Brad Yates Success Beyond Belief – Ridiculously Underpriced Live Event

Brad Yates Success Beyond Belief

CA event location

I am a big fan of Brad Yates’ EFT work, and I plan to write more about it on this site. You can easily find TONS of free youtube videos and other content of him leading EFT rounds on a very wide range of topics.

Anyway, it looks like Brad is holding a weekend long (including friday night) live EFT seminar called Success Beyond Belief

A Friday night – Sunday live workshop with someone of this caliber for less than $300 is somewhat unheard of. It is a “super early bird price” – It looks like you also get MANY of his courses for free (which are good, I have bought several)


Click Here to go directly to Brad Yates Success Beyond Belief site with details.


On June 22nd to 24th 2012,Brad Yates Success Beyond Belief workshop will take place at Hyatt Regency in San Francisco Airport.Brad Yates is a world famous Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)pactitioner. He received his training and certification at Hypnosis Motivation Institute at Tarzana,CA where he also worked.Brad who is married with two kids is a caring practitioner who helps individuals to gain extraordinary results in their engagements.He lives in Sacramento.

Brad combines his EFT background with training in the energy psychology and other schools of thought in achievement and personal growth.He coaches individuals and groups about health,living happier lives and achieving greater things.He also uses some hypnosis in his training sessions.EFT is the primary tool that he uses to guide people to more personal freedom.

EFT is a successful healing modality that is based on principles that have been in use for thousand of years in acupuncture but without any needles.EFT has proven to be a success in many cases that cover a wide range of performance,emotional and health issues.

It has produced results where other strategies have failed.Brad considers himself to be an evolution catalyst.He is recognized internationally for his creative and humorous use of EFT techniques something that he takes to be a blessing.

Brad has been privileged to work with a variety of clients such as CEOs,professional athletes,psychiatrists and chiropractors.He has also worked with award winning screen personalities,residents of programs for homeless people and lawyers.

He has been teaching weekly classes using guided imagery and EFT for a number of years at the Sacramento Drug court.Brad has also been a presenter at many international energy psychology events and done teleseminars with stars such as Dr Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle.

Most successful people double up as authors.Brad has authored “The Wizard’s Wish one of the best selling chldrens bookks and co-authored “Freedom at Your Fingertips” that was featured in film called “The Tapping Solution”. Brad uses Teleclasses and Internet radio shows to reach out to the people.

If you dread unmotivating seminars,you should try Brad Yates Success Beyond Belief workshop.He makes his seminars rather interesting something that can be traced to his eclectic background.This includes the time he spent as an internationally recognized actor and a graduate of a clown college where he performed and emceeed.

The suggested admission price for Success Beyond Belief was $797 although Brad has sworn to make the gains by participants to be priceless.He set an “early bird” rate of $397 only.Since Brad feels strongly that everyone should attend the workshop,he decided to offer an incentive that would make the life changing workshop cheaper.He came up with a “super early bird” rate of $297 only.

There is limited space hence it is wise to register now.It might appear seem early but the good news is that although the registration fee is not refundable you can transfer it in case you will not be able to attend.Brad wants everyone to be prepared for the event and continue to benefit even after it is over and he has included a bonus package made up of his material with a value of over $500.


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Yana - May 12, 2012 Reply

Great video, Brad and great mini intro to EFT & affirmations. The brnagkoucd is so appropriate. You probably already realized this, but did you notice that God is reaching out through the frontal lobe of the brain (the red fabric brnagkoucd has the shape of the brain), his legs extending into the subconscious mind/lower cerebellum/reptilian brain exactly what EFT helps us do.. clear our connection to our deeper mind. Search Creation of Adam’ for a big image of this artwork.

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