Access Consciousness – What is it?

Access ConsciousnessAccess Consciousness is a more recent discovery for me. The first time I ever had an access process run “on” me, I had absolutely no background on it, and had no idea what the hell was going on.. but one thing was for certain, I felt a lot of energy moving, and I knew it was a good thing.

Having already been pretty active in using the Sedona Method, I knew what my own sensation was to “release,” or have energy move and clear. What was different, as well as exciting about Access Consciousness for me, was that the way we got there was fast, powerful and almost passive.. I was having a clearing run ON me, rather than guiding me through a process where I was being asked to look at what I was feeling, analyze it, release it, etc. The amount of energy movement that took place seemed rather intense nonetheless. Perhaps a factor in this was being too off guard to bring my thinking into the mix.

One of the core principles of Access Consciousness that I liked, is “living in the question.”

Living in the Question

This means approaching everything from the point of a question, because whenever you ask a question, you are opening yourself to solutions.. you are expanding your awareness and consciousness.

All conclusions cut off this process. This is ironic, because we are pretty much raised in a world where we are told that the purpose is to arrive to answers as quickly as possible. Access Consciousness flips this around.

Let’s not intellectualize this too much.. let’s just try it right now so you can see how this feels.

If you have time to check out a video, here’s the idea behind the “who does this belong to?” question:

Here’s another idea Access Consciousness uses regarding the question:

Think of anything you’d like in your life that isn’t yet here now- a goal, maybe something physical you want like a new apartment, a new girlfriend, etc. I’ll bet there’s already a lot going on inside you just from that.

Now ask the question, “what would it take for <your thing> to show up in my life?”  – just notice what starts happening.. your mind starts going into new directions.. new energy starts coming up.

This will also bring up the energy that needs to be cleared, or released, surrounding the topic. This is one of the ways Access Consciousness is completely aligned with tools like the Sedona Method.. bring up energy, clear it.

Ask another question such as “what is it about <x> that is so appealing to me?”  — “what is the value of me having it” — “what is the value of me NOT having it.” Just notice how you function when asking questions.

Now try a conclusion. It could be “I need x amount of money before this can happen,” or “this takes a lot of work, years of x y z.” Just notice how it feels. It pretty much stops the energy right in it’s tracks. Your creativity shuts off because you are not asking and being open to receiving solutions, you’ve just decided how it is.. and usually, it’s not very good.


How Access Clears Energy

Here we get to the good part .. and also the weird part. This is the part that if a total stranger were to walk in the room while you were listening an Access Consciousness recording, they would think you were completely insane.

They use something called a clearing statement, which you could learn all about if you’d like, or just let it work. Both seem to work equally well. Rather than me try to explain it, you can go to the official Access Consciousness site here – click on ‘about’ and then ‘clearing statement’

We also have some new articles that go in depth about the clearing statement on this site, from an Access Practitioner. The rest of the content in this article below is also written by someone with significant personal experience with access.


Access Consciousness can be applied to anything

Asking questions to receive what you would like in life is fun and exciting to anyone open to the concept. There is something more that I have discovered that Access does with its ‘clearings’. There are clearings that are applied to any part of the life that is not working well. It can change situations, relationships, how we react to things, and points of view. It can contribute to those with addictions, body and health problems, and has information for those who have mental challenges.

There are books and classes that focus on specific subjects such as: Relationships, money, relationships with animals, parenting, embodiment, empowerment, spirit talk, and the list goes on.  There are no limitations to where these tools can be applied.

To the point Access has a goal for those who use the tools to be self-empowered and are encouraged to know what they know as a truth for them.

Body Processes

To help with the changes that people may go through, while clearing all the energy, Access Consciousness has many body processes and energy processes to facilitate ease in the body. One process is called the ‘bars’ which also clears energies that come up like the statements. The other body processes target the cells and molecules of the body to change any damage, disease, and even aging that may have occurred there. Access’ point of view is that the damage and dis-ease occurs from judgments.

Our Point of View Creates Our Reality

Access gets us to look at what we have created in our lives. Most people do not want to admit that they created their life and chose it. Once we see that we have choice and that we can choose again and again, we start to realize that we can create our lives.  If my point of view is that I’m always tired and in pain, I will create more tired and more pain.  If I begin to go into ‘question’ about a different possibility, I may have the will to choose things in my life that change those things.  In the past I had a painful lower back, I thought that was the way it would be for the rest of my life. One day I asked what would it take for my back to get better and that day (at a drumming festival) I was compelled to meet one of the drummers. It turned out he was a back specialist and offered a treatment that night. He readjusted my back and I never had pain again. It shows that we may be limiting ourselves by having limited points of view; we may be blinded to the possibilities that could be passing us by.

Access’s Goal is Oneness

Gary Douglas is the founder and his goal is to have consciousness on the planet. He discovered that ‘oneness’, ‘no judgment’ and ‘creation’ are ways to have that occur. Because ‘oneness’ was one of those things, Gary needed to get the tools ‘out-there’ to those who were looking for a different reality than the one that currently exists. The more people are willing to have a different reality, the closer we may come to having consciousness on the planet.

Click here for the official Access Consciousness Site

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Andrew - April 2, 2014 Reply

If Gary Douglas was really interested in “consciousness” for everyone and creating oneness he wouldn’t promote and teach divorcing of family members, lying and cheating. All this is documented on my Access Schism site.

    Consciousness Junkie - April 4, 2014 Reply

    I haven’t had time to check your site out much yet, but I first had to see that it was “for real” in the sense of you being a person with your own experiences of the material, not just a competitive business or something of the sorts. Your “about” page made that easy to check.

    I do not have super in depth access experience, what I described in the opening is how I experienced it, most predominantly from Rikka Zimmerman material (recommended by a friend) that I found to be very good. The rest of the article, and the other more detailed articles about Access stuff are from others with personal experience with it, which is part of the intention of this site.

    It’s equally the intention for this to be a useful place for people looking for inner work of all varieties, and to hear from others, so various points of view are welcome. Your claim in this comment is pretty strong, and I expect there will be some strong reactions.

    I have to say that from the first article on your site, about willingness to be a thief… this sounds more like shadow work to me. Especially how it was worded, “willingness.” Exploring that within each of us is various sides, the capacity and sometimes to desire to do things we might not like to admit, and that if you continue to repress them rather than own/integrate them they have a form of power over you. Did not strike me at all as encouraging someone to go steal things. Again though, that was pretty much all I had time to examine.

    I’m fine to leave these comments and those to come on this from others as long as it is kept reasonably civil.

Anonymous - May 8, 2014 Reply

There’s a fine line between ‘new age nonsense’ and cult. Access Consciousness delves into pseudo-hypnotic quasi-psychological stuff–which is fine–but charges a fortune for it and professes to be the ‘one cure’ using various techniques cults, such as Scientology from whence most of it is derived, to grow in number. They attract broken people, intentionally, just as the major religions attract ‘sinners’ and convince you that you are unworthy and full of sin (or in the case of cults, that you are broken and need fixing or betterment) – the danger and impact of cults has been proven time and time again, and the kind of quirky strong minded proponents you encounter all have the blank gaze of TR 0.5 on–especially Gary whats-his-face whom was the first person I saw from this AC stuff claiming to ‘change’ a little girls voice on YouTube–which tells me that the links between this and Scientology are more than cursory.

Having worked for over ten years deprogramming cult abductees I find it disheartening to see this growth of new age pseudo-psychology techno-babble riddled nonsense such as these consciousness cults, as it means a whole lot more broken families, and a whole lot more work for us rationalists to have to do to try and kill off the plague of mind dabblers giving mental titty twisters to all and sundry.

Just remember. Anonymous sees all.

My experience - July 21, 2014 Reply

I just wanted to share my experience…I cautiously have ventured into Access, both intrigued and skeptical at the same time. I was really expecting some kind of cultic tactics, based on what I read, but the opposite has been the case. I have never felt so personally empowered….I have experienced the energy and effectiveness of it and nothing has been pressured or enforced upon me. I feel totally free to continue with it or say no thanks, and walk away. It’s an amazing difference.

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