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Inner Work For Men: The Balls Project

Anyone who has been interested in spiritual practice or personal development for some time, knows that most of it has a certain character or vibe in the way it is presented. “Attract your ideal open heart relationship,” “live a life of effortless joy,” “celebrate the opening of your chakras!” and so on. There is a […]

Meditation Exercises

  These tips are meant chiefly for relative beginners to meditation, but I hope everyone can find them useful. Sit still, don’t move, and just focus on your breath for a few minutes. It’s the very simplest of notions and most people find it very difficult. Perhaps there’s too much noise, or you can’t get […]

Meditation and ADHD

What do you make of the ADHD debate? Perhaps you know someone who is struggling with the disorder; that’s not unlikely, given that roughly 11% of American children have been diagnosed with it. We are all entitled to our own views on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and they vary widely, from those who recognize that […]