Money Beyond Belief Review – Brad Yates and Joe Vitale

Money beyond beliefMoney beyond belief is a collaborative project between EFT expert Brad Yates and Joe Vitale, one of the more well known “law of attraction guru” personas from the movie The Secret. It is essentially an audio recording of two group coaching calls conducted by Yates and Vitale with live participants, which gets into a lot of interesting territory thanks to questions, comments, and specific issues from the other members of the call who speak up after the processes.

For those of you not familiar with EFT or the emotional freedom technique, it is one of the most powerful transformational tools out there right now. It is extremely simple but direct and effective, as it involves moving into your feelings, speaking, engaging the body by tapping on certain energy points, and more. When facilitated by a skilled practitioner, it can lead you deeply into your limiting concepts, fears, and assumptions around a topic while providing the energy to let them go.

Brad Yates – EFT facilitator

Brad Yates is definitely the right person for the job, I have always liked his work, and he provides literally hours of free sessions on his Youtube channel. He is gifted at going very deep, continuing to probe any topic that comes up without pausing. He follows the energy and the words (which you repeat) very much flows out of him in an organic way.

Money beyond belief is particularly good for a few reasons- more so than just doing a standard tapping/releasing session around the topic of money. First of all, Joe Vitale and Brad both have a lot of experience working with clients on the money topic, so they are familiar with a lot of the less obvious issues and beliefs that deep down, are shared by more people than you might expect. Some examples are social programming such as the TV / Movie rich characters typically being the heartless billionaire jerk, conflicts between being selfish and being a good person, and more.

The topics are discussed a bit to give you some food for thought, and then Brad does his thing for you to work with along with him. This is essentially the meat of Money Beyond Belief , the actual tapping rounds and processes that Brad Yates runs. The initial conversations / relaxation exercise helps to get the energy stirred up on the money topic so that the tapping rounds go even deeper right out of the gate.

One of the most interesting things to me is how, even though it is a recording, you will often find that what he says next is related to the direction your mind starts moving in. There really are a lot of what could be called “shared beliefs” or socially programmed views about money that are operating underneath the surface.

After going through the process, Brad and Joe will either discuss what came up some more to give you some new perspectives to consider, or they will work with the caller-in who had a question or issue. Sometimes, the caller will move through an issue to discover something deeper, such as a worthiness issue, guilt for focusing on a money goal when there are poor people on the planet (another rich topic) and this will results in further spontaneous rounds from Brad.

Another similarly interesting and valuable thing about this recording is that even though the questions or issues from callers may seem rather person-specific, you will find the underlying programs behind the issues themselves relate to just about anyone. If you are like me you will find a surprising amount that relates in more direct ways than you would have imagined before the tapping round starts.

One Issue with the Recording (and my solution)

I do highly recommend this recording having gone through it more than once, I think it is easily worth your time and offers value for it’s price – however there is a little bit of a ‘re-listening’ issue because the recording is not broken up in to tracks. You have to listen to all of the conversation with Joe and Brad every time, as well as the callers, or skip around using fast-forward if you just want to get to the rounds.

I have personally edited the tracks to create an mp3 file that is only the tapping rounds, so you can have access to just the processes for repeated use. Anyone who purchases Money Beyond Belief by clicking on the link on this page can receive it free of charge.

Yes, I do have permission from Brad to do this. Just ‘like’ the facebook on the left and shoot a msg there including your digital receipt (i’ll have a better solution shortly)

At the very least, I hope you will check out some of Brad’s free youtube videos on the subject of money and explore this work a bit.

Click Here to purchase Money Beyond Belief (and to receive my process-only mp3 file).

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Gloria Daniels - April 12, 2013 Reply

Hello Out There,

I purchased “Money Beyond Belief” through your link because I liked your bonus. I liked you on FB, but I’m not very familiar with FB. Where should I send my receipt to get my MP3 bonus?

Thanks for your help
Gloria Daniels

    Consciousness Junkie - April 15, 2013 Reply

    Hi Gloria– sent an email to the email address you entered when making this comment. Did you receive it?

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