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Lifeflow Nirvana

There are many people who have worked all the way through Project Medication’s Lifeflow program, and are still looking for more. The Nirvana track was introduced recently and it uses the Gamma brainwave frequency to take advantage of something that has been observed in monks while they are meditating, an intense sense of focus and being […]

Lifeflow and Sleep

Sleep. Everyone needs it to survive and many people consistently feel like they aren’t getting enough of it. Is there any way to get more of it? Or get better sleep? Of course there is. In fact, Lifeflow, and meditation as a whole, are now known to have a large impact on the quality of […]

Brainwave Entrainment – History and Details

Brainwave Entrainment

Dutch scientist Christian Huygens originally disovered the phenomenon of brainwave entrainment in 1665. He discovered that the pendulums in a room all became synchronized over a period of time , even though they were deliberately set to be unsynchronized. He termed this phenomenon “entrainment”. There have been several theories postulated about the regions of the brain […]

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