The Tapping Solution

The Tapping Solution

The following is a review on The Tapping Solution that was written for the Consciousness Junkie site (here!).

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The Tapping Solution” is a documentary based around the self-healing technique, EFT. Rather than taking a purely conceptual look at the technique, or focusing on the history of it, the film takes a much more heartfelt route. It focuses on the lives of people suffering from various traumas, who were brought together to spend time working with professional EFT practitioners, allowing us to see the process at work and their problems with it.

A (Very) Short EFT Intro

Gary Craig introduced EFT to the world in the early 90’s, and opened up a whole new avenue in the world of ‘energy healing.’ This simple, do it yourself technique uses the hands to tap on various meridian points on the body, which have a foundational basis in practices such as accupuncture, to help the energy system process stress and unresolved emotion.

While there have been some changes and adaptions to the main technique over the years, the basic premise remains the same; One taps on these specific points while focusing on a particular issue, often verbalizing whatever emotional material is arising. Sometimes scripts are followed, other times it is a freeform flow of what the individual, or the facilitator if one is present, dictates.

Before the actual tapping begins, one assigns a  rating (0-10) on the intensity of the issue you are dealing with. Continue tapping as you feel what you are feeling, and continue to check in until the rating goes down to a more managable level.

Many followers and facilitators of this technique have been amazed at the positive impact it has had on their lives or their clients’. With this method they are able to unearth deep buried issues, long forgotten. The simplicity of the technique is what makes it so appealing, as well as the fact that Gary Craig has wisely not held strict rights to it or turned it into a complex system in order to sell it. Almost anybody can do it. For those who need help, there are EFT practitioners available for guidance – because the effectiveness of EFT has given birth to a new industry of EFT energy healers.

Any person undergoing a major crisis, or even a minor one, can help to bring balance into his or her life by making EFT a part of his daily routine. Do you have a forgiveness issue from years ago? Or are you angry with your boss for yelling at you in public yesterday? Proper use of this practice can truly help. It has shown that it can truly enhance the quality of your life, and it will serve you well to make this tool a part of your energy healing armory.

But how can I do it? This is a question people often ask. There is a separate article on this website, and some videos and more out there to teach you the basic technique. However for inspiration and to get much further into it, this is where “The Tapping Solution” comes in.

About The Tapping Solution

The brainchild of Nicolas Ortner (producer and actor) of Try it Productions, “The Tapping Solution” earlier named “Try it on Everything” has been produced to give people a firsthand view of how EFT actually works. Wanting to bring it to the public, he produced this movie (directed and edited by Nicholas Polizzi ) to help demonstrate how the technique can bring healing directly into the lives of every day people. Seeing EFT in action has been helpful to many people to see how it can directly relate to their own situation, as well as provide inspiration by seeing the progress made in some rather intensely traumatic circumstances.

Many self-help experts joined hands to help Nick Ortner in this venture. Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup series), Bob Proctor (The Secret) and Joe Vitale (also The Secret) are some of the many who have participated in this documentary, along with other authorities in the energy psychology and EFT field. The movie also includes professionals like Dr, Joseph Mercola and Dr. Norm Shealey who share their thoughts and insights.

“The Tapping Solution” tells the tale of 10 participants at a one week retreat where their personal issues are dealt with under the guidance of EFT experts. This movie documents their journey from pain to healing.

What we get to see in this movie are participants from diverse backgrounds, each one having a different problem to resolve. We get to witness their suffering- whether it is something physical like their inability to lose weight or an emotional one like the pain of loss. From the grieving husband who lost his wife to the woman who is too afraid to speak in public, each person has his (or her) own unique story to share.

The real life issues as well as how they are handled, throw light on the commonality (and diversity) of concerns we are all dealing with. The fact that EFT serves as a valuable tool in working with nearly any issue, when exercised properly, is what we are able to see in this documentary. The technique deals so directly with the core of what is underneath an issue, not just the surface, and  it requires conscious attention and focus on those things we are often afraid to face. This allows the emotional content to process and the tapping itself provides extra energy to the system, as well as provides a point of focus.

The documentary is a realistic portrayal of the healing ability of this practice, and how effective it can be when done with discipline, especially under focused supervision.

Apart from the shared experiences, the highlights of the documentary are the informational insights shared by world renowned authors and teachers, each one contributing in some way to the reasoning behind EFT and their unique perspective in working with it. Each bit of information is expertly woven within the film, making it an interesting and illuminating journey

One expert shares his knowledge on how trauma, physical or emotional, can be an outcome of our childhoods, and how we tend to shape our lives as per what we experience at that time. Any unresolved issue creates a blockage in our energy leading to health issues – emotional, mental or physical.

Tapping Solution Movie Trailer


What is truly remarkable is the change that is brought about in each session. As the week progresses we see the gentleness and the astuteness of the EFT life coaches (such as Carol Look and Rick Wilkes) help the participants work through their issues, and also see how they reach a stage where a life filled with love and joy seems like a possibility. For some, even having access to this range of emotions is an enormous blessing, as apathy can unfortunately become a baseline state. 

The effects of the healing are often quite obvious, and we can really perceive shifts in the energy of the participants throughout the sessions.  Sometimes even the outward appearance is striking. Some look noticeably more grounded, more at peace, a lightness and relaxation that is clearly not present earlier on. The effects seem genuine to the core, not ridiculous camera/lighting effects for emphasis like you will see on a before and after weight loss website.

In fact the entire movie has a very genuine quality to it. There is nothing contrived about it. There is not a ridiculous level of pomp and circumstance, over-dramatization of stories and triumphs such as in the style of daytime talk shows. The stories are human, the participants are very real and there is a sense of connection to them.

Documentary More Than “How To”

You should know that this movie is much more of a documentary than a detailed “how to” for EFT. It is not set up like an instructional video. You will of course, see EFT in action, be given the basic process and see a lot of examples of it in use which can be very helpful. It is just not something that is a walk through course.

The movie does serve very well for inspiring you to take consistent, focused action with a modality such as EFT. These things often have a mystique about them, or a warped version in our heads based on marketing in terms of what it looks like or what to expect. By seeing real people with very real, relate-able issues going through the process, you see how it can apply to you. You also see that they are really digging into the issues and treating it seriously, not just tapping a few points and expecting everything to magically wash away.

Perhaps the most important aspect of all – this movie gives hope. If nothing else, anybody who watches “The Tapping Solution” walks away with hope. Seeing this technique work on each participant gives a person reason to believe that help is not far away.

So whether it is an emotional issue that you wish to heal or a physical problem, “The Tapping Solution” can help you. You may find that just tapping along with the participants can give you the breakthrough that you have been searching for- or at the very least it is very likely you will be motivated in the right direction by seeing the transformations that took place.

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Even though I feel numb, I delpey and completely love and accept myself.Even though I can’t feel anything, I Even though I’m tapping but I can’t feel nothing, I Even though I want to feel something, I Even though I don’t know what an emotion would feel like if I felt it, I Even though I’m numb to the world, I Even though it’s easier to be numb than to feel the feelings, I Try some of the above. Email me if you need some assistance.

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