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Project MeditationHere we will provide a look at the Project Meditation website, which is a valuable resource that offers a lot of completely free material. Meditation is worldly known as a safe and relaxing way to bring a sense of peace to anyone who can sit still for longer than 2 minutes. Most people today value ‘on-the-go’ energy and may never even consider stopping to ‘be’ with themselves. It is probably even been tried by these energetic people and discarded with frustration of the realization that it is more difficult to sit and be quiet than they realize. I was one of these people (and still am).  The trick is to value being with you. To have a time where you can be with you, your thoughts, your awesome fiery energy, calm energy, swirling emotions, no emotions, whatever happens at that time, and to BE with it. To sit in a place that doesn’t distract you (this may be the bathroom for most) but how about the garden, your bedroom, your study, a special place in the park. If need be, take a class somewhere with guidance or at a local community centre. Project Meditation can help you to recreate this dedicated time and community wherever you are.

During these active-filled days there are people who simply have no real time to spare to travel to a studio, meditate for an hour, and travel back home. Some may even prefer to do it themselves. Sometimes weather can keep up from even being interested in going to a class. So there is something to be said with the new way people are doing things which includes audio tracks, different techniques, and discussion / support groups online.

Project Meditation’ is offering a product called ‘LifeFlow’. This site offers a free 8 minute download to sample a Mediation technique by Michael Mackenzie. Michael refers to their system as ‘meditation technology’ and states that meditation is proven to effortlessly exercise your brain and encourage whole brain synchronization,

We have reviewed the product separately after using the paid version which you can view here: Lifeflow Review

This site also offers a (very obvious) active forum to discuss important questions anyone may have about terms used, techniques, technical questions on product and whatever discoveries you would like to share and connect with those who are also trying the techniques. The site is easy to navigate and straight forward. The downloadable sample actually is a compilation of pretty sounds that is a total of 14 minutes long. It is accompanied by a written document that instructs you what to do during the audio.

The bottom line is that you can get a LOT out of the Project Meditation website even if you only browse the excellent forum, download the free samples and never pay a cent.

Some testimonials include people saying that by listening to the recordings that there is a noticeable difference in that they are calm, and especially noticed by others. They state that they enjoy the recordings and actually look forward to listening to them every day. One says that she likes to play the ‘sounds’ that certain CD’s provide that keep her peaceful and help her to get her work done. One gentleman noted how he noticed a difference in his mindset and wellbeing.

I remember being a very restless, insomniac with many swirling emotions. I observed people who meditated, read about it and picked up a few techniques. It was the day, while teaching English in South Korea, when I broke down and cried, and got angry at my kindergarten kids for an incidence that I could have easily just let roll of my shoulder. (Children are so caring and they instantly gave me care and were worried for me). This tenderness had me go home and realize that the energy that came out of me was not what I knew was possible. I chose to change it right there and then. I sat on my bed shut my eyes to face… myself. I remembered a couple of techniques from books I read and tried each one to see how that felt. I could only do it for about 20 seconds and the swirling noise in my head was too much for me to sit with. It was too loud!  I watched some T.V. and tried again for a little longer after each show. Every day I did this and every day I could sit for longer. One day I did it for 5 minutes and I was so happy I got up and danced around. This continued for a month. One day I was only watching T.V. and I suddenly had a burst of energy leave my back. I felt lighter. I realized that if we truly want something we need to put work into it, keep doing it until it proves useless or useful. We only need to trust ourselves to know when to choose something different or continue to practice.

Overall, finding a way to spend time with yourself where you can train your mind to be a silence, rather than the noise that may flood in during social time, can be a valuable tool to practice. Sometimes all it takes is going to a library and looking up these tools, choosing a couple of techniques and giving it a try for a bit to see if it works. I personally have ‘fallen off the wagon’ as it were, but I cannot deny, that I crave to exercise it again, maybe in a new way that works into my busy lifestyle. Plugging in an mp3 as I sit on the bus to work or a half an hour before sleep takes no effort at all. At the same time, I notice that meditation can occur for me by just taking a walk, exercising at the gym, or sitting in my garden with a coffee.

Tanya Liczner

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francesca - August 1, 2013 Reply

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free.

Thank you very much and looking forward for more informative articles in the future. Bookmarked!

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