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Brad Yates – EFT Practitioner

Brad Yates is one of my favorite EFT facilitators, and I’m far from alone on that sentiment. If you are someone who deals with issues pertaining to anything from health, weight, money, depression, confidence, or just interested in getting to know yourself more deeply, Brad has valuable material for you (and a lot of it […]

Money Beyond Belief Review – Brad Yates and Joe Vitale

Money beyond belief

Money beyond belief is a collaborative project between EFT expert Brad Yates and Joe Vitale, one of the more well known “law of attraction guru” personas from the movie The Secret. It is essentially an audio recording of two group coaching calls conducted by Yates and Vitale with live participants, which gets into a lot […]

The Tapping Solution

The Tapping Solution

The following is a review on The Tapping Solution that was written for the Consciousness Junkie site (here!). If you have purchased the movie (or do so from the link below) and would like to write a more detailed review with more personal experience — something you would be compensated for, please contact us via […]