards “just do this and it all happens instantly,” being familiar with the product (yes, I bought it at full price back in the launch days) it is such a practical tool that can be really useful whether it’s just connecting emotionally with what matters to you, or for doing more intense inner work.

It’s probably not going to serve you too well to think that you can arbitrarily throw in pictures of cars, supermodels and anything else into software where you’ll just watch your movie passively and they’ll show up soon enough.

However, using visuals and audio around your goals / life vision can be *very* powerful tools for creating the life you want as well as for solid inner work – and the Mind Movies software makes it extremely simple to take advantage of this. If the material below resonates with you, it will be worth taking a look at

We will go more in depth into the review below. However if you’d like to see what the creators have done to show off the product, if you go to the website and enter your name/email, they will send you 6 free pre-made movies. You can unsubscribe from the email list immediately after receiving the movies if you wish.

To See a Mind Movies For Yourself and Get 6 Free Ones, Click Here for the official site

How the MindMovies Software Works

Looking at the software itself, I believe it is excellent and well designed. It’s extremely to the point, user friendly, and creates a cool looking “movie” of your images and text, with automatic transitions, effects, and music of your choice. This is rather necessary, because a lot of Mac’s and PCs come pre loaded with software that can make a pretty simple collection of text, images and music. Mindmovies would have to offer a significantly faster, better solution to justify paying for the software, and in my opinion, they delivered.

The software is web-based, meaning you log into your account through their website and do everything online first. You then can download the finished result to your computer. The plus side of these systems is that you can use it anywhere; you can be on any machine and as long as you have internet access, you can go in and create / edit / download your movies.

The down side of course is that if your internet connection is slow, the software will be. However, because of how easy it is for people to pirate and rip off downloadable software, I think this is becoming almost essential for smaller businesses to protect their products (Mindmovies may be “bigger” but they are a grain of sand compared to something like a Microsoft.)

Demo of The Software In Action

To make a movie, you simply drag a picture from the interface into a slide below, then enter any optional text that will display across the image as an affirmation or goal statement.

There are tons of preloaded images in the software based on categories – money, health, relationships, and so on that you may very well use, or give you ideas. Of course, you’ll likely want to find and upload your own, which is extremely simple. All of your uploaded images show in a folder and you simply drag them to the slide you want.

The program automatically gives effects to the text and transitions from slide to slide, but if you want to, you can easily customize these. You can also adjust the timing for each slide with a few simple clicks.

Creating a Vision for your Life

One of the most valuable aspects of using Mind Movies is the fact that you have to decide what you want to put into the movie.

The importance of this really can’t be overstated. Having some clarity of vision for your life is critical: whether you are talking about the stuff you want to have, the type of work you want to do, or even if you are talking about spiritual pursuits it is no less relevant. If your desire is to meditate or do inquiry and find the truth of your being, that requires a clarity and dedication that’s not really much different than deciding you want to start your own business.

Simply by having to decide what images and goals to put in the movie, you will have to do some valuable examination about what you really want, as well as what motivates and inspires you.
So much of the “law of attraction” stuff emphasizes getting the things you want out of life and the best way to do it. Well, let’s suppose you actually figured it all out and got the theoretical genie in the lamp to pop out and literally say to you – “your wish is my command.” You’d still have to decide, out of all the things in the universe, what YOU would wish for.

There is tremendous benefit in going through this process, and there is also video guidance included as part of the mind movies purchase.

Putting the Mind Movie to Work

Once you have completed your movie, or vision, I believe you have a powerful tool at your disposal that you can use in a variety of ways.

1) Simply watching the movie can remind you what you are going for in life.

This can inspire you, motivate you when you aren’t feeling particularly motivated. Almost all things in life take some level of work to achieve, and sometimes the work part of it can get so consuming that you forget why you’re doing this in the first place.

Having the vision consistently reinforced can help to keep you on track. Or, of equal importance, it can show you that what you thought you want is not what you really want as you stay with it a while. Perhaps it was just some trivial desire that you thought you needed to be happy, and you realize you don’t. So you simply delete it or find something closer to the core of what you are really going after. This is also why it’s significant that the software is so easy to use and change your movie on the fly.

2) The whole experience with the visuals and music you choose can help get you into an emotional state.

Whether you take a spiritual stance about it or not, there is a reason athletes and all sorts of competitors or performers “psych themselves up.” It has a very real effect on the body / mind and, after tweaking your movie to connect to things that are really important to you, this can achieve that effect.

3) Using the mind movie to show you your resistance and work with it.

This is one of the most powerful uses of MindMovies should you decide to work with it. It is not to say that it is a “requierment,” but you can get an amazing amount of mileage and self discovery out of this process.
Essentially, you have already taken the time to create a vision for your life and provided a great way to remind yourself of it regularly. In many cases, we feel some level of resistance to those things we desire in our life. Perhaps we believe it comes at a cost, that they are too selfish, that you are not really the type of person who deserves it, or really any one of a million things. After all, there is inherently some reason you desire it right now, instead of having it right now.

You can use any or all of the goals in your movie to do a bit of probing into what your genuine internal reaction is.

Simply observing this and being present with it is extremely valuable in and of itself- and often all you need to do is watch the movie and see what emotional content comes up during different parts of it. Being present with this stuff helps it process. If you desire, you can work more deeply on it with something like EFT, inquiry or anything else that works for you.

Version 3.0 vs “Matrix”

Version 3.0 is simply how the software has been improved over time. If you purchase the product, you will be getting version 3. Having bought it back in the 1.0 days, they have made rather serious improvements to the product over time – basically, the final result is a lot more slick and interesting without you actually having to do anything, but you can also customize these movies to a lot more detail if you are so inclined.

Everything described in this review applies directly to version 3.0


MindMovies Matrix

This looks to be essentially the same product except it includes subliminal audio tracks, as well as some pre made videos that include the subliminal technology. It also includes some “while you sleep” audio tracks.
Right now, this costs three times the price of version 3.0 – almost $300 as opposed to $97.

While I generally have my own thoughts on subliminal material, I haven’t really tried or explored this product. If anyone has tested this enough or has some convincing or just interesting insights on the topic I am totally open to it, so please feel free to leave a comment on it below.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this gives you a good breakdown on what Mind Movies is all about and how it could be useful for you. Like anything else, if you use it as a tool and work with it honestly, you can get great results in the areas of self discovery and creating the life you want. I would not think of this as a passive solution to just download a few movies and ‘magically attract’ everything but rather something that can make the whole process of uncovering what you really want, creating a vision for it, reinforcing it, working with it and so on much easier, more fun, and more efficient if it resonates with you.

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Joy - January 6, 2015 Reply

Thanks! I appreciate the no frills review! Too much noise on their website – I found it confusing and difficult to navigate. Seems a genius idea that I’m sold on, but I really wanted to cut to the chase and find out what the software can do technically. I appreciate your taking the time.



mitchell - October 14, 2015 Reply

I never ordered anything and was charged $300. They are a fraud

    Consciousness Junkie - October 14, 2015 Reply

    What happened? How would they have a credit card or any info to be able to charge you?

Franklin - May 15, 2017 Reply

Thanks for so interesting review, I have a question. Does the software allow me to introduce my “own personalized” text I want to see in the video I’m creating. My native language is not English that’s why I think it won’t work for me if all the texts are in English. I would like to select my texts in Spanish.

Thanks you in advance!

    Consciousness Junkie - May 16, 2017 Reply

    Hi, yes you can type in anything you’d like for the text!

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