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Consciousness means many things to many people. It’s one of those words that can range from “I lost it after the 10th beer” to deep implications of spiritual enlightenment.

We like to think of consciousness as “awareness,” and there are different levels of awareness going on pretty much all the time. Are you aware of your breathing at this very moment? Isn’t it cool how you are suddenly “conscious” of it now, but up until that point, it was still happening.. without any input from you? Were “you” breathing?  Did you have a say in it? Notice how you do now. You can take deeper or shorter breaths.. you can change it.. you can enjoy it. That’s consciousness at work – awareness of what’s happening.

For us, this viewpoint of the word covers the simplest meanings to the most complex. What else is going on, even right in your our own body and mind, that has been running in the background?  As with the breath, you just needed something to point it out to you.

Clearly, all sorts of activity is going on within you and around you, seemingly without your input. Ever have an addiction? Talk about auto-pilot. The more consciousness you bring into it (“my body wants this experience,” “I’m doing this to forget about xyz”) the more choice you begin to have.

The more you play with this, and have more things pointed out to you or by you – the more interesting everything becomes. Even simple things are more fun, and they can start working better. If they suck, you’ll most likely get insight on how to change them. Perhaps most important, you can learn to accept them in the mean time (which is the only way to change anything, as much as I don’t always want to hear that.)

Some of us delve into this and never stop. Hence the “Consciousness Junkee” theme. We love material that lets us play with this and work with it in different ways. The mind loves variety, and at the very least it’s more interesting than watching TV.

We also like GOOD stuff, that produces results. Like anything, there’s a whole spiritual / consciousness fad where people see dollar signs and will sell their “how to get everything you want instantly,” a $6000 value for $19.99 for a limited time!

So the intention here is to be a place where you can go and find all sorts of good stuff compiled in one place, where we can contribute what we find, etc. And since a lot of us are addicted to buying this stuff (irony?), hopefully we can let each other know what is good and what is sloppily thrown together.

Most of the consciousness / development stuff out there fits into a few different categories for me, and they all seem to flow and integrate in a certain way. That’s how this site will be organized.

We hope you enjoy, and thanks again for visiting!

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Consciousness Junkie - June 27, 2011 Reply

Welcome to Consciousness Junkie . com. A resource to find and discuss good stuff, and for you to expose me to more of it!
Access Consciousness, Sedona Method, Abraham Hicks, Release Technique, Non Dual Teachings, EFT, etc. etc.

Robert Petrie - February 28, 2014 Reply

You have an interesting site here, I like the title. It is good practice to become aware as often as possible because as you say, you start to notice things about yourself that you would not normally notice and your example of breathing is a good one. There is a lot of stuff going on with all of us below the surface that consciously we just do not realise, things that we do not even acknowledge can get access to our subconscious and can lead to an effect in our lives. It is amazing what our minds get exposed to on a daily basis.

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