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Lifeflow Optimal Learning Track – Details

  Optimal Learning Meditation has the incredible ability to improve a lot of different mental functions. Learning enhancement is a major improvement that people associate with a regular practice. For people who want to enhance their learning ability further, though, there is a special track from Lifeflow called Optimal Learning. This track uses Alpha waves […]

Meditation and Stress

Meditation and Stress By Dr. Graham Dixon If you’ve flown in the US in the past ten years, you’ll have plenty of reasons to resent the  Transport Security Administration. I have found the experience of being interrogated and prodded by these people to be a humiliating imposition amidst the generally happy experience of getting out […]

Meditation and Depression

Meditation and Depression By Dr. Graham Dixon What would be your first reaction if someone told you they were depressed? Today, there is general public acceptance that depression is a real problem which is incredibly damaging to the sufferer’s life, work and relationships, but for centuries, such people were told simply to ‘pull themselves together’ […]

Lifeflow Levels and Tracks

Lifeflow Levels and Tracks Lifeflow meditation is a very versatile program that uses an array of different frequencies to keep your brain in shape and take care of different aspects of your life through the same concept, brainwave entrainment. There are ten levels that make up the program, although other supplementary tracks can be used […]

Meditation and Breathing

Meditation and Breathing

You’re doing it right now. You’re going to do it perhaps 30,000 times today, waking and sleeping, waiting and working, standing and sitting. You’ll do it deeply, or not; you’ll take your time, or not; it will indicate tiredness, or wakefulness, or boredom, or excitement. Everyone who has ever lived, or ever will, finds this […]