The Access Consciousness™ Clearing Statement – Part 1

Access Consciousness™ was discovered by Gary Douglas about 20 years ago.  Through this venture in releasing ‘stuck points of view’ from the brain that keep us stuck in our lives, a very long ‘clearing statement’ was written on paper approximately 2-3 pages. The ‘clearing statement’ is a phrase that has an energetic vibration that speaks to the subconscious. It goes into depth of all the places we chose the limitation (in question), where we stuck ourselves with the limitation or judgment, where we destroy ourselves to keep it in place, how we loop it, lock it into our bodies and much more than we even are cognitively aware of.

After a while of having to say this statement right through, something shifted in one of the classes Gary was holding.  The energy let Gary know that it was time to shorten this statement to Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POC, POD, All Nine, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds™.  It still held its vibrational effectiveness. To this day the clearing statement has not changed and shortening it to POD and POC can be an easy, fast, and fun way to quickly do away with in-coming heavy or ‘negative’ energy.

It is definitely different, wacky, and weird but it works.  Some people may have resistance at first hearing it, and if you are truly a strange one (like me); I barely blinked twice at it.  I saw the results or changes (and with all the things that I experienced so far in this life time) the clearing statement was a fresh new magical wand that did away with those troublesome energies quickly without making it significant.  It was explained nicely by Suzy Godsey: “Take a tree for an example, and your problems are the leaves.  You keep plucking off the leaves hoping to get somewhere, where actually the problem is down in the ground where it began.  The clearing statement goes straight to the ground and back to when it was a seed and undoes the seed.”

This ‘destroying the seed’ seems too good to be true, but as I used the tools, I had discovered that those energies were not present in my universe after using the clearing statement or having my bars run.  Taking several classes on the subject I have grown some perspective of the statement, so let us look at it in detail:

‘Right & Wrong, Good & Bad’ stands for “What’s right, good, and perfect about this?” (‘This’ being the issue)  “What’s wrong, bad, awful, mean, vicious, and terrible about this?”  So, think about something you know you are right about.  Something like people shouldn’t steal.  You can easily look at what is wrong, bad, and awful, about it and decide you are not going to do it because it is wrong.  You have just made stealing ‘wrong’; you now have to do everything from that point of deciding that to prove you are ‘right’ about deciding it is wrong.  What happens is we create such a ‘tree’ of right points of view on the subject.  Does that leave freedom to allow for choice?  What would the possibility be to have a universe with no point of view on the matter?

Why do we choose to be right and never be wrong?  Is it perhaps we desire to be liked by others?  We collect points of view that may not even be true.  Have you ever noticed that when you first meet someone you are totally you?  And then what happens?  We begin to get information about what kind of person they are and then we compare ourselves to what we are judging about the other person.  What happens then?  Do we stick to being ourselves or do we begin to bend ourselves out of shape in order to ‘fit’ into that person’s reality?  What do you think embarrassment is?  Perhaps when we judge ourselves as ‘wrong’?  In order to do that, we need to have rightness present. What if we were faced with that same embarrassing moment, but instead of getting red in the face, we smile and receive it totally?  What?  You mean look like a fool?  Well, perhaps that is the case but, whose point of view would that be if we didn’t have a judgement about it?  How light would we feel if with no resisting and reacting?  What if all our points of view on stealing just… disappeared?

Many have asked me, “Does it come back?  Is it permanent?”  Gary says that once you start on the path of consciousness it is quite impossible to go back.  You CAN choose anti-consciousness, but my point of view is that you will be so aware of it that it may make you sick or very uncomfortable.  Actually I wonder if we have that awareness already, we just were not willing to acknowledge it?

So what if we put into practice of being ‘wrong’?  How weird is that?  To put it in perspective, if we are infinite beings of energy that expand throughout the universe and beyond does right, good, wrong, and bad even exist?  So, wouldn’t ‘us being wrong’ not be a truth either?  Would that shorten all the arguments and fights that are vibrating through our beautiful planet?

If you knew anger, hate, sadness, and rage were toxic waste to the planet, what would you choose?

Tanya Liczner

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