The EFT Tapping World Summit 2023

By Marla Caldwell

2015 Tapping World Summit BannerThe event begins February 27th
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The 2023 Tapping World Summit is a completely free, 10 day online event focused on using the emotional freedom technique, also known as EFT tapping on a variety of topics in your life.

What is the 2023 Tapping World Summit

The Tapping World Summit is an ambitious name for an event, much less an annual one.

it’s a free, ten-day online event focused on demonstrating and teaching participants how to use an energy healing technique known as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique.

Each day, well-known EFT practitioners give free presentations on applying EFT to common conditions or situations the audience may be experiencing in their own lives, such as weight problems, anxiety, financial concerns, relationship troubles, pain relief and other health concerns.

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Is This Really Free?

It actually is 100% free to be on every single one of the calls during the 10-day event. There is even a window of time, usually around 24 hours after each call, where you can listen to replays.

As you probably expect, you do have to submit an email (you can unsubscribe at any time).

To own recordings of the calls, you have to purchase one of the packages. These include a lot of bonus material and are a very complete product.

The packages are listed in detail on the TWS site as you might expect. They include a rather large amount of content outside of just the call recordings, which at 2 a day per 10 days (20 full calls!), is quite substantial in and of itself. They also include other bonuses which we will detail below as they become known.

An Informative and Inspiring Video on EFT with Louise Hay

The 2023 Summit Schedule

On Day 1, the focus is on “Tapping for Transformation and Self-Love: How to Become Your Very Best Self with Tapping.” Nick Ortner, the founder of the Tapping World Summit, presents “Transform Your Life in 10 Days: The Tapping World Summit Experience,” while Brad Yates shares “Tapping into Self-Love: How to Quiet Your Inner Critic with the Power of Tapping.”

Day 2 is all about “Tapping for Recovery and Renewal: How to Beat Burnout and Insomnia to Build a More Balanced, Restful Life.” Alex Ortner discusses “Burnout 101: Your Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Overcoming Burnout with Tapping,” and Dawson Church presents “Say Goodnight to Insomnia: Tapping Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life.”

The theme of Day 3 is “Befriending Fear and Embracing Your Authentic Self: How to Cultivate Courage and Inner Strength with Tapping.” Kris Carr shares her insights on “Overcoming Fear and Cultivating Courage: A Journey to Building Inner Strength,” while Geneen Roth discusses “From Struggle to Strength: A Tapping Journey for Embracing Your True Self and Transforming Your Life.”

Day 4’s focus is “Anxiety and Depression Demystified: How to Use the Power of Tapping to Clear Your Mind, Find the Light, and Experience Peace in Your Daily Life.” Karen Ortner presents “Tapping for Anxiety Relief: A Mind-Body Approach to Finding Peace in Your Daily Life,” while Dr. Damon Silas shares “Breaking the Cycle of Bad Days: How Tapping Can Help You Find Relief from Sadness and Depression.”

On Day 5, the theme is “Tapping Your Way to Better Relationships: How to Navigate Even the Trickiest of Relationship Dynamics with Peace and Ease.” Iyanla Vanzant presents “Healing Difficult Family Dynamics: How to Use Tapping to Bring Peace and Harmony to Your Relationships,” while Jacqui Manning discusses “Tapping for Toxic and Troubling Relationships.”

Day 6 focuses on “Supporting Your Body: How to Uncover the Root of Your Health Problems and Tap into Your Body’s Natural Healing Potential.” Julie Schiffman presents “Stress, Emotions, and Chronic Pain: The Hidden Links and How to Address Them with Tapping,” while Dr. Kim D’Eramo shares “Unlocking the Healing Power of Your Body with Tapping.” Additionally, Donna Eden presents “Expanding Your Energy Medicine Toolbox: How to Integrate Advanced Techniques into Your Practice.”

The theme of Day 7 is “Harnessing the Power of Your Mind: How to Use Tapping to Maximize Your Mindset, Memory, and Brainpower.” Jim Kwik shares “Think Clearly, Remember More: Tapping and Techniques for Optimizing Brain Performance,” while Mary Ayers presents “Tapping Into a Worry-Free Mindset: A Guide to Calming Worry Spirals and Finding Peace.”

Day 8 is all about “Breaking Free and Moving Forward: Tapping to Forgive the Unforgivable, Find Peace Amidst the Noise, and Reclaim Your Power.” Cheryl Richardson presents “How to Manage Your Mind in an Uncertain World: Control Anxiety, Worry, and Overthinking with Tapping,” while Scarlett Lewis shares “Forgiving the Seemingly Unforgivable: A Personal Journey of Healing and Transformation.”

Additionally, on Day 8, Nick Ortner presents “The Tapping Solution Full-Length Documentary Film.”

The theme of Day 9 is “Unleashing Your Full Potential: How to Overcome Self-Doubt, Get Unstuck, and Tap into an Inspired Life.” Marie Forleo presents “Dismantling Self-Doubt: How to Break out of Self-Doubt Spirals, Feel Inspired and Take Action Like a Pro,” while Margaret Lynch Raniere shares “What Am I Doing with My Life? Using Tapping to Find New Meaning and Passion.”

The final day, Day 10, focuses on “Creating the Life of Your Dreams: Using Tapping to Release Limiting Beliefs, Attract Abundance, and Manifest Your Deepest Desires.” Abiola Abrams presents “Manifesting Mastery: Using Tapping to Transform Your Life and Realize Your Wildest Dreams,” while Carol Look shares “Magnetizing Abundance: Tapping into the Power of Emotions, Beliefs, and Vibration to Transform Your Relationship with Money.”

In addition to the daily presentations, the summit also includes bonus presentations and other additional content to provide participants with a comprehensive and transformative tapping experience.

Overall, the 2023 EFT World Tapping Summit provides a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in tapping to learn from some of the leading experts in the field, gain new insights and techniques, and connect with a supportive and inspiring community. Whether you are new to tapping or an experienced practitioner, the summit offers a wealth of information and resources to help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

About EFT

If you are familiar with EFT, you likely have stories to tell of how you’ve been able to use this powerful tool to help yourself overcome problems, or even help friends, family members, or clients of your own. If you’re not familiar with it, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the big deal?” To answer that, you’ll need a little background on what EFT is and how it works.

“EFT offers great healing benefits.” – Dr. Deepak Chopra

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, was introduced by Gary Craig in the early 1990s, building on the work of Roger Callahan and countless Eastern medicine practitioners who have been well aware of the human body’s energy systems and its importance to health and well-being for thousands of years.

Craig discovered that tapping with fingertips on certain parts of the body, corresponding to points on the body’s energy system had a strong effect. Combining this with statements regarding a troubling condition could alleviate emotional responses to that condition, resulting in marked improvement or even complete relief.

Physical conditions are the usual focus of the better-known technique of acupressure (involving applying pressure to energy points on the body, itself derived from ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques involving manipulating the flow of energy through the body through the use of precisely-placed needles).EFT focuses on blunting or removing emotional response as well.

Since virtually every unwanted human condition is linked to toxic stress caused by emotional response to triggers – from heart disease and addiction to overweight and anxiety – EFT can remove the root cause of many physical conditions as well as the more obviously emotional ones such as phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and fear of success, by removing the emotional power of the trigger.


“By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too.” – Dr. Norm Shealy

The best part about EFT is that you are completely in control, able to use the technique on yourself anytime, anywhere, with no tools other than your own body and mind, for free.

Unlike with most medications, there is no possibility of an overdose or typical side effects that can cause new problems as you’re trying to resolve existing ones, and if one approach isn’t quite getting you where you want to be, you are free to switch to another approach when you’re ready.

Craig’s early successes were largely focused on alleviating trauma and phobias, with particular emphasis on helping veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the cooperation of the US Veterans Administration (VA).

Craig refined his system with years of experimentation and observation of results and released the basic techniques to the public for free (,using his web site and newsletter to build a network of thousands of personal and professional practitioners who shared their approaches and results.

“Put away your skepticism, this really works … I’ve had great results with tapping in my own life.” — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Since then, other EFT practitioners have made their mark on the field through their own approaches and refinements resulting in successful resolution of issues for their own clients. Some of these practitioners have built their reputations focusing on specific areas such as emotional obstacles to financial success or achieving a healthy weight or other limiting beliefs, while others are broader in their focus.

Chances are, you may be familiar with some of the bigger names in EFT, such as Dawson Church, Carol Look, Nick Ortner, and Louise Hay, all of whom have contributed presentations to past Tapping World Summits.

The Tapping World Summit is a unique opportunity to learn from leaders in the field as they demonstrate their mastery of techniques while participants follow along and tap with the presenters to achieve their goals and alleviate their problems. The entire ten-day online event with twenty individual presentations is free to participants for the price of an email address, which will be used to send links to the presentations as well as post-event opportunities to learn more. The presentations are available for free online for 24 hours, after which they can be purchased as a collection for ongoing study and development.
“In all my years of clinical experience I have never encountered a single healing intervention as consistently effective as EFT.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Our conclusion: with the potential benefits of participating in the Tapping World Summit, the volume and variety of information presented, and the hard-to-beat price of free, we conclude that it’s well worth your valuable time to participate. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences and results of participation.


Previous Tapping Summit Years

2019 Schedule

Day 1 – Dealing with Stress, Burnout, Weight Gain and More – Mon 2/25/19

  • Weight, body-image and self confidence with Jessica Ortner
  • Dr. Kim D’Eramo will show how to use EFT to release anxiety
I loved this session with Dr. Kim D’Eramo! Anxiety is something I deal with on a daily basis. It was comforting to know that Dr. D’Eramo uses tapping with her patients and to hear her talk about the success they have experienced. Her suggestions on tapping to release the anxiety to get yourself to a comfortable level where you can then think clearly enough to begin to solve a problem was enlightening. I found her tapping session to be so calming.
It’s great to know that tapping is being used by some in the medical profession and Dr. D’Eramo is a great example of this. She shows just how truly helpful tapping can be!

Day 2 – Self-Love and Care – Tue 2/26/19

  • Healing the inner-child and self-love with Dr. Cheryl Richardson
  • Radical forgiveness, letting go of anger, resentment and more towards any and everyone with Iyanla Vanzant

Day 3 – Success on the Inside and Out – Wed 2/27/19

  • Jack Canfield on how to pinpoint and let go of blocks towards success in our lives
  • Putting an end to self-sabotaging behavior with EFT expert Carol Look

Day 4 – Money and Abundance – Thu 2/28/19

  • Healing and clearing the emotional challenges of debt and getting beyond it with Margaret Lynch
  • Practical focus, clarity, productivity and more with Alex Ortner


Day 5 – Physical Pain and Healing the Body – Fri 3/1/19

  • How to deal with a diagnosis, emotional stress and more with Julie Schiffman
  • Healing physical pain and illnesses with Nick Ortner
Julie Schiffman’s tapping session on healing was so helpful and informative. Receiving a medical diagnosis….or having someone you love do so is both frightening and overwhelming. She really did a wonderful job of explaining how to separate oneself from the disease and to continue to have hope. A wonderful use of tapping.
I just finished listening to Nick Ortner’s session on understanding and healing pain and illness. Nick was both entertaining and informative. I loved the stories he shared about the personal experiences he and Jessica haved experienced through tapping and really brought home how you can tap on just about anything that is upsetting to your well being during the day. Well done!

Day 6 – Relationships – Sat 3/2/19

  • Brad Yates on how to make lasting shifts in your identity at a core level.
  • Dr. Dawson Church on how to activate deep healing and other powers that are in your genes.

Day 7 – Creating Your Best Life and Self 3/3/19

  • How to be both spiritual and abundant with Pamela Bruner
  • Bringing out your best self and living your best life with Nick Ortner

Day 8 – Releasing Emotional Patterns and Healing 3/4/19

  • Forgiving the past, overcoming resentment and more with Brad Yates
  • Processing, preventing and releasing anger with Gene Monterastelli
Brad Yates was phenomenal in this presentation on making peace with the past. Living with regret and resentment can be devastating and tapping through this with Brad actually brought tears to my eyes. As someone who listens to and taps with Brad on a regular basis this session was one of the highlights of the summit and he did not disappoint. He is both entertaining and spot on with the words he uses and the message he conveys. Such an important topic and significant to ones well being. Really shows how tapping can change your life.

Day 9 – Reclaiming Energy and Vitality using EFT 3/5/19

  • Carol Tuttle on discovering and letting go of negative energy of others that you may be holding onto
  • How tapping changes the brain and body on a physiological level with scientific evidence, Dr. Dawson Church

Day 10 – Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward 3/6/19

  • Jessica Ortner on creating change easily
  • Using EFT to overcome addiction with Ester Nicholson

The 2018 Summit Schedule

Day 1 – Creating your best self and best life – Mon 2/27/18

  • Nick Ortner on “purposeful manifestation.” Using tapping to create what you want in life that is aligned with your highest purpose.
  • Cheryl Richardson on “boundless living” and thriving in a life you love to live.

Day 2 – Getting Unstuck

  • Jessica Ortner on how to create change that lasts, and moving into a new life.
  • Margaret Lynch – using the chakra system and tapping for grounding and confidence.

Day 3 – All About Energy

  • Dr. Christiane Northrup – a guide for sensitive individuals to protect their energy and deal with or avoid “energy vampires.”
  • Gabby Bernstein on how to remove the toxic element of judgment from your life.

Day 4 – Healing and Physical Pain

  • Dr. Kim D’Eramo on healing the body and reversing even severe, chronic challenges using tapping.
  • Kris Carr on letting go and how to deal with chronic illness.


Day 5 – Health, Weightloss and Body Confidence

  • Jon Gabriel on getting off the roller coaster of diet and finally making lasting changes in your weight.
  • Colette Baron-Reid on weight loss for sensitive individuals.

Day 6 – Understanding Yourself and Maximizing Who You Are

  • Brad Yates on how to make lasting shifts in your identity at a core level.
  • Dr. Dawson Church on how to activate deep healing and other powers that are in your genes.

Day 7 – Energy Charging / Increasing

  • Gwenn Bonnell on increasing energy and vitality with tapping.
  • Carol Look on abundance, law of attraction and success with EFT.

Day 8 – Workplace Success and Performance

  • Pamela Bruner on public speaking and finding your voice.
  • Steve Wells on overcoming stress at work.

Day 9 – Emotional Strength and Confidence

  • Dr. Mary Ayers on dealing with overwhelm, anxiety and doubt.
  • Rick Wilkes on dealing with clutter and letting go of things as well as emotions.

2017 Schedule

Day 1 – Creating your best self and best life

  • Nick Ortner on “purposeful manifestation.” Using tapping to create what you want in life that is aligned with your highest purpose.
  • Cheryl Richardson on “boundless living” and thriving in a life you love to live.

Day 2 – Inner and Outer Confidence

  • Body Confidence with Jessica Ortner, explores loving your body, dealing with cravings, weight loss and more
  • Margaret Lynch on feeling confident, nurturing your own sense of self worth and moving beyond limited beliefs

Day 3 – Abundance

  • Dr. Paul Scheele on wealth and prosperity. Keys to attracting, and feeling abundant
  • Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner on healing money related tensions in your relationship

Day 4 – Resiliency

  • Cheryl Richardson on working with the ebb and flow of life
  • Brad Yates on forgiving and accepting your past to move forward

Day 5 – Health

  • Nick Ortner on relieving physical pain and moving from despair to hope
  • Dr. Kim D’Eramo on how tapping can help with auto immune disorders. How stuck emotions can effect the nervous system and what signals are sent even at the level of DNA.

Day 6 – Eliminating Distractions and Drama – Saturday 3/4

  • Jessica Ortner on managing relationships and letting go in order to remove drama from your life
  • Jennifer Partridge on ending drama in family as well as interpersonal relationships. Meeting your emotional needs and feeling happiness from within.

Day 7 – Healing and Compassion During Physical Challenges and Illness – Sunday 3/5

  • Gwenn Bonnell on maximizing and understanding compassion. How tapping can help with physical pain and the emotions that contribute to it.
  • Dr. Julie Schiffman on how to work with emotions and tension that come from a challenging health diagnosis.

2016 Tapping World Summit Schedule

Day 1 –

This day is all about creating the most vibrant and successful version of you. The speakers on day-1 include Nick Ortner and the legendary Jack Canfield. Nick will be talking about how to use tapping to bring out the greatness within you. Jack will address you on how to target and release all the blocks that are impeding your success. In this priceless interview, you will learn About Jack’s key success principles developed by coaching thousands of people around the world.

Day 2 –

Day 2 is all about rewriting your conscious and unconscious inner dialogue. Cheryl Richardson and Jessica Ortner are the speakers for day-2. Cheryl will speak about making peace with the internal critical voice that holds us back while Jessica is going to talk on the subject of ending self-sabotage by using tapping. We see the world through the filter of our belief system. What be believe determines what we experience in the outer world. Change your beliefs and your external world will begin to change. Jessica will show you how to tap so that you change your beliefs.

Day 3 –

This day is all about showing you how to create a new paradigm around money and work. Margaret Lynch and Brad Yates will be the speakers for the day. Margaret is going to show you how to clear debt by eliminating the emotional burden you have created around money. You will be shown how to take charge of your life and stop being a victim of outside forces. Brad will talk about how to release work-related stress. In this session, you will learn that work need not be stressful as most people think. By reducing the stress associated with work, you are able to think more clearly and creatively.


Day 4 –

Day-4 is all about tapping into your secret weapon in order to deal with illness. The speakers for day-4 are Julie Schiffman and Kris Carr. Julie will show you how to break free of autoimmune symptoms. You will strengthen your immune system by following the tapping process taught in this session. Kris Carr will talk about managing chronic illness. She will show you how to let go and become the CEO of your own well-being.

Day 5 –

This is the ultimate wellness day that shows you how to heal the body at all levels. Carol Look will speak about finding pain relief by letting go of the physical and emotional energy that is locking your pain in place. Rick Wilkes is the other speaker on day-5. He will show you how to overcome insomnia by tapping your way to a deep and restful sleep. Dr. Patricia Carrington will be doing a bonus presentation on Day-5. Dr. Patricia will teach you how to age gracefully with the correct tapping techniques.

Day 6 –

Day 6 is all about getting unstuck and taking control of your overwhelming emotions. The speakers are Gene Monterastelli and Dr. Kim D’Eramo. Gene will speak about how to manage anger. This session will teach you to experience, prevent and release anger the proper way. Dr. Kim D’Eramo will show you how to release anxiety.

Day 7 –

This is the Relationship Day. It will show you how to find peace with people from your past, present and future. Alina Frank &
Dr. Craig Weiner will jointly speak about the secrets of moving beyond a relationship slump. Lindsay Kenny is the other speaker for day-7. She will speak about letting go of the hurt and how to heal relationships from the past.

Day 8 –

Day 8 is all about the inner game. It shows you how to create inner balance with yourself and the world. Dr. Mary Ayers will show you how to tap for unstoppable confidence while Carol Tuttle will speak about balancing your needs with your passion for helping others.

Day 9 –

Day 9 is about giving ourselves and our kids a better start. Dr. Lori Leyden will show you how to use tapping on children to let them have a happier and fulfilling future. Dr. Christiane Northrup will show you how to heal your relationship with your mother while Donna Eden will give a bonus presentation on how to use tapping with energy medicine for dramatic results.

Day 10 –

This day is all about building a better tomorrow. Dr. Dawson Church will show you how to increase your productivity with tapping. Gabrielle Bernstein will show you how to tap into a higher power to create the life you truly deserve.

Day 11 –

Day 11 is the Integration Day where you take everything you learned in the summit and integrate it at a deeper level. Jessica Ortner will be the presenter of this process.

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2015 Schedule

Day 1: Mental Balance And Weight Loss

Cheryl Richardson speaks on the importance of establishing boundaries and learning how to say “no.” Jessica Ortner will present a valuable discussion on the true origins of weight gain, the way to achieve successful weight loss, and the vital role tapping plays in managing your body.

Day 2: Traumatic Pasts And Tapping For Children

Tapping expert Dr. Lori Leyden shares her expert insights on tapping for trauma victims. She’ll be sharing her stories of overcoming trauma in Rwanda and the aftermath of the Newton, Connecticut shooting. Dr. Kim D’Eramo, who blends tapping therapy with her practice as an MD, will speak on techniques that can unlock the benefits of tapping for children.

Day 3: Full-Body Healing And Chronic Pain Relief

A remarkable session covering the elusive link between physical pain and emotional attachment will be presented by Julie Schiffman. Pain, negative emotions, and stress are far more intimately connected than you may realize! Nick Ortner will expand on the subject by offering an in-depth look at using tapping to deal with (and perhaps overcome!) chronic pain.

Day 4: Financial Abundance And Self-Confidence

It’s easy to equate wealth with moral bankruptcy, but Pamela Bruner will explain the positive impact financial resources can have and the role tapping can play in pursuing financial success. Margaret Lynch will also speak on the importance of overcoming self-sabotage and the unwritten standards that can unconsciously shape your ideas of success.


Day 5: Conquering The Fear Of Failure And Fighting Procrastination

Demanding nothing less than perfection from yourself is often a road to frustration. Carol Look has insights to share on how you can identify the root causes of perfectionism and strike a balance between standards and productivity. Brad Yates will speak on the value of tapping when it comes to beating procrastination and motivating yourself.

Day 6: Tapping For Better Sleep And Better Performance BONUS: Tapping And Energy Medicine

Irregular sleep cycles, insomnia, and other sleep disorders plague all too many people. Pat Carrington will explain how tapping can help you get the rest your mind and body need in order to stay healthy and energetic. Dawson Church will speak on the importance of overcoming obstacles that stand between you and your real goals. In the bonus presentation, Donna Eden will deliver a primer on energy medicine and how it synergizes with effective tapping.

Day 7: Intimacy Following Trauma And Overcoming Addiction

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner team up to deliver profound insights on the nature of trauma and the best strategies for clearing the blocks it can cause in your personal relationships. Ester Nicholson makes a presentation on addiction that will encourage you to take a broader view and identify all the dependencies that are holding you back.

Day 8: Eliminating Phobias And Breaking Limitations

Fear is an ordinary human emotion, but many people are paralyzed by irrational fears. Mary Ayers will talk about using tapping to conquer fears and eliminate phobias. Karl Dawson will give a motivational presentation on the true nature of belief and how being honest with yourself can empower you. When freed from beliefs that hold you back, you’ll find your true potential is infinite!

[caption id="attachment_1153" align="aligncenter" width="398"]Mary Ayers - copyright Katy Moses Huggins 2012 Mary Ayers – copyright Katy Moses Huggins 2012[/caption]

Day 9: Powerful Vulnerability And Self-Esteem

Rick Wilkes offers a thoughtful exploration of the nature of vulnerability and the surprising advantages it can provide. Far from being synonymous with weakness, vulnerability is a place of openness and stability that makes you able to deal with virtually anything.  In a powerful speech, Lindsay Kenny illustrates the importance of self-esteem and the best ways you can build, preserve, and use it.

Day 10: Holding To Your Purpose And Using Your Intuition

Carol Tuttle makes a persuasive case for trusting your own instincts in your future choices in order to achieve your true goals. Colette Baron-Reid speaks in greater depth about the nature of intuition and the remarkably good advice it can give you – if you know how to listen! She will explain in detail the blocks we normally use to dampen our intuition, and how these limitations can be overcome.

BONUS DAY: Integration

To round off the summit on a forward-thinking note, Jessica Ortner reviews some effective techniques for integrating new information into your own thoughts. A guided tapping procedure is also provided to help you find peace and move forward.
Launch Videos from 2016:

Christianne Northrup

Video 3: Tapping Meditation
Tapping Meditation

2014 Schedule

The 2014 Tapping World Summit comes on the tails of five years of successful training that has been taking place each year. Everyone from Joe Vitale to Jack Canfield have praised the training that takes place here and 2014 is sure to be yet another eventful experience. February 24, 2014 will be the start of a ten day journey that covers almost every aspect of tapping and how it can improve various parts of a person’s life.

Day 1

The first day of the summit features presentations from Cheryl Richardson and Iyanla Vanzant. They will focus on presentations surrounding “Releasing Emotional Pain from the Past.” This means they will be teaching people how to find the cause of guilt and shame that you are feeling, along with how to get rid of them, and learning how to forgive people using a morning practice that makes it much simpler than many people think.

Day 2

Day 2 covers “Healing The Body With Tapping” with the help of Nick Ortner and Julie Schiffman. These two EFT teachers will give seminars on how to remove pain and health problems. Tapping can make it easy to remove pain in different parts of your body and you can understand what the real cause of the pain is. Students will also learn how forgiveness and psychological issues can cause pain.

Day 3

This day will feature Jessica Ortner and Carol Look teaching all about stress and how you can bring balance back to your life. Tapping, as taught here, will help release limiting beliefs when it comes to stress and losing weight. Jessica Ortner herself lost a great deal of weight using tapping, which is why she is here to share her help. A seminar will also be taught that illustrates the ways that tapping can help alleviate burnout and bring back clarity that has been whipped by stress.

Day 4

Tapping can also help with financial problems, which is taught in Day 4. These sessions will teach how your feelings about debt and money can get in the way of your success. Societal issues with these things can stop you from getting out of debt and work back towards wealth.

Day 5

There are three seminars on Day 5, all of which center on enhancing your life by getting rid of anger and anxiety issues that surround your life. Questions of “What if…” can stop you from getting on with your life and energy medicine will make it possible to enhance your results further. The bonus seminar on this day furthers the explanation of energy medicine and just what it can do for EFT students.

Day 6

Day 6 is all about love. The two sessions today, led by Dawson Church and Lindsay Kenny, cover a variety of topics that show what can impede progress in relationship building. There is a biological aspect to relationships and tapping can help improve the problems you have that stop you from truly experiencing love and beneficial relationships.

Day 7

Tapping can benefit both the young and old alike, as Brad Yates and Dr Pat Carrington will explain. Limiting beliefs around both of these age groups and taking care of very specific problems that they face compared to average adults is an important part of building lifelong success.

Day 8

Everyone gets stuck at some point, but Day 8 focuses on keeping the momentum going after you get started at the seminar. Dr Paul Scheele and Rick Wilkes specialize in retraining your brain to listen to what you have to say and maintain long term success with the techniques that are taught at this World Summit.

Day 9

Day 9 is filled with inspiration. Dr Lori Leyden and Dr Erin Shannon share their experiences with EFT all over the world and just how it has changed the life of so many people. Everyone from professional sports players to Rwanda citizens have benefited and these doctors will explain how.

Day 10

Limiting beliefs and mental obstacles that you have set up without knowing will be eliminated in Day 10. The two seminars today teach ways that you can overcome any of these as Steve Wells and Gwenn Bonnell teach new practices. Perfectionism, preparing for success, worrying about a “downside,” and having a better understanding of the psychological changes ETF can make are all things that will be covered here.

Integration Day

As a bonus, Jessica Ortner will also teach a special session on integrating the tapping practices that have been learned in your daily life. This audio recorded session can help you revisit anything that was learned over the course of the seminar.

The 2013 Tapping World Summit

That time of year is here again. The Tapping World Summit which launches on February 4 has plenty of presentations for listeners. Signing up for the event will make you eligible to tune in to these excellent tutorial videos. Immediately on registering, you will be able to listen to 3 audios by EFT experts Carol Look and Nick Ortner (both will also be presenting at the summit, and Dr. David Feinstein, who is a clinical psychologist and national director of the Energy Medicine Institute. That’s a great beginning to the summit that could be life-changing!

The schedule for the 2013 Tapping World Summit has some illustrious speakers lined up for you. Here’s a look at the subjects and speakers you can expected during the 10 days for which the summit will be running online. There are going to be 2 presentations each day. That’s a total of 20 great and free opportunities to make a difference to various elements of your life and greatly improve it!

Tapping and Finances

The summit opens with presentations on the application of tapping to improve your financial lives. There are two speakers who are going to be talking about how tapping can get rid of the obstacles that stand in the path of your financial success.

The first presentation on Monday, February 4, is going to be by Nick Ortner, the creator and executive producer of a documentary about tapping called “The Tapping Solution”. Ortner’s presentation is titled “How to create an abundant and fulfilling financial future through tapping”. The speaker also blogs at and has been a participant in past summits.

The second presentation of the day is by Carol Look on “Ending the self-sabotaging behaviors that block success”. Look is an EFT master and is also known for the home-tapping toolkit she has launched called ‘Project Tapping’.

Tapping and Weight Loss

The following day, February 5, will see two more presentations that deal with weight loss, by tapping masters Jessica Ortner and Paul Scheele. Ortner is the producer of hit documentary “The Tapping Solution” and a regular Tapping World Summit host. Paul Scheele is a co-founder of Learning Strategies. ‘Learning Strategies’ is a performance and development program center where you can learn alternative forms of maximizing your potential through processes like accelerated learning, neuro-linguistic learning, preconscious processing etc.

Tapping and Self Love

The fifth and sixth presentations on the third day of the summit, held on February 6, will be on how to learn to love yourself and other self-esteem building measures with tapping. Presenters include Cheryl Richardson, author and life coach, and Margaret Lynch, who will be presenting on “The Spiritual power of being sexy!”

Tapping and Pain Management 

On the 4th day of the summit, that is February 7, you will learn how to manage your headaches and other physical pains with tapping. Presenter Gwenn Bonnell is an EFT expert and Energy Medicine specialist from South Florida who will present on getting rid of headaches specifically. Rick Wilkes will be the second presenter talking about tapping and pain in general. He is a licensed massage therapist and EFT coach, and blogs at


Tapping towards Change

The presentations of the fifth day (February 8) will take a look at tapping your way to changes for the better in your life. “Overcoming the fear of change” is the subject of the first presentation by Mary Ayers. Ayers is a therapist with a long list of credentials linked to her name – she is a PhD, LMFT, motivational EFT expert and a life coach.

The second presenter, Pamela Bruner, is going to present on “Tapping through your money myths for heart-centered business”. Bruner is a business coach who teaches entrepreneurs to make a great difference to their success with EFT.

More Tapping

On February 9, Steve Wells will present on “How children can conquer anxiety with tapping”. Wells is an Australian life coach and leader in the field of Energy Psychology. His website is at

Dr. Pat Carrington will speak on “The Incredible Power of Choice-Based Tapping”. Carrington is an EFT master who teaches Gary Craig’s EFT tapping method and she is the creator if the award-winning “Learn to Meditate” system.

Tapping and Vision

The 7th day of the summit, a Sunday, February 10, will see some presentations on tapping and vision – both eyesight and spiritual vision. Eleanore Duyndam will present on improving your eyesight with tapping. Lindsay Kenny will present on how to “Get rid of the clutter in your home and heart”. Duyndam is a speaker on EFT and personal development and used Meridian Tapping Techniques to improve eyesight. Life coach Lindsay Kenny is the founder of the tapping tool “Pro EFT”.

Tapping and Relationships

On the 8th day of the Summit, February 11, Donna Eden will present on how to reboot your relationship. Dawson Church will present on enriching relationships with EFT. Eden is a renowned energy healer and Church, PhD is an award-winning author and EFT master.


Tapping and Your Future

The two presentations on day 9, February 12, will deal with achieving greater spirituality with tapping techniques. Brad Yates and Carol Tuttle will be the two presenters for the day. Yates is a highly respected northern Californian EFT master. Tuttle is the best-selling author of “Remembering Wholeness” and EFT expert.

Integration Day

The final day of the summit, February 13, will include two presentations by Jessica Ortner, on “Integration Process” and “Personal Peace Procedure”. Jessica Ortner (sister of EFT master Nick Ortner who will also be presenting at the summit) is the producer of documentary film “The Tapping Solution”. The film deals with Meridian Tapping (MTT). Ortner has also been heard by over 300,000 people online globally, interviewing MTT experts for Tapping World Summits of the past.

If you’ve been following the pre-event videos that you can find at the summit website, you’ll know what to expect. The speakers at the summit come from various backgrounds, scientific and non-scientific, medical or therapeutic. Some of them have spoken on one or more of the past 5 summits, and have presented videos, written books and changed lives with their tapping techniques. You can tune in to these great masters in the field of personal development and life training any time within a period of 24 hours from the time the presentations are made available.


Tapping World Summit 2012 and EFT

The summit was started in 2009 and has had three annual summits so far. A different topic is discussed every day of the ten-day summit; past successful results are shown and explained. Experts speak on the topic and help participants to tap on the specific energetic acupressure points to derive benefit. The science is based on Energy Psychology which is about the relationship between energy systems and emotion, behavior, cognitive skills, health; and also includes the bioenergy and electromagnetic fields of the brain and body.

The summit in 2009 was attended by more than 81,000 people online; the 2010 summit had over a 100,000 people listening in and paying keen attention. The 2011 started on February 21st and there were the same 19 experts to conduct it. The eft and meridian tapping experts are like Carol Tuttle,DawsonChurch, Steve Wells, who live their teachings and so successfully communicate the same to others.

The summit helps you to love yourself, release stored-up negative thoughts and energies, guides you to achieve a better quality of life – all this in a sublime and quiet manner. The experts themselves practice what they preach as the proverbial saying goes and gives you live examples of practical successes. The process shows you how to remove your entire mental road blocks to success whether it is related to your health, financial situation, career or love life.

The summit of 2012 is drawing a lot of attention also due to the involvement of famous people such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale. A free interview by Jack Canfield is available online where he discusses his first experience with the summit and EFT, how to enhance the function of lawsof attraction with technology, why your mind is an iceberg and what it could mean. The summit is a combination of Eastern acupuncture and Western Psychology to heal you spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.

Tapping World Summit proves that the human body is a vast energy field that can be worked with to achieve best results, and Bob Proctor agrees with the thought. Nicolas Ortner found the truth in this statement and started the Tapping World Summit in 2009. He believes that once you attend the summit for ten consecutive days, you will believe in the truth when you see the results in yourself. When you agree to attend the summit and give your email id you get a free Quick Start Guide by Nick Ortner himself, which explains how to get the maximum results from the session, tells you about the common passion he and his sister Jessica share to spread the word and learn tapping to start your life anew.

The sign up also entitles you to two other free videos – one by Carol Look called Introduction to Tapping and the other by Dawson Church called tapping and modern science: the science behind these Astonishing Results. Carol’s guide takes you step by step on the process of tapping, tells you how one technique helps in many different conditions, how to react when you achieve your target and how to stay focused and what should be said while tapping. Dawson’s interview gives you the whole scientific background of tapping and the way it heals even in conditions related to the sports field.

Margaret Lynch, who is the author of The Secret Intentional Wealth, has been teaching and healing at the summit from the first one in 2009. She has an innovative and qualitative style in her presentation as she helps you usher in powerful changes in your life. Her remarkable video Tapping for Miracles was released in 2011.

To get the maximum benefit out of the summit and the tapping, you should be clear about your problems and what you wish to achieve from the experience. This helps you to focus on the problem and seek the right solution while going through the tapping process at the specific points. A special mention can be made here regarding the experiences of the young people of Rwanda, the country that was ravaged by internal fighting decades ago and countless locals tortured and killed by the governing body. Tapping World Summit has been able to help the younger generation who went through horrendous experiences in their childhood in the horrible past. Slowly but surely the tapping is helping them to heal and also forgive those responsible for their despicable experiences. These children learned to forgive with the help of the tapping method; surely it can be of great help to plenty more.


Tapping World Summit 2016

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