The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation by Margaret Lynch Review


The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation by Margaret Lynch is one of the better courses I have gone through. I have actually completed this course multiple times, in different forms, with positive results both in terms of what I have felt and solid, money-in-hand improvements.

It was re-recorded and released a few years ago, and is currently having even more video components added to what was previously an audio-only program.

You can watch the video recording for free for a limited time here.

It is designed to uproot and resolve conflicts and blocks around money in a manner, as well as a level of depth, you may not have experienced with other teachers focused on this topic.

The primary modality used in the course is EFT tapping, used in a very structured and comprehensive way with an overall broader and deeper model than simply “tapping on money issues.”

In fact, the title can be almost misleading. This is one of the more insightful courses I’ve encountered in terms of learning about myself, far beyond simply wealth and money.

I say that this is likely to cover new ground even if you are pretty familiar with this type of work. There are a lot of programs out there that talk about money. They may try to work on your mindset or your beliefs, tell you to visualize, let go and lots of other things you have probably heard many times. This course goes far beyond that.

A major component of this course that makes it so powerful is the way it works through these 7 levels, which we will look at now.

What are These “7 Levels”?

This is not seven aspects of money, they are seven aspects of yourself.

I’m sure you have heard of the 7 Chakras before. They are indeed the seven levels, or perhaps more accurately, the seven viewpoints through which our relationship to money will be exposed and worked with.

You might be reacting as I once did to anything that talked about Chakras- basically, a big red flag for new age cheesiness that does not really belong in a money discussion. However, once I saw the way they are used as a model of teaching and examining different qualities of our personality, I was impressed by their effectiveness.

The Chakras serve as an excellent map for uncovering and working with parts of yourself that are in conflict around any topic. Learning to recognize what is actually going on, and how to reach resolution is extremely powerful. This is a very effective course in doing so.

Margaret used to work with Rhys Thomas who primarily teaches about the Chakras and has a high level of insight. Her current version of the course uses Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith  as a reference text to deep dive into each Chakra, using that as a springboard for her own EFT

The amount of aha moments and self-understanding that emerged from the teachings on each level was somewhat staggering. Common personality traits, patterns of thinking, ways of interacting with the world and more that are representative of different chakras, the various wounds and vows that occur there — things started making a LOT of sense using this model.

Most importantly, the processing that goes on works to actually dig in and heal/grow.


You’re Already Familiar With This

Everyone has felt competing agendas inside of themselves. Perhaps you really want to pursue some skill or career, but are deeply concerned about how others might perceive you. Maybe it’s your parents or your cultures expectations of you specifically that cause the charge. The financial risk (or reward) element of it could be the biggest block.

You could fall on the other side of the spectrum, where you are pursuing a desire so fervently that you often do not recognize the destructive qualities on other areas of your life until it is too late. Achievement could be natural, but relationships suffer. Part of you wants to slow down but another part does not want to sacrifice a moment of work.

Maybe you so naturally take care of others that you neglect to take proper care of yourself.

All of these are attributes of ourselves that can out of balance, or blocked in certain areas. This will very directly relate to how we manage, receive and deal with money.

What’s Included in The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Program

There is a lot of material in this course, and I personally don’t find any of it to be filler or unnecessary. It’s actually quite to the point, with a lot of tapping and processing, and just enough teaching to give a useful context.

  • 10 Modules – with audio and sometimes video, going through teaching and lots of EFT / processing around each level or Chakra.
  • Q&A call recordings – There are at least 5 rather in depth Q&A recordings from previous live calls through the history of this program. I’ve gone through 2 so far and find them to be very good supplements. The students are on point with good questions and Margaret shows she really knows her stuff, with good suggestions or tapping rounds.
  • 7 sides of the Second Chakra – This is a nice newly added bonus. If you explore this material, you’ll find out how much is wrapped up in the second Chakra. I am looking forward to going through this and will update more when I do.
  • Chakra Masterclass 2019 – These are newer video teachings Margaret has added.

A Look At The Levels

Let’s take a brief look at some of these levels or perspectives, and how money might be seen through them. I believe you will immediately recognize them within yourself and see the logic behind it. It is far more important to see this as a model for getting in touch with these qualities, than it is to take everything literally.

The First Level or Chakra – This is the physical world itself, and where we feel the natural drive of the body for safety and security. Money from this perspective will be seen in terms of how it can keep you safe, it is not going to be interested in “fun” and certainly not anything risky.

It also contains the programming you get from your family, culture and so on. If there were certain viewpoints about wealthy people, poverty, money being the root of all evil, something to be held on to tightly, something that comes naturally and easily and so on. This energy will be imprinted on you to some degree, regardless of whether not it was explicitly stated.

As you might imagine, there is an enormous amount of material here. If this area dominates or is out of balance, has wounds or traumas in it (which any level can have, something this program works with rather deeply) they are going to solidly impact your relationship to money.

The 2nd – This is the realm of pure desire. It wants what it wants, and does not care about consequences or safety. Everyone has felt the desire to have money for purely the sake of expression, buying cool things, doing whatever you want to do without having to worry about your budget. Obviously, this is fiercely different than the first level, and the two need to be able to balance in order to function properly.

This energy can be heavily judged or disowned, especially if you are dominated by safety, making it very difficult to ever claim what you want or enjoy it. You may look condescendingly on others who spend money what you might call frivolously, and put moral condemnation around it. This actually blocks the ability to receive, step up to situations that could result in big gains, perhaps constantly saving money and denying yourself even there is plenty there to enjoy.

On the other side, this could dominate and run the show in a way where you are constantly spending on whatever the desire-of-the-moment might be. You may charge after things without considering long term effects or consequences, for yourself or others.

Let’s look at just one more, the 4th – Located in the heart, this is the energy of acceptance, love and compassion. The emphathetic  and nurturing aspect of all people, that genuinely wants to give in service or see another succeed. Perhaps most importantly, it also where you love and accept yourself.

Wounds and vows here can be created around things like perfectionism — deciding you are not good enough now, and always striving to be “perfect” so that you can be worthy of receiving. The class on this energy center is very powerful and strikes many deep cords with the callers (as well as myself when working with it).

Money through this lens can also be about using it towards relationships, community and so on. If this is totally shut down it can be a very cold way to live, while at the other end you can become so concerned with others that you do not properly take care of yourself.

As you can see from just these three, there is going to be a very dynamic relationship going on between these 7 levels. In order to have a fully integrated and functional life around money that is able to receive, enjoy, save, create and much more in a wise way, you will want to work with each of these levels.


The Course Content

The 7 levels of wealth manifestation includes teaching around each level that creates a very comprehensive but logical, relatable model. This will give you a lot of clarity and insight into the big picture, and a lot of aha moments about how this all connects to money in a practical way.

More importantly, you do deep and intensive processing for each of the 7 levels. First there is often an exploration of the common wounds, vows and conflicts that reside in each one. You then process using EFT, which Margaret Lynch guides you through based on the core content of each level plus the responses and reactions from live callers.

If you are not familiar with EFT, it is a simple but highly effective process that is explained in the course. You simply tap on different points of your body to stimulate the energy system, while voicing whatever issues, beliefs, conflicts and so on are taking place. You will be good to go in moments, and will likely be surprised at the effectiveness especially if you are new to it (there are plenty of free introductions to EFT as well, including on this website.)

Margaret is very good at leading the tapping rounds, an obviously experienced facilitator. She also really, really knows her stuff regarding the 7 levels/chakras, apparent from interactions with the live callers and how quickly she is able to relate their issue and put it in context.

Final Thoughts

This is a highly recommended course if you are interested in an in-depth exploration of yourself and how you relate to money in different ways, particularly if you enjoy or are interested in EFT. As said earlier, it is quite thorough and goes into far more depth than the usual “money mindset” material. I found the experience both very educational and effective at uncovering and processing a lot of blocks and viewpoints I did not know were there.

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